Sunday, December 2, 2012

Contest entries,YAH!

I have a FB account and I like entering contests(as some of you know),soooo I entered a bunch this morning LOL.Two were for kitchen appliances and the others were for different things. I got Orion some dog cookies and dogfood(free).He probably won't eat the things cause he's so picky.Dang dog.
But I'm trying any way.I have no idea what I would do if I won a complete kitchen setup or two, probably pass out and break my hip!But wouldn't it be nice?(not the hip part). Then I wouldn't have to worry about getting stuff for my kitchen in the cabin HA!I am ordering mostly stainless steel stuff cause it's so easy to clean.I was looking for one of those pot holders that hang from the ceiling til hubstead said something about it may not hold from the beams.We'll see.By the way the kitchen setup is stainless steel too.
I've never really "won" anything but it's great to dream uh?

Well this has been the highlight of my morning.Hope your day goes great today!


  1. well, the folks who won the powerball probably didn't think they could do it, either. so i hope your kitchen stuff comes true!

  2. Yes, I always hear about how the odds are so high for winning things like the powerball but you know, someone always ends up winning. Someone's gotta win! Keep us posted and good luck!