Saturday, November 10, 2012

Windy Saturday,Cooking Ribs

It has totally amazed me living here in Texas how much wind we get.No wonder they have so many windmills here.There is a mesa not too far from here that has nothing but large windmills setting on it.I was so fascinated(everything fascinates me anyway)the first time I saw them in Palm Springs when we went to California.They were huge up close. I borrowed this picture but this is where there were.It seem they crammed these things in any nook and cranny they could.Here we only have a few on the mesa.You can kinda feel the change of weather here going on.TexWisGirl you feeling it yet up there lol? I also got the sneaky suspicion we may just get some snow here this winter not unless it stays up north.Usually the day before or on Thanksgiving day it get really cold.We use to smoke our turkey on our smoker but we get so much wind it futile.I am trying to talk hubstead into building us a smokehouse when we get home.He don't know it yet but it's on "the list".Of course I have alot of projects on my list he don't know about yet(grin).

I'm cooking ribs today and I cook them in beer.I don't know if anyone does this but they sure are good.I cut up onions and whole garlic and parsley,about three bottles of beer.We use Michelob only because it better.We found out the hard way about using the cheap stuff.
Let it simmer until the meat comes off the bones unless they don't have any and then put them on pan put bbq sauce on it and bake for a few minutes.I am dying to try the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.I heard it was good.I'm cooking these babies for all weekend.I hate cooking on the weekends,I figure I cook all week I need a break from it.

Its done.

Yah!Put it in the crock pot,suppers doing it thing!!!!

I have started packing stuff up,things we don't use.So now I got boxes starting to pile up but that's ok makes it feel more real.Still haven't found anyone to rent us a camper for those two weeks.Plenty of you can come stay with us but I tell them no because of Orion.I won't put him out when it's cold,he's a house dog.So I told one of my friends if it comes down to it,we'll just get a two room tent and bunkout for those days.Not like we haven't done that before.I think it might be nice to do something different since we have been cooped up here for so long.It would give us a chance to do some clearing on the property and get use to it.I like it LOL.


  1. You photos are mouth watering! I've never cooked ribs actually, but yours sure look good.

  2. Slap em in a crock pot with a garlic clove and onions and parsley and let em cook.Thats all I do.I did cook these with beer and wow!