Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me and Mine

This is me

This Orion

Snow day,first time being in the snow.He did not want to come in.

When he did.Now you know why I keep his green towel by the door.

Went back out.

Done this one for a friends' mother.

This one I sold.Yay!I'm into wolves.

For the guys or gals

My neighbors' sunflower.This thing was so pretty!

Have a great weekend! Oh by the way all that hair came off yesterday,I finally cut it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday/Beadwork/Done finally

I thought I had made it too big but I didn't.I finally finished it yesterday.It turned out to be a barrette.I think a bracelet would look nice to go with it.I'm going to try to sit long enough today and design it.I still have the very first pair of earrings I done when I first started to bead. I look at those and laugh cause I have come a long way in my skills.I've been learning about shading colors to get a deeper look.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

I've had to rethink so things this week and have come up to the conclusion since I am having a hard time finding property,I am going to have to think outside the box on this stuff.To start with over the weekend I found property in New Mexico up in the mountains and I thought wow this is nice.After further investigation,the nearest doctor and bank was almost 30 miles away and as always you can't believe what a realtor tells you.Oh yes it's ok to live off grid in this area(1st not)there is a doctor nearby(2nd not))they have a bank there(3rd not)It doesn't get much snow(4th not,I saw pictures,its snows heavy)I said to send me a contract,nothing signed so no obligations.I found this all out from talking to some locals about the area and it seems they don't want people coming in and trying to live off grid in their community cause it doesn't get the town to make money,it also seems their pickled about making money on their water and electric utilities.So this is gonna be a big NOT and I will keep looking. I just think from all the phone calls and asking questions I am starting to see a picture unfolding here. I need to be more attentive with the listings and do some heavy digging on these properties and see what kind of community is there.They may all feel that way.

It's a shame a person can not go into a community and feel happy about being there.I think some think that when you live off grid you're poor but that's not the case.But I also feel that they think if they have to pay their big bills everyone else should too.Maybe I'm think wrong but so far I have been met with resistance on this.I read an article not too long ago about a couple who lived in a certain place(no names) but they got on their property and setup house,they lived in an RV and their neighbor got nosy and turned them in and they had to move off their property after they had done got everything started(garden,off grid stuff)but because they didn't have a septic system they had to move all because of said nosy neighbor.So I thought that is a shame,you are the one paying taxes on the property,you are the one spending your money on it,they lived there not bothering anyone and still got the shaft.

The ads on some properties say no restrictions no time limit to build,that to me is a red flag.Check,check,check!After seeing some of these ads I'd call and yes there are things you have to be aware of.Sometimes I think there might be a conspiracy going on

I have looked all the way from Colorado to New Mexico,Texas,Alabama,Tennessee and Kentucky.North is too cold,South has too much humidity.I have been trying to stay in the middle line.Arizona too dry and hot.I can find acres here and there no biggie but.....well I got til the end of the year so maybe by then I'll find it.if not at least my mind will be some place else lol.

Well ok enough of my mindless wanderings.We have been getting some spotted showers here in central Texas but not enough.It feels good when it cools down alittle.I'm trying to figure out what to plant in my pots next.My cherry tomatoes went to big plant heaven and but my bell peppers are doing great and getting bigger.I got to go and get some more seeds. Might as well try my hand at everything. I have some giant gourd basket seeds but I need alot of room for them to grow.And I know gourds need moisture so that's out for here.Well that's all I got for this Monday.I'm gonna go do some thinking and maybe I won't damage my brain too much by doing this.If anyone hears of something let me know still in the market.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday night Brownies

We have brownies. I wonder -when we move outta Texas will I still be able to cook?Will have to wait and see!

I think I need a Hair cut!

If I could raise my arms up enough I would cut my hair but looks like I'm just gonna have to let it grow.At least I know how to braid.

I really didn't realize how long it was til I went to bed and pulled it over and I thought geez it has a mind of it's own. This isn't the first time I've had long hair.When we lived in Florida it was longer than this.And yeah that is two big jars of milkbones for the dog.He is so spoilt!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pot Pie Monday Night

Well it was my first one.Didn't taste the celery and needed more salt and pepper but it wasn't bad at all.

It will Come

When you live in different states like I have ,you have to notice the atmosphere of that state.I have been all the way out to California to northern New York. Down in Florida to Detroit Michigan.

Of all the places,New Mexico holds a place in my heart so deep that it hurts. Why? It's the atmosphere, the feel, the vibrations.The open sky and mesas.It's the air and the rainstorms, like the dirt gets washed away and everything is clean again.When I was there ,I would feel like I was mesmerized by the scenery.I didn't feel closed in by the landscape like I would other places.

