Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cactus planted

I decided to try my hand at planting cactus from seeds this year.How they will come out is a wait and see.These that I have will grow into the big ones like the Saguaro and some Christmas and Barrel.Yeah like the southwest needs more uh? I figured I can baby them til we moved.Oh and I got my book in,gardening in the Southwest by Sunset.Gosh they have some of the prettiest gardening ideas and alot of the flower seeds that I have will grow there.Hubstead told me last night he wanted to move where we had lots of trees and I found a couple of good places. But both may have a POA and I'm not really fond of that.They have some good qualities about what they want and not want but still.They mainly want it kept as natural as it can be maintained and that's agreeable to me.Like no junk cars(I hate that) and no trashy yard(Ok),the water tank has to be kept out of sight(that's fine right?).All buildings have to be in code and that's fine as long as we can have the cabin.I haven't talked to the realty lady yet about this but she had mentioned this place before.It sits near a reservation and the scenery is beautiful.The only problem I see is it's in the mountains and a long way from the closet city which would be Gallup or Grants.It would be one of those once a month trips to the grocery stores and stuff.The other place we looked at was east of Albuquerque and man did it snow and it being flat no wind breaks.MM kinda like Texas.So it's up in the air,I've heard good things and bad things about both places but that's anywheres now you go.I know this place is getting bad and it may be a good idea for us to get out here soon.

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  1. OK I'll bite. What is a POA? Good luck on the search, and trees are nice!