Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comfort zones and home

I just read a post by Kanelstrand about our "comfort zones" and I found it interesting in the fact that we are afraid to step out of our zone to try something new.I find myself having that little fear with my hubstead.He is a very comfort zone person and not really into changes.Just like when I introduced him to this idea of us getting our own property and living like we want without any kind of "you can't do this and you can't do that" type of situation.He started to think more and more of it.By the way,the park sent out their Rent must be paid by the first and you have 5 grace period days letter to everyone,which means someone isn't paying their rent but they have to send it out to everybody lol.Anyway I thought about this comfort zone of mine and I don't really have one per se.I'm always looking for different things to do or places to go.

When I was younger,I really like to travel.Not as much now because of having to sit for a long period of time.After awhile a person gets tired of this and just wants to have a decent roof over their heads.I know we will have a little discomfort at first but I can get thru that.Lord knows I've been thru worse!And I am looking forward to doing something different.Back to the comfort zone point.Is this what is wrong with this world now?Are we so afraid to let loose of our mobile phones and turn off our everyday lives to really see the beauty this world has to offer?Well I'm ready.I told someone one time I could do without alot of things and I have and you can't miss what you really didn't have to start with.I've tried to keep it simple for so long and I think that once people did some changes it would do them a world of good.

One more question here.Have you ever felt that you didn't belong some wheres?That you were meant to do or be some place else?And you really haven't settled down in your heart or mind?Yeah that's what I feel.I'm out of harmony somehow and I need to find my way back home.

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