Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Looking at the World Different

Each person in this world is different.This is a fact that I have accepted.Each person has their own ideas of how they want their life to be.One may want more than the other or one may want less than the other.Some just want to be comfortable while another makes their life unmanagable.It's all up to the individual.

Now me,I do look at the world different.I see beauty where others may find ugliness.I find the most simplest way to live and make it work for me.When I was a teenager(I don't usually tell this)I had severe problems at home.So I did the one thing I thought at the time that would solve these problems.Yes,I ran away but not from the problems just the situation.I gave myself a whole new set of trouble but I faired it pretty well.After years of trying to figure out this thing called life,I set my goals on my dreams and at the time that was all I had.I finally figured out the only thing I wanted was to just be left alone and let me live the way I wanted to.What's so strange is I ask myself why I had to wait til now to get to that point.I guess God figured I wasn't ready but now I am. Someone always told me "God gives you as much as you can handle"and that stuck in my head all these years.They were right.Now I feel like I can be "ME" you know.

Sometimes people are cut out to do great things while others are there for support.We're all here for one united reason and that is to take care of this planet.To me that is the simplicity of life.

On another issue,our health.There is so much information out there,it gets the mind boggled.Heres' my outlook.How we function is like this. We know our bodies consist of mainly water,bones,tissue and blood,cells included,right. If you were to take a jug and fill it with water and add a few skin tissues and a few drops of blood and a few bones they will swirl around and this is what we are suppose to look like on the inside.Now add grease,sugar,flour,additives and what you got?Yep a nasty mess and that's what we do.We add all this stuff and become all murky inside.No wonder we have health problems.Simple isn't it?

Finances,we all got to have money but if this planet keeps on going like it's going,are you willing to put all you have on a small looking credit card? Trust a bank?Trust the fact that they take your money and put it elsewhere? I have to do what I'm doing now but later no,as soon as we get the property up and running I'm calling it quits on alot of things. I have set my goals on being totally and independent of anything.I know it can be done because I'm sure there are people out there doing it now.The world even if people don't want to acknowledge it is going back to a simple form of living.We have to it's always meant to be this way.This is the way I look at it.I am a simple person who wants to live not live to be someone else.

One thing I personally have a problem with but it's just me I guess is the way people treat each other.Yes I know,all people are different and I accept that.A large population of people mainly in bigger cities become like robots and I feel for them I really do.I went that route and I did not like it.I did it cause I thought that was what other people wanted me to be.But if you look at the way things are now,employers want you to come to work,keep your mouth shut,do your job and go home.And please don't think for yourself.There is no such thing as retiring from a job now.So you see,I do look at what's going on and seriously don't want no part of it.As far as money,later, well,guess what, I probably wouldn't have it later anyways.So that is that.It's all good to feel like you are accomplishing something but it's a different story when someone else gets credit for it.And that happens more often that not.

One more thing,someone very special I knew told me later you will know the difference between reality and fantasy.I do really I do but I have found a way to do both.It works for me,maybe not someone else.Bipolar can be fun,sometimes.I don't go out of my way though to involve anyone else.Besides God knows whats in me even if someone else don't.

My two favorite guys?Check!
A cabin in the woods?Check!
A garden to grow?Check!
Woods surrounding us?Check!
My idea life?Check!
Calling myself the Wild Woman in the Woods?Check!


  1. Interesting! Society seems to want, no demand, conformity no matter what. We are all expected to climb the ladder, better ourselves, earn more and have the 2.1 kids (or whatever it is now). The person that says "No, that's not for me" is often ostracized,called an under achiever, or whatever. In fact, he/she is probably the happier of the two. It took a long time for me to realize that bigger is not always better and that more is not always best. We should be thankful and appreciative to God for the blessings that we have in North America,compared to that which many others struggle with elsewhere. FWIW

  2. To Ian yes that's right.I have had a hard time being around people who thinks they are better than me in a power sense.Yeah you got money,you got this and you got that and guess what?,you got a lot more problems than me and you aren't happy whereas I am.But don't put me down for being happy.

  3. Wonderful post! It often takes later years to lear what you already have. Don't you find your much more at peace with life?

  4. I think when you get older this happens because you get more patience and understanding of people.