It's a place where you find the culture uses the colors of the state and they incorporate it into their designs.I don't know of any state besides Arizona that does that.Alot of people that sees the designs know very little besides Oh its pretty. But most have a meaning behind it.Some are older than we will ever know or understand.Along I-40 you can see their hogans, places of rituals.They are proud of who they are.You haven't lived til you have met an honest to goodness medicine man.My niece is half Navajo but she doesn't even care about who she is.My mother is half Cherokee and Scottish.Mom was raised in a time you didn't say what you were for fear of being sent to the reservation.

So New Mexico means alot to me and I always said when I could I would want to move there.I don't like back east much,it's took me 36 years to get this close and I'm just a few counties over LOL.When you feel like your strangling and you can't breathe,it's time for a change.So it will come I got faith in it,if it's meant for me to go, I'll happen.

It's rained here today and it felt so great! My plants are thriving.I'm trying to figure out what to plant next.

Hit and misses on property is not a big deal,we will find something,I'm sure of it:) I want to thank the ones who left comments ,it's so encouraging to hear from you and gives me more determination.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beadwork-What's it gonna be?

I haven't blogged because I have been sitting here trying to do some beadwork. I did my pattern on my software and under estimated the size of this thing. Well I was in the mood to make a barrette but now it looks like it is turning into a change purse.No matter,it will go in the finish box and I'll start something else.I am going to make some earrings in the same style tho.I have alot of hardware and beads so I'll be busy for awhile.And I just ordered some more beads last month.

I was getting excited about the thought of moving back east and maybe getting some deerskins to do. Hubby wanted to go hunting with my brother.I really would of liked the turkey feathers too. I love making dance fans from them.but....Now I am looking at anything I can get. I still have been looking at real estate listings and you know that guy lowered the price on that property we had looked at? And he posted pictures. No mind,I am leary about that deal.It seemed good but I don't want no headaches.

I have to get a foot pedal for my sewing machine.When we first got Orion he managed to find the cord and gave it a dandy chewing.It was lost and gone.He got in trouble because you know you have to teach them not to chew. Then he found hubbys' surge protector box and annilated the cord on it too.He got in BIG trouble for that one. But since he chewed those two he didn't chew anything else.We bought a bunch of toys for him and he didn't want those so we ended up taking a bunch of old worn out work socks and put them all in one sock and that is still his favorite toy.Dang dog.

Real Estate Blues
I have found one place and am thinking on it.It's in New Mexico around Grants.I am getting conflicting stories about the place. It has pine trees and in the mountain area.But they have a landownership association and they have restrictions,so I am told,but the real estate lady I talked to said something different.Now I understand they want to keep the area in pristine condition but you can't fall trees on your property,only to cut what you need to clear an area.One says I can't have a garden the other says I can.You have to ask permission to even put up a fence around your property.She was going to call them and ask them the questions I ask her and see what kind of answer she gets.They also said I couldn't clear the property of the scrub brushes and such. Most of the people who live in the area has solar and have water tanks .The county says I have to have a septic system installed but the real estate lady says I can have a compost toilet.What to do,what to do......What the real estate lady don't know is that I have already talked to the county and know what I have to have. The land people said no mobile homes are allowed and no small cabins only for weekends and no sheds.Well the lady goes up there and she says a lot of people live in RVs(year round on their property)and have gardens and have cabins and mobile homes.Dang I never asked about having chickens!She is gonna look and see what else is available but right now she only has 5 acres which at this point is too much property.

She has desert property south of Albuqueque and it's flat and dry there.Nice view of the mountains.I am afraid of getting in a estate area for you know later it will build up and so will the taxes. I am looking for something in a rural area but not far from town.And be able to have farm animals. I don't really like the Midwest because of the storms but reading from some posts ya'll are as dry as we are.

Got the electric bill yesterday,that is gonna have to be paid in two payments. Texas has an expensive utility company.Oh well staying cool is number one at this point LOL.We're getting our new bed next week ,can't wait for that. It'll be so nice to get a good nights sleep finally.Texas has been good to us. I really wish we could find something here. You know how you get in a place and get setup with doctors and you know where everything is?
And then you move and have to start again?
Well what ever we get this is it!I'm done moving that's why we are being careful about finding a place.
It's a one shot deal!

I might be able to finish this beadwork today and I'll post a picture of it.

