Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sorry to be slow on Postings

Got over my allergies after two weeks.I have started my beaded strip for my cowboy hat,so I haven't been spending too much time on here,except FB,but I got relatives on there.The beaded strip is going very well and I will post the end results.I did bead a piece for a barette,it has little buebirds on it but I got to get some craft glue to finish it.The mobile home park finally put a new porch on the front.Hubstead almost broke his neck Sunday tripping in the door.He hurt his ankle a little.So Monday I got on the phone and told them what happened and it was about 30 minutes,here they come.I was thinking oh it takes someone almost breaking their foot to get you to fix it?I have been trying since last year to get them to fix the porch so I guess so.Oh I'll be so glad to get our own place.I know sometimes it's nice to have people to fix things and you don't get charged for it but it's another when you have to stay on them about it.So now the trailer looks nice with the porch and we got the grass cut.

I have been reading about the raw milk thing and my two cents here,if you want to drink it fine!We are getting too much and too many people making a fuss about all this.This includes small gardeners and farmers they may one day want to control.I am going to have a garden and I am going to have chickens and if I want to run around my house outside naked MIND your own business and don't look!What Graham Greene said on Maverick,Im going buy some land so God awful then maybe they will leave me alone.I have come to one conclusion,if you buy in the desert or in the swamps then people leave you alone lol!No seriously think about it,when you get too near a neighbor they can complain and the east is full of people.Damn I think I am trying to talk myself into staying here.Someone asked me one time why out west?I told them it's so open here that you can see someone coming from a mile off.This is my opinion and I'm sticking with it.Ok not too much going on but still packing and gathering stuff up we are going to need.We haven't decided where depends on property being available.Also heard about the wood burning stoves too,now they want you to have an EPA certified stove and you have to completely dismantle your old one unusable.What a crock of s#$T.Sorry I have been reading all this and it's like a nightmare to me.Heck by the time I'm ready to do the dew I won't be be able to do nothing.

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