Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rest finally

Hubstead is finally getting some much needed rest.He sleeps most of the time when hes' off anyway.It's done got cold here and the last two nights it's been around the thirties.It's the wind that will get you here,chill you right to the bone.We got up this morning and took a run to Hastings to get a movie.It has become our favorite place to go.Once the electric is turned on at the cabin I got a feeling we are going to be watching alot of movies.So we are stocking up on our favorites.Then we took off and came back around to Sams.God knows Orion would of pitched a fit if we didn't get him some dogbones and thats a mild statement.I have several recipes for homemade dogbones but I haven't tried any yet.I better learn cause once we get back home hes' gonna be outta luck on them.He hasn't had deer meat so that's going to be a tested treat.I had some pumpkin pie last night and tried to give him some and he wouldn't eat it.So later hubstead got some and Orion decided he wanted some of what daddy had and dang dog ate most of it.Yeah that's gratitude for ya.

Once we got home and got the groceries unloaded we were too poop to pop and laid down for awhile.I get tired easily still but I have been trying to do more and more to keep myself going.I have figured out I got a thyroid problem because of the pills these doctors gave me.I am not a happy camper.I'm going to wait til we get back home and I'm going to find me a doctor there for it.Trusting doctors is a big issue for me.

One thing I have found or rather not found is while I have been blogging is I
haven't found alot of people from the southeast blogging much about their farms or off grid living.I'm talking about people from Alabama.I have you Jason I know but you notice not many on here are from there.I would like to find more people around where we will be so we can exchange ideas and maybe barter stuff.I do have a friend on FB who by the way is a very nice lady and she's a Native American and she is trying to open her own herbal store.Come to find out we are related thru our family.We are all kin to someone in that corner(NW Alabama).I'm kin to most of the people in the county.Anyway if you look her up her name is Wanda Reed.She very insightful on herbal stuff.

Ok puttering out here and so have a great weekend and be careful during this sale weekend especially out there on the road.

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