Friday, May 3, 2013

Saving a few Dollars

This morning I went down to the local cheapy store and I was only gonna get some conditioner for my hair cause I dyed it over the weekend.Well you know how this is gonna go.I got my shampoo and was walking around and saw a tye dye summer dress,yep, it went in the cart,then I got hungry and got 4 cans of tamales for lunch.I got Rion some snacks and hubstead some snacks.I saw my over the counter sink,$5.00 and yep it went in the cart too.Try buying that online and it's gonna cost ya.So I would say I saved some money today on some stuff I needed anyway.My aunt told me one time to NEVER buy retail if you can find it on sale.I have took her advise many and one times and done just that. She was right.Most of the things I have gotten for the cabin has been on sale except a few thigs I really liked.

The cabin is still in the works.We have decided after doing a list of pros and cons of living in New Mexico compared to living back home,we decided to move back home still.I don't really like the idea of being in tornado country but everything I want to do and grow would do better there.We are still looking for land but I think we are going with one maybe two acres this round.Besides I am missing home more now for some reason.I have been thru some odd mood changes here lately.My sister-in-law is begging for us to come home everytime I talk to her.I told her to look out for some property and we'll see.

It has been rather cool here in west Texas and it was 35 this morning.This weather out here has alot of people messed up.At least we aren't having snow which the other day it would have been a welcome relief.It was warm lol.Well those tamales are calling my name so I guess I will go see what they want!Have a great weekend everyone!

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