Monday, February 25, 2013

Windy Day in Texas,healthy eating and a Hedgehog toy

That wind is howling outside and the temperature is dropping.Tonight 32 wow glad we're staying home!We went got somewhat stocked up on groceries and drinks and coffee,can't do without that coffee!

Hubstead got up early this morning and put on some beef stew.The stew meat looked more like hamburger meat than chunks like we usually buy.This could be interesting.I have already tasted it and it taste fine.I asked him what kind of meat it was and he said I don't know it had a sticker over it.I'm sure it will be alright but mmm.LOL.He does some of the grocery shopping when he gets off from work,saves time and gas.So I pretty much let him have the run of it because he picks stuff out that I would.He's also good about finding bargains too.

I'm more on a health kick now and I have been rearranging my eating habits.Since I can't have whole milk I end up with almond milk with vanilla,I eat whole grain cereals,more fruits and vegetables.I eat my baked chicken and fish and mix my own extras to go with it.Last night I had baked chicken breast and I can't have bbq sauce so I threw together a tomatoe,avacado,onion, jalapeno pepper together and chopped it up.After the chicken was done I put all these ingredients together and topped my chicken breast with it.Oh it was good too.I added parsley ,cilantro is alittle strong to me so I put parsley this round in it.I ate half the chicken breast and I was done,I couldn't believe how full I was.This might be a little trick for some one.It makes you feel full and I have not been too hungry since then.I wasn't too keen on the avacado but I could get use to it.We picked up some plums at the supermarket and remember how plums use to taste right off the tree?These were good.They had that kind of taste and you had to have a napkin when you ate them.It has been a long time since I had one like that and they weren't the purple ones either.These are a yellow looking thing.I have been taking Kreel Oil and Vitamin D and B12,I drink a couple of cups of ginger root tea with local honey at night and it has seem to help with my aching bones.But this morning I sure felt bad and I know it was because of this weather.I said to heck with it and went back to bed.I feel better now but it's still cold outside.They are calling this winterstorm Rocky.

Orion got him a new towel to sleep on.We still have our old couch and he has took it over so we got this really pretty beach towel for him to lay on.He also got a new toy,it looks like a hedgehog,well, it made a really cute sound like a pig and Orion decided he wasn't gonna put up with that so he tore it up and got the sound maker out of it along with the stuffings.I had to sew it back up and now he don't want it cause we got on to him for tearing it up.How spoiled is that?Dang dog.

This is so silly -80 something channels and nothing on!I have just about decided to quit watching T.V.!Hope you have a good Monday and stay warm.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cactus planted

I decided to try my hand at planting cactus from seeds this year.How they will come out is a wait and see.These that I have will grow into the big ones like the Saguaro and some Christmas and Barrel.Yeah like the southwest needs more uh? I figured I can baby them til we moved.Oh and I got my book in,gardening in the Southwest by Sunset.Gosh they have some of the prettiest gardening ideas and alot of the flower seeds that I have will grow there.Hubstead told me last night he wanted to move where we had lots of trees and I found a couple of good places. But both may have a POA and I'm not really fond of that.They have some good qualities about what they want and not want but still.They mainly want it kept as natural as it can be maintained and that's agreeable to me.Like no junk cars(I hate that) and no trashy yard(Ok),the water tank has to be kept out of sight(that's fine right?).All buildings have to be in code and that's fine as long as we can have the cabin.I haven't talked to the realty lady yet about this but she had mentioned this place before.It sits near a reservation and the scenery is beautiful.The only problem I see is it's in the mountains and a long way from the closet city which would be Gallup or Grants.It would be one of those once a month trips to the grocery stores and stuff.The other place we looked at was east of Albuquerque and man did it snow and it being flat no wind breaks.MM kinda like Texas.So it's up in the air,I've heard good things and bad things about both places but that's anywheres now you go.I know this place is getting bad and it may be a good idea for us to get out here soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something for me

Yes it's all about me LOL! The lady over at Garden Fairy Herbal was sweet enough to make me an apron that fits me because I'm a little heavy.It's so pretty.It has a chicken on the front for pockets and has yellow flowers for the material and lace at the bottom.I can actually tie it too!.Then I ordered some krill oil because I don't feel I'm getting enough omega-3 in my diet.And finally I ordered some homemade goats milk soap from the lovely farm of Olivers Acres and it smells so good.I was looking for some and I'm still scouting out for some honey and oatmeal and anything that will soften my skin.I feel like a lizard here.I'm turning into something but haven't figured it out yet lol!.If ya interested go check em out.Sometimes you just got to pamper yourself and this is my weekend to do it.

I also figured since we may be living in the southwest,I looked up different flowers that you can grow.The one thing that caught my eye was the Zinnias.They come in different colors so I ordered some of them too.I also picked up some packs of Zinnias when we went out the other night.Heres the others,African Daisys,Shasta Daisys,multicolored Zinnias,Columbines,Nasturtiums and some chili cayennes.Why not uh?I like cayenne and I probably will use it in the garden for bugs and such.I think I'll have a pretty flower garden.That doesn't include the cactus,like yeah the southwest needs more cactus I know but these are edible too.It's going to be so much fun too bad we got to play that waiting game again.But we will get it.

Orion finally slept his trip off and still loves to ride in the big white bird.We put him in the back seat so now he knows that is where his place is.I got a cowboy hat now and I love it.I put it on every where I go.Now I have to make a beaded hatband for it.I'll design my own for that.Well that's about it.Hubstead just has been working and I'm here lol.It's been cold here it was 26 last night but it's gonna be 40 tonight.No snow in sight.Yah!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A trip to Brownwood lake and A Mad dog

We got our truck! It's a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup.I would post a picture of it but hubstead said not to cause it's too dirty.We're gonna run it thru the carwash tomorrow.Today we took off and took a ride down to Brownwood Lake.

I was very surprised how big it was and it was a very pretty day to do it.See the sky?
Then I took a few pictures here and there and caught this.

I have no idea what the building was made of but hubstead thought it was kinda neat.
Texas has these kinds of hills where we are.

These hills are south of Abilene.I snapped a few but these were the best.I see some of them sometimes in my trips around town here on the south side.We took off this morning kind of late and the whole trip didn't take long.We wanted to see how the truck would run and as soon as we get it cleaned up I'll post some pictures of it.I'm excited.Anyway we haven't been out of Abilene since we got here so this was an tension breaker.We didn't get to the part of the lake we wanted to cause we didn't know really which way to go,we just followed some signs.We also took orion to see how he would do on a long trip and he came thru it like this.

He was one happy puppy when we got him home.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Still Much to Do

Boy did I not pay too much attention to my lists.This incident has made me pull out all my lists I made here while back and there are still too many things to get together before we do this thing.One good thing coming out of it we have 59 weeks still here now cause we had to break down and get another vehicle which is great.We are looking at a big truck,we have a small one now and it just won't work.After much thought we are going to have to have a bigger ride because of hauling things here and there.And hubstead wants to get a trailer(the kind you put stuff on) and that is gonna eliminate the use of a rental truck(an extra few hundred dollars saved).We aren't going to be going that far anyway.After we get the truck we are going to take a small trip up there.New Mexico isn't that far from us so this will give us an opportunity to go check out some acres.:)I'm ok about this.