Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Nasty Morning

I was sleeping so peacefully this morning.Nice and warm under the covers and in the right spot on the bed,I was dreaming such good dreams.When I went to bed I was thinking wow it would be nice if it was snowing outside and I guess I started dreaming about it.Hubstead had stayed up and washed a load of clothes and I guess I had been in bed about an hour when I got a nasty awakening.We have drainage problems here in the park and it seem that the pipes were smelling again.It woke me up alittle and I covered my nose thinking it will go away in a few minutes like it always had.NOPE,oh my gosh it was getting worse.So I was half asleep and got up and went into the bathroom where the source of the smell was coming from and what did I see? The sewer line had backed up right into the shower,the tub,and the commode.YUCK and I about starting gagging.I made a mad dash for the kitchen and hubstead was asking what was wrong and I ask him "don't you smell that?"it's the sewer.I got the bleach and went back into the bathroom and poured most of the half gallon down the toilet,shower and tub.I don't like bleach at all and I didn't like doing that but I had to do something.I only use bleach when it is neccessary.I deemed it neccessary this morning.
So far the commode is flushing better and all of the water drains out of the pipes.I hope this is the only problem today.

I was watching a show Frontier Alaska and one of the guys on there has never had an indoor toilet.Yeah I see why now.He said he never understood why people had their toilets inside their homes lol.Some of you may have watched this show,I loved it.
If it wasn't for the cold,oh yeah I'd be living like that too.It would be better than what I smelled this morning.

I ordered a hank of beads and some delica beads and got them in.I'm trying to renew some of my stash so I won't have to order for awhile.All I'm waiting on now is my baskets to come in.Well that was my thrill to start the day off with.I did go back to sleep but it took awhile so I slept good too cause now it really smells clean in there lol!

Oh just a quick add-Hubstead has finally got his 5 years in working for this company!Now we'll see how much longer we stay.We need to stay til March I don't know if that is going to happen but he's going to try to.The more money we have the better off we will be.


  1. congrats on 5 yrs for him! sorry it won't be 6, though, although i know you're ready to move to your next phase of your life.

  2. He said if it was 6 he'd go ahead and get committed lol.He hates this job and not favorable to Texas.