Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chicken Dinner

Yep we did,last night we had Chicken Parmesan and this is what it looked like and boy it was good.I don't always cook with thinner chicken and with this recipe I wouldn't advise it but we did this time.I prefer the thicker chicken breast.I grabbed my camera while hubstead sprinkled the cheese on top and he asked me what I was doing.I told him I thought all of you would like to see what it looked like after it was cooked so I was taking a picture.It's addicting and almost gone lol.One thing about this one,if you put it in the refrigerator and let it set over night,the next day it's even better because the chicken and spinach soaks up some of the sauce.WOW.

We are having a nice sunrise over Texas this morning and cold again.

It's 38 degrees and clear so far.I've been watching the weather channel and see all that snow that is only a couple of states away and it makes me shiver and glad we aren't getting it.I can deal with the cold but that's alot of snow!

Well just a couple of early saturday pictures for you to see.Have a great day!


  1. MMMmm that looks so good! I take left overs LOL!
    Stay warm and have a wonderful Christmas!