Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thoughts on some Stuff

I've been on here on and off today and this morning while I was on here,I was also watching a show about 7 things you shouldn't eat.Well what an eye opener considering I already knew some of them.These are the things that make you "fat".Ok.Can you guess them?
Sugar and sugar substitutes(yeah that's right)
Soy-lets admit it that stuff is nasty no matter what way or even how you say it.
Peanuts-eat other nuts instead.
Corn-GMO is really bad for you duh I knew that.
Eggs-So much for the chickens.
Dairy-including cheese AHHHH
gluten-yeah we know about this too.

Now it hit me while I was watching this(by the way I am not promoting anything here)that almost everything we consume in the supermarket has this crap in it.You can't pickup anything in the so called"middle isles" of a grocery store without most products having any or all of these ingredients in them.What's a person to do?I agreed with her on these things because long time ago I had a physical therapist tell me the same thing.We've been told to stay away from the middle isles of a grocery store before BUT when most Americans are trying to feed their families the higher price food isn't feesable to buy.So therefore people shop in the middle isles and we all know that there is alot of goodies in them and the cheap stuff.

I can truly understand the organic prices in these stores and I am wondering what Americans would buy if those prices came down?Wouldn't it make more sense to up the other prices and lower organic?Yeah that's the problem it does make sense but for who?

I would love to go to the store and buy organic veggies and fruits but.....
So that was one of the reasons to buy property and grow our own. I know most people can't grow their own because of space.So I want to tell you I will give anything I have to family,friends,or even strangers anything out of the garden because I know what it's like to live like that and how bad you want to eat right.I know I do right now but as always food here is high and it's gonna get higher.I have always shared with people because I know things will go good for us when we do.That's the way it's suppose to be.Oh she never mentioned honey or non gluten stuff.mmm

Irreguardless we are going organic and al la natural(take it how you want it lol)

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  1. We have free range chickens here at Pot Hole Farm. I have at least 10 a week for breakfast. My bloom work is always good. I also have a hard time hearing the myths about milk. It most people would drink more whole milk and less fast food you would see a big change for the better.