Saturday, November 17, 2012

More beads

My new stash of beads and findings.I couldn't resist a good sale.So I decided to get a few things and for the life of me have no idea what I'm going to make.The packge with 6 is natural jute cord,that's for baskets.I like making coiled baskets for stuff.I'm going to try my hand at making pine baskets since we'll have some pine trees on the property.I have every intentions of crocheting when we get settled in our cabin.I want to make some of those kitchen towels with the crocheted tops.

We are now on the look out for a wood burning stove.We will be doing some clearing on the trees and it would be good to have some use with the timber.And it will still be cool there in March,it'll be nice to have some warmth.Besides going great with the "look" of the cabin.It's been so great to look at the winter pictures people have been posting.So pretty and it makes the landscapes look so clean.

I still got this lousy cold.It's trying to clear up I think.It feels like I got two more days on it and it'll be gone.I hate these one week things,it throws my whole week off.As long as I stay home I'm fine but I can't stay in forever.LOL.I have been sleeping alot with this one and I haven't lost my apetite either so that's a good thing.

Well We're down to needing a love seat,a refrigerator,a stove(haven't decided an electric or gas)and a couple more bookshelves.I wanted to get a good bed but haven't found one yet.Hubstead wants to make a platform bed,I'm not so sure about it.I like a soft bed to snuggle in.Yea we'll see where this goes.I know we aren't going to be able to put a whole lot in the cabin but everything we have will fit.Soon after we get in we got to put together a utility room for the washer and dryer and chest freezer.


  1. I can't resist a good sale either, LOL. Here's wishing you a big get well, and good luck with the items you're on the lookout for. I know they'll come your way.

  2. Thanks! I really need to get some reds and pinks.I make the amulet necklaces and most the beads I got are for the necklace sections.

  3. hoping your pup gets used to the harness. walking a puller is no fun.

  4. TexWis you know he has slowed down a little.But he sure has been messed up living in this park.When he was younger I would take him up to the mailbox with me and he would do fine then some people moved in and didn't care about their dogs and let them run loose(they are still there and the dogs still get loose).So the trips to the mailbox quit.They are mean dogs too.We used to walk him around the park when I could still walk then we found out that there was a dog here that got loose and got rabies,I gave up that was too close to home.He just gets excited now just to go somewheres lol.