Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Orion the Amazing

Right when I think this crazy dog can't get any lazier,he does something amazing. I had my front door open night before last and it was getting dark.Remember I live in a trailer park(BLAH)and I have been keeping my door open a lot to air this place out.Now this hound barks at everything and anybody.After a few years of listening to him I have become familiar with what barks mean what.So I'm sitting here and all of a sudden he starts barking like mad. I figured he was just barking at someone walking down the road.Nope....this guy was standing in our driveway looking over towards the door and as soon as he saw me he starting walking away.We've had homes broke into before around here and I am so glad I got him because even if he is slightly aggressive he's still my little furry man.What's so amazing about this? He got in between me and the door and wouldn't let me out until that guy left.He's never done that before. So furry man got two milkbones for that.

Orion is strange that like,I've never had an animal that right when you think he isn't listening he does something unusual.He thinks(I think) he's human.He mimics things we do and he has a personality that won't quit.He gives dirty looks when he's mad at me brow furrowed too.He catches on pretty darn quick to things,he knows how to aggravate and I mean aggravate like a real person.He can sit and stare at me without blinking if he wants something really bad and not move a muscle. I have trained him to do some things.There has been times I have told him to do something the first time and he's done it.Example-my next door neighbor while we were talking outside her daughter gave him some treats and one was a snack bone and when we got ready to go in at first he was walking off and leaving it,I told him one time to bring it with him in the house and he got it and brought it in.His volcabulary covers about 35 to 40 words and sentences.I think thats pretty darn good.We do hand signals for him too.I taught him if I put my fingers to my lips and go sshhh he get quiet,another is tell him to come to me with just my finger crooking he comes.If he is in a rotten mood none of this applys,I can't get him to do squat lol.About once a month he gets in a cycle for around two days he won't listen,he won't mind and it's his way or no way at all.

Sometimes I'm the meany,I tell him he stinks and goes and hide,I go out and he thinks he's suppose to go.if he don't get to go God help hubstead if he's in bed.Orion will go jump all over the bed til hubby gets up.He is persistent.All in all the only bad habit he does have is he doesn't want anybody in our house ,near me or hubby.I was told that was the wolf instinct in him.We're his pack and nobody else is allowed.He also has to sniff everything we bring in(thats mainly looking for treats)I know alot of dogs are like this it's just I have never had a dog like this.I find him an amazing little creature.He's good about if you leave a plate of food at his face level he won't touch it.All I have to do is shake my head no.When he's ready to go to bed I'm suppose to go too.Yah he's got me wrapped around his paw! And he knows it Dang Dog!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful guard dog for you! They pick up on our tensions and emotions for queue's. Hand signals are wonderful training for protection also!