The cold water running out of the kitchen sink is still warm lol

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Living with a Hybrid Wolf Dog

I have always wanted a hybrid wolf dog.But before I made up my mind I decided to see what it entailed.So after much ado I decided to get one. Well,he was free. Living with him is not dull.

First off yes he is spoiled,my bad,but he knows he has it good around here.He has a personally that won't quit.He has learned who the Alpha female is and when she says no it means no.When he was little and tried to get out of hand I would lay gently but firmly on him until he quit quirming.One thing that is essential for dominance.He knew he had better quiet down and then I would let him up.

Besides dog food he does eat chicken and liver and he loves fish. He is very picky about veggies so I don't push it that often. He likes milk but I give him only about a cup every now and then and he used to eat eggs but he got picky about that too.Dang animal.

Now wolf/dogs are very protective type animals.I consulted with a friend of mine who had some and she told me everything he has done so far. After his 3rd year he trust us no questions asked.They have to have time to trust.He is very shy around loud noises and he doesn't like the holidays too well,like July and New Year.I think it was because of what happened to him when he was young.Hunters used to shoot in the field where he was found.That may have been how his mother was killed. He came to me full of mange and scratches but I took him to the vet and got him cleared up.

He is a loving dog ,he does this on his terms. When he doesn't want to be around us he hides in his special spot and I leave him alone. He does however knows how to aggravate me when he really wants something.He sits and stares and stares and stares at me til I get up and do what he wants(so much for the dominance alpha lol)but he is a great watch dog.I have no problems about going to sleep by myself when hubby isn't home.

When we first moved in this trailer we were robbed the first week here. We came to Texas with very little and they got the rest of it.So I didn't want to be here alone so he came along and I wanted him.He is light of my life especially me being bipolar. He keeps me in check cause I know I have him to take care of.

Bath time is a sticky situation,he'll take one when he wants to and he will every now and then let me bathe him. He's a daddys boy so he thinks its special when hubby gives him one.Hubby can take him in the bathroom and put him in the tub no problem,I gave up long time ago LOL.He is a very strong animal.Last time I took him to get his rabie shots I had to give it to him.See? He don't trust no one.I was told by my friend he would be like this.

One thing I found out early on NEVER try to take food from him. If you drop it on the floor and he gets it might as well let him have it.You will get bit.So I really try to not to drop stuff now.He has a deep growl that will curl your hair and that is his warning growl. I have learned all his barks and whines and growls so now I know exactly what he doing.He's good with some dogs ,his choice,but not cats.He don't like children at all(earlier blog) and I really would love to get him away from all this noise he has to endure.Now hubby wants a Bulldog mmmm we will have to see what happens.Orion knows what a horse is,we have a pasture next door to the park and one got loose and came and had a visit with us. That was fun,I kinda think he thought it was a big dog.The horse took a healthy crap right by our front gate.

Orion isn't very big but he's powerful for his size. He weighs at 60 pounds and he's full of muscles.Don't let that sweet face fool ya.My favorite thing about him is when he is laying on the porch and when the sun hits his eyes they turn yellow.I was in total disbelief when I first saw this. I thought wow that's neat.His fur around his collar is grey/brown and the rest of him is black,when he's in the sun he has a reddish color to him.He's a snow hound too loves to play in it once he figured out it wasn't going to hurt him.But going outside when it's raining, no way.His very favorite thing to do? Going in the bedroom and messing up all the blankets and sheets on the bed.I gave up on that one too.

I could go on and on about these animals ,if you have one that's great let me know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mommy Love

I have a habit of always doing closeups and he was not pleased but he let me do it anyways. LOL

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Pictures

A little blurry but getting bigger.

Poor thing ,so much heat has gotten to it.

He hates this small yard and I would love to see him playing in a big yard!

Well it rained again today but not much in the rain bucket.Just enough to water(a little) the indoor plants.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Still muggy

Oh my gosh it's almost 10:00 p.m. and its so muggy and hot outside. I made chicken breast rolled in ritz crackers and eggs.And mac and cheese.veggie is scarce right now but oh well. I love chicken done this way. I also sprinkled some paprika over the top.

