Sunday, May 19, 2013

Next Project

My hatband I've been beading,got about 4 more inches and that will be done!

I had a chance yesterday to pickup a dresser for 10.00 and I knew the bottom drawer was missing but I got it anyway.This dresser is made of pine so after I looked at it I thought it would be good for the next project I got in mind.I'm going to dump the other bottom drawer and put a pine board all the way across the bottom and make it where it flips down and put a bottom underneath.I'm going to put hinges and latches on it.Use as a storage place.When we get our cabin I'll use this as either a counter to eat on or put a sink in the top.The back needs a new panel too and if we put a little wider top that over hangs,that would be a great table with storage,which I will need bad.Just have to add chairs.


  1. How great that you saw all the potential in that old pine chest.

  2. Looks like a great deal and a good plan. I wonder how many looked at it and just saw a missing drawer. I LOVE to repurpose!
    Your bead work is stunning! Can't wait to see it completed

    1. Thankyou Kati,I'm gonna put a pine board across the bottom and either use it as a table with an extension with chairs or use it as a counter in the kitchen.I have seen some things like these with a sink in them.I know its long enough for it.But for now I'll just work on it.