Friday, December 21, 2012

Baskets are in!

This one I've had for awhile and I got it at a market for when they were selling them for a small donation for the needy.

The big basket is actually a basket for potted plants,may have to think of something else to do with this cause it is too nice for that.They are fairly good size I was surprised!The dark small basket is made of metal.Gosh I am so pleased.One word (tilts head)Ebay lol.$20.00 and free shipping.We also got our 9th season for NCIS which finishes off last year season.I am starting to feel better now,you know when you lose something and you finally get it back but better? I want to get some smaller ones but I may go ahead and make some myself.I don't have a bread basket yet.

oh I forgot to mention tonight for dinner,chicken parmesan(earlier post),oh YAH!

Well have a great FRIDAY!May your Christmas be Merry and Happy.