And then the Rain is here

Oh it felt so good when it clouded up and started raining. The sky was dark and it was thundering and lightning. Big drops of rain was falling. We in all our old wisdom decided to take a run to Walmart ahead of it.We done good about getting there and we done some shopping,afterwards, when we got ready to leave and went to the front doors,Oh CRAP! it was coming down in sheets.It felt so good and it cooled down abit afterwards.We got loaded up and soaking wet and when we went to drive out of the parking lot,it was coming down so hard we smacked a shopping cart we didn't see. Thank goodness there was no damage to the truck.I told hubby "not again will I go out when it's like that!" I couldn't believe how dark it got. Poor Orion was scared when we got home.Orion is our dog.After plenty of hugs and kisses I assured him mommy was home for the night.

Monday started out with cinnamon buns and coffee.More storms should be in the forecast for this evening and tonight. It's still hot outside and now it's muggy. I haven't felt weather like this since living in Florida. At least the plants got watered.They seem to do better with rain water(well DUH me)than tap.I guess it's the chemicals in this water.I was going to set my 5 gal. bucket out before we left and forgot as usual.If it rains tonight I will. I keep 5 gal jugs to put rain water in and my indoor plants get watered too they love it.

I am pretty good about growing indoor plants,they are not too bad to tend to. I just hope I can manage a garden when the time is right.I think I may have to invest in a back brace and see how that goes.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Thrill of Blog Reading

well here it is Sunday and I've been reading thru some of the new blogs. I can't tell you how much these blogs inspire me to keep pushing for the life I want.I can sit for hours and read everyone I got on my list,their blogs.Amazing.You people are great!Keep writing.

I'm still looking for land and it might not be in Alabama now. I just don't see where we can find any in our price range. We are going to wait til the end of the year to see what is out there.The only reason we were looking for property back home was because my brother was going to help hubby with the building stuff because I have a hard time doing things like that.I have a bad hip and back so the help would of been nice. but now if we can't get anything there we may have to find a place else where which means he will have to hire help(money we don't have ) to help him.MMMM... will have to do some thinking.

Anyways my plants are going fast,the sun here has just about fried them .My poor cherry tomato plant looks like Charlie Browns little Christmas tree but my peppers are doing better.I got a few on them after spraying them with epsom salt spray.That worked very well even tho the leaves are drooping.Everyone I talked to back home said they couldn't stand the heat wave because they aren't used to it. I tell them hey try coming out here in the southwest HA!.So different and dry too. Hot wind from Mexico,we get it from the Atlantic and Pacific and the mountains.I call it a vortex of weather.One extreme to the other.But I have enjoyed it here alot. It has a little bit of everything.I like being close to different stores and I don't have to go far to the bank. It's a nice place just dusty. If I could find something here I'd be happy but property in this county is expensive too. BLAH!

Well I'm sure we will find something,I still look at websites that sell property and ask questions. I see tho we are going to have to be careful about who we deal with. It's getting crazy out there.

I sat last night and made another dang list. I got so many now it's pathetic.But it gives me something to do besides my beadwork. We need to start looking for some items on my list(Lowes and Walmart here we come) and get these things stocked up. I want to be prepared so it will be a smooth transition.Anything solar I love it.

Can't wait til we turn off this cable nothing but commercials now. It ticks me off that that's all we are paying for anymore.The electric bill will be high too because Texas has the highest utility grid in the nation(go figure right?). We won't be on it soon.

Well it's two o"clock in the afternoon and I think I will go take a nap.I feel like I am resting up for something.We finally are going to get a new mattress and box springs next weekend and maybe things won't hurt as bad.This will be the first time in 27 years of marriage we get a new one LOL.Something is looking up.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Funny thing about Junk

I was sitting here thinking about a long time ago, people were considered poor when they grew their own vegetables or made their own clothes.Even if they built their own houses,you were considered poor because you didn't have the money to let someone else do it.

Then it slowed a bit.People had some money and started buying food from the grocery stores and bought furniture and bought houses.They bought "stuff" for their homes and kids.But for poor families,clothes were handed down to the youngest or whichever sibling could wear it,if you were lucky you got big brothers' or big sisters' shoes.

When money was available you went on vacation to different places while families who couldn't stayed home and went to the local river or watering hole or just had a picnic outside.The word"make do" wasn't in some peoples vocabulary,for others it was a necessity.Funny how times change.And funny how peoples thinking has changed.

Now- you aren't considered poor when you become self sufficient.(Reverting back)People who have the headaches of every day life are wishing for simple times.

Now on to the junk part-have you ever thought that when you went to garage sales and antique stores and yard sales to either look or was looking for something in particular, exactly where that piece or item really came from.How it got there and how many hands did it go thru? Sometimes when I went and was looking at stuff especially a really nice item I wondered where did it come from? Who had it ,what kind of person would give something like this up?Sometimes I would ask and most times it was "I don't know".I have always tried to find that special vase or planter or whatever for my house. I have found alot of stuff over the years. Mine too has ended up in a yard sales or garage sales. But I always knew where at least it came from or a brief history of it.

