Monday, December 17, 2012

Off Time

Can you believe this? Hubstead is getting two weeks off from work!They are shutting down the plant here and he gets to get some needed time off.This will help alot because we got to go find some boxes to pack some stuff up with.I really have been needing his help for this.He can pack his office stuff up and label the boxes,that way he knows where it is.I got our closet to clean out of old clothes and shoes.It will be fun I told him and boy the look he gave me LOL.

I have been trying to find something to take home for my brother and sister-in-law from here.He likes to fish and hunt and she is into pretty much the things I like which is a whole range of stuff.It's hard to find something for someone when you don't know.I thought of a Southwest blanket,some pottery and some spices but I want to give them something they both can use.I'll know it when I see it.LOL

I bought a bunch of baskets from a guy off Ebay.I love baskets and they come in handy around our house.

As small as my kitchen is I'm going to find a piece of a 4" tree trunk and put dowels in different places and hang my baskets on it.I am going to get some more if I find them.The kitchen in the cabin is going to be very small and I have to figure out "how" to use the space I'll have.I'm not really thinking so much of cabinets right now but other alternative means of storing stuff.I know this table we have will take up alot of room so I might end up getting rid of it and put in a eat-in bar.

I went and made a small order for more beads,yep,me and my beads.I also picked up some yarn to do my kitchen towels with.I'm going to crochet the tops and hang them.Yeah the ones with the chickens.I told hubstead when we get settled down from this move and all the other stuff that has to come first,I'm setting down and doing some beadwork and crocheting.I would really like to get my store opened back up on Ebay but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.Up in Russellville they have a small flea market people can sit and sell their "stuff" but I'm not a sitting person.I don't like the crowds and you sometimes see people who you really don't want to run into.Yeah I got people like that.I may find an alternate route for selling.I don't know when we will have internet service yet or eletricity so it's up in the air about that.This is just something I thought of.

We're hoping the winter isn't going to be too cold in Alabama this year,it seems to be shaping up as being fairly mild.Our major problem that we see right now is trying to get the cabin paperwork signed before we get there.They won't let us do it,yet.Because it's one of those rent to own things.If not that means we will have to find something to stay in for almost two weeks or rent a motel room which is 30 miles away,or stay in a tent.There is no law there that says you can't camp out on your own property.We decided to put our things in the shed and I really don't like the idea of leaving it there without some kind of security.So this has been heavy on my mind.

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