Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Take on Lotteries

Ok who hasn't played them? I have never won anything from them.Not a number picking person I guess.I can get one maybe two of the numbers but that's it.So I quit playing unless I can remember to pick up a slip to fill out when I am at the store.No biggie lol.Then I remember about ALL them taxes that come with winning.They will slice and dice you to death on them things no matter how you receive your winnings. No I don't think I would like to win the lottery.It's a dangerous thing for normal working people to all of a sudden win that much money.They become wild and crazy on the spending and yes they will spend.Most accountants(you really need to get one)will say spend this much and invest the rest.Do you really want to invest your money in the market NOW? Can you imagine what the taxes are going to be in the upcoming years for millionaires?OMG No.The only way to keep what you won is to move to another country and give up your citizenship and I won't do that.So I am happy being who I am and what I have cause this is the way God wants me to be.No more no less.Besides do you know what kind of damage a person with Bipolar could do with a wad of lottery winnings?LOL You have to be me to get this humor.I'll stay poor thankyou very much.

I have however won around a thousand dollars on the scratch offs over the years.I kinda like those.


  1. i wouldn't want all of the distant 'relatives' and 'friends' that would come out of the woodwork to ask for favors and handouts.

    1. The taxes is what would kill me.But with money comes taxes LOL