That's why one mans junk is another mans treasure.I don't go to these sales hardly anymore. But it's nice to know that they are there so we can furnish our homes with treasures.And the saying why do you want that piece of junk when you can go buy something brand new,ITS NOT THE SAME!

I wrote this like this because it's a great find to find something that people "back then"used. I love antiques with a passion and if I could buy them all I would but knowing that someones hands touched it so they could "make do" gives me a insight of simplier times ,something in my soul give me peace and content.I am from a family that even in modern times did it the old way.You find yourself thinking like they did, mmmm funny thing about junk ,but it's not to me!

Always do your HOMEWORK!

Well I'm sad to say that land deal didn't work out. I'm glad I'm intelligent enough to do research before signing on the dotted line. The man already had a loan out on the property and he wanted us to get involved with him to help him pay it off. But there was also a third party involved I was unsure of. So all in all I said no because he was being too invasive and I really think he thought we were idiots.He was glad to get off the phone with me this morning.I'm sure there were legitimate papers(maybe) but do call the tax offices and courthouse when getting involved with a deal.So we will wait til the end of the year and try to find some property that has a clear deed on it.

My Great Great Grandparents-hot couple uh? lol.

Guess home will have to wait.

I have been wanting some venison lately and some fresh fish.Looks like I got to start a new tackle box.I like to fish.

Glad it's Friday,i don't have much planned for the weekend. Been kinda noisy around here with the fireworks. Orion has been on pins and needles.He hates loud noises. That's one reason i can't wait til we move. I want some peace and quiet! So does he. We had a Rott that used to love to lay on the front porch and watch the lightning and the thunder didn't bother her.And she loved hot sauce(she was strange).My other dog he was afraid of loud noises but he would always get between me and someone else if he didn't know them. He was a mixed Rott.

Ok I just wanted to write some tidbits here and there for today. I feel alot better knowing we are not getting involved with these people and hopefully we will find something soon.

Note to self-NEVER sneeze facing a fan LOL.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth Of July 2012

As I sit here thinking about what I want to write for the 4th I want to be careful about what I want to write.I have an odd sense when it comes to America and the freedom we should have - yes I said should have.

Being that we are getting regulated on every thing we do. I am not a radical and it's not even in my thinking. But it bothers me that we should be able to do and live without interuptions from our government.Will a small farm come under regulations?Taxed to the max? Will it be wrong to give our family and friends food from the farm? I hope not.

I saw some tobacco seeds online here while back.And I thought is it legal to buy tobacco seeds and grow it for your own use? What about the coffee plants you can buy online? Will that be regulated? So far "No".I ask because it seems we can't do anything in this country without someone saying you can or can not do this and that.Now if we look at the Constitution how many people really understand it?

How many of you realize that local laws are taking over every aspect of our lives? County and city officials seem to make up laws every year when things don't suit their pockets.(think about it)Who has a nicest house in most towns? I won't even start about doctors!

You know most people now are moving out to the country to grow their own food and live a quiet life.And here now we have people who have moved to the country to produce meth and other drugs. So guess what,everyone who moves out like this is always going to be under watch just to make sure you aren't doing anything illegal.See I said I have an odd sense.But it's scary to try to do something and the law up your butt going what are doing?why?

I personally don't want to do anything illegal and if you know the law it helps.One thing that has been told to me is that any county or city official can not come on your property without notice if you have No Trespassing signs up.They have to call you to come there.I would think most states are like that.Where I'm going it is.So I got lucky on that part.

I have read alot of info online about off grid living and talked to alot of people.I find that some states and counties are laxed on buildings and codes and the people seem to do well.They are living their dream,good for them. How long before their lives get regulated? I hope not I really do.

It's all about money and it is.If these places don't tax people no roads and communities grow,I understand that. Then on the other hand look at global warming,we are warming because of too much growth.Too much concrete.Sad-all about money.Thats why people are moving around the world to a greener lifestyle. When will the government take control of that? literally? Cities and towns and counties and states want to gripe about pollution but don't want to do anything about it because -it's all about the money!

