Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something for me

Yes it's all about me LOL! The lady over at Garden Fairy Herbal was sweet enough to make me an apron that fits me because I'm a little heavy.It's so pretty.It has a chicken on the front for pockets and has yellow flowers for the material and lace at the bottom.I can actually tie it too!.Then I ordered some krill oil because I don't feel I'm getting enough omega-3 in my diet.And finally I ordered some homemade goats milk soap from the lovely farm of Olivers Acres and it smells so good.I was looking for some and I'm still scouting out for some honey and oatmeal and anything that will soften my skin.I feel like a lizard here.I'm turning into something but haven't figured it out yet lol!.If ya interested go check em out.Sometimes you just got to pamper yourself and this is my weekend to do it.

I also figured since we may be living in the southwest,I looked up different flowers that you can grow.The one thing that caught my eye was the Zinnias.They come in different colors so I ordered some of them too.I also picked up some packs of Zinnias when we went out the other night.Heres the others,African Daisys,Shasta Daisys,multicolored Zinnias,Columbines,Nasturtiums and some chili cayennes.Why not uh?I like cayenne and I probably will use it in the garden for bugs and such.I think I'll have a pretty flower garden.That doesn't include the cactus,like yeah the southwest needs more cactus I know but these are edible too.It's going to be so much fun too bad we got to play that waiting game again.But we will get it.

Orion finally slept his trip off and still loves to ride in the big white bird.We put him in the back seat so now he knows that is where his place is.I got a cowboy hat now and I love it.I put it on every where I go.Now I have to make a beaded hatband for it.I'll design my own for that.Well that's about it.Hubstead just has been working and I'm here lol.It's been cold here it was 26 last night but it's gonna be 40 tonight.No snow in sight.Yah!


  1. The apron sounds pretty... especially if it has a chicken on it! *squeal*