Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking Pictures,Cold back home.

I'm trying to not use up too much space on here by taking alot of pictures.I want to save some for when we move.Yes we are still moving but around this time next year.I have been eyeing the weather in New Mexico to get a general idea of what we may be facing in March.

Something must of said don't move because when I talked to my sister-in-law,she told me it had been sleeting and snowing there in that part of Alabama.I am glad we didn't go,it would of been sooo cold!This is going to give us a year to get what we need anyway.I have been checking out the barrels for the rainwater and the water tanks online.I may just get them here depends on the price.Here's another,if we move up in the mountains on the southwest of Albuquerque,HA it's snowing there recently.But hubstead wants to move where there are trees.He's not too fond of the flat desert I had looked at.So I guess we will go with the mountain home.Water will be plenty and shade and it shouldn't be too hot.He's still doesn't like the idea of having to do all the work himself but I told him how satisfying it will be him knowing he did it.

I'm happy to report over my eating habits I am getting stretch marks ugh!but heck who's gonna see them anyways? It's amazing ,you change some things around and it works.I have been eating more of the fat burning stuff and even now I quit getting indigestion.I sleep better too.My back doesn't hurt much either unless I am standing up too long.I love to go shopping but can only do very little time in a store.We went and got the last Twilight breaking Dawn 2 and wow what a line,but once they started selling it the line moved fast.They had four check outs going on.We are avid DVD collectors.I have quite a few Native American movies I watch.

Been collecting Cds too for historical records.My ancestors are from Ireland and Scotland so I have been trying to finish on the computer the rest of my family history.Now I have people coming to me for records and stuff and I gladly give it for free because alot of people don't know where or how to start.I don't have a genealogist license but try to help when I can.I have always done really good with history.I know how frustrating it can be when you hit a brick wall on your family.I just tore one down on mine after twenty+ years of looking.

Well I'm gonna sit here and my yogurt and later we got to run to the big store and get some more veggies.Hope you have had a good day!

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