Well there is my take,our freedom isn't free we pay for it in taxes and regulations.No wonder we are stressed to the limit.Can we fight it/YES know the state and local laws help.This isn't the sixties anymore LOL.Hippies knew about life and how to live.Green was then and it is now.I hope we can get back to cleaner air, better water and good food.But really I don't see it happening any time soon. I know there are alot of people out there that want to make the change but can't because of money problems.Land is getting expensive because land sellers know why people want land now. This is called the "new trend".And they are raising land thru the roof.

I am willing to share my food with people especially my family and friends and even strangers.And I am willing to teach them about how to become self sufficiant.MMMM.... teaching, good thought.

It's about being free and dependant on ourselves.Learn as much as you can and keep an open mind. As long as there is an America to live in we should consider ourselves so blessed compared to other countries.That is what keeps me here.Freedom is in the mind,heart and spirit and that is something NOBODY can take!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beads and more beads

My little go everywhere purse.It's made out of leather and beads I did myself.Much lighter than that bulky bag I carry!

My card holder that carries my drivers license and stuff.

my little beaded change purse. yes it has something in it LOL!

My neighbor was sweet enough to give me these shells they found along a riverbank here.Native Americans use them to burn sage and sweetgrass in. I need to get some more,I'm totally out. But they are really nice shells.

These are just some things I enjoy doing.I have alot more beaded stuff.ok I couldn't resist and believe me i tried but here is a bunch more pictures!

I am into doing bracelet cuffs now.

And belt buckles.

And another,this one is my favorite.

I've done alot of these.

This is Charley the Lizard.I did him on a piece of scrap paper. I used washable markers and added alittle smearing to him.You can see my fingerprints lol.

A bolo tie.I have two more besides these.

Never mind about me I just take the pictures LOL. Here is hubby outside with Orion and boy you can see he pays attention to me.He loves hubby! Orion is the one in my earlier blogs where he was found and a lady gave him to me.He is a handful and spoilt rotten to the core.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alright peppers!

I thought they would never get here!Got a bunch starting to come out.

Still putting out the Cherry tomatoes.

I don't think we are gonna get much rain even tho its so cloudy.had a few drops and mostly wind BUMMER!

I'm going to sit here on my happy butt and say I can do this! I have read so many blogs my eyes are hurting LOL. Yes that's all I have been doing for the past few hours. I have learned alot. I joined a few blogs and trying to figure out what is going to be for supper.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making a List and another and another......

Today I will sit and make my to do list and do not forget to get list and another one for why I have to make lists lol. So many things are going to have to get done . Even tho we won't be moving for a bit I want to make sure when we do I have what we need before we get there. Sounds right? Ok.

All we have there is a wood burning stove (not the cooking kind)so we need outdoor stuff like a chainsaw and such.
Unfortunately I won't be able to post any pictures until we get there so batteries will have to go on the list.

I have been collecting usable containers for storage. Since I plan on putting in a garden and I have already bought some seeds but will have to buy more.I have a fair collection started but already see need a variety.My brother is going to help hubby with some of the remodeling and in return we are going to give them some veggies when they get grown.Since we couldn't go look at the property they went and looked at it for us.I knew if they liked it we would,I trust their judgement completely.

Found out we have a bunch of squirrels living on the property.There are trees there and my dog is going to have a field day.See he has never seen a squirrel so this is going to be funny when he gets to chasing them.Maybe he will run some of the fat off he's accumulated since we have lived here.He's not really fat but he could use some exercise.

Now a little about the property.It has a two car garage which my brother said its doable for remodeling into a cabin and it has a room attached 16x16.We don't know if we are going to convert it into an office or a bedroom. It has oaks tree and pine on it and it's a little over an acre.And we have no neighbors except up the road.The rest is cow pastures around us.It has electricity and water but no septic system so tomorrow is phone call day and the owner has sent the contract to us to look over in the mail,so I am going to have to call a surveyor and call for land insurance.

I didn't factor the land insurance in with the payments but better to be safe than sorry. If you haven't read this we are going back to Alabama.The property is out in the country but not that far from town. It is exactly what I have been looking for. With what the owner has offered its cheap compared to what we have found in the state.What's really odd-my adopted mother was born in this county and some of her people still live there.Strange......

My hubby is excited too. He's had his fill of this place. My brother is going to take him hunting and that is something hubby has been wanting to do for a long time.He just really didn't want to go with someone or a group he didn't know.He's like me I'm not good with strangers.That will help fill up our freezer with deer meat and there are alot of deer around there.I am the fisherman I love to fish and brother has a boat cause he goes fishing too.I just have to learn when I am with him to be quiet,he likes quiet lol.

Well I think i have covered things pretty good today,I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July and be safe!