Thursday, November 15, 2012

These stores will give away anything!

You know I went to the big store(W) and wanted to pick up a few things Sunday.Yep I now a have full blown cold.I didn't know they gave these away for free! Chills ,fever,headache.Tonight I got under a bunch of covers and managed to sweat my fever out.Just my head stopped up for right now.Hubstead picked me up some chicken noodle soup and 7up and that made me feel so much better.I have been filling up on fluids and keeping myself in check.I know it's just a cold but you know I haven't had one in at least three years.So I guess it was about time.Oh well! And really there were not that many people in the store either.

This is the reason why when you get your can food home,wash the cans good and wash your veggies and fruit before you put it away.I went to one store and watched the employee sneeze on the milk he was stocking,I kid you not! I wash the milk jug and any soda bottles too.Yeah can't wait to get to the cabin.At least I am going to know where my food comes from and how it was put up.

Besides all this I am in a pretty good mood this morning.Hope everyone has a good morning too and stay well!


  1. I hope you will feel well real soon. You hubby knows what to get to fix a cold, for sure. Take care.