Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sugar bowl and Stainless Steel stuff

It's starting to look alot like fall here in west Texas.Our local trees are turning a pretty shade of yellow.I would take a picture but most of them are in front a trailer or two.This time change has messed up our clocks alittle and now it's getting dark early I have to keep checking the clocks to see what time it is.

They changed hubsteads days and now he has more time off maybe we can get some things done around the house.Still have alot to do as far as packing.We are planning on going to Lowes and pick up a wood burning stove for the cabin.After much thought we think this is the way to go for now as far as keeping warm.March and April can still be cool in the south and has been known to snow in March.So I don't want to take any chances.I have noticed it has still been raining there so I am excited about getting the rain barrels setup.

I have gotten over my cold ,it took a week and half to get rid of.It seems it's going around and I talked to some people who have had it.They said the same thing.You start feeling better then it makes you feel nasty again.The only thing that is bothering me is this dull headache I've had but hopefully it will go away.I didn't eat too much but drank alot of fluids while I was down and I didn't drink my usual coffee amount,I'm thinking it could just be a caffeine headache.

I ordered a sugar bowl finally.It has little veggies around side and top and a stainless steel mortar and pedestal for my herbs I'm going to grow.

Keep your sugar bowl full and it brings your home good luck,so I heard,works for me lol.I decided I am going for the veggie look in my kitchen.

If anyone does their own herbs how about an opinion on the ss pedestal because I have been told some herbs don't do well mixing in these.The reason I got this is one is because almost everything in my kitchen is stainless steel except my mixing bowls which is next.Stainless steel is so much easier to clean.I have pots and pans I adore for this reason.I think once we get home I may try to get my cast iron back again.We have a cast iron dutch oven with the legs,which,I am not real fond of.It doesn't sit on top of a stove too well.

I got a feeling we are going to have to do the off grid thing for awhile so I have been reading on the internet and trying to figure out what we need and don't need.We'll have heat and water(fingers crossed on the water ,hoping the well is usable)so for now that's all we'll need. I have oil lamps already and other battery operated lights. Hubstead wants to insult the cabin FIRST.Which is the best thing to do.Everything else will have to come second.And yes we will have a portable toilet to do our thing in lol.I am so happy to let this country girl back out after all these years!

Have a great Tuesday folks and may your day be Blessed!

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  1. I got the sugar bowl and guess what? It had a crack in the side and have to send it back:(
    Dang postal service.