Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Watch what you wish for-u might just get it

Yep I did and yep I got it.You know on my blogs here how I kept saying I didn't really want to go back east because I really liked it out here? And mostly how I have always wanted to go to New Mexico and live? Well because of the presidents tax laws now if we touch hubsteads money we are going to get sliced and diced on it.We would have just enough to pay off the property but no cabin.Soooo we aren't moving.Then our truck decided it don't want to run anymore and we have to have another vehicle.Yes I bawled like a baby last night because I had gotten my hopes up.Well after looking at the damage it had already done,I called my favorite realty lady in New Mexico and guess what? She has some cheap property for sale and later this year we are going there instead.I can do the same thing there and have my property paid for and have a septic system put in AND a cabin for less than what we were going to do back east.MMMM I'm not so sad about it now and even though hubstead is really hestitate about that I told him hey we are going to be ok.We have been thru alot worse.We will figure it out when things come around.We will be outside of Albuquerque and maybe I'll finally get to go to the intertribal powwow they have every year and see the balloon festival too.

The only catch about all this is the cabin will be smaller because they have a length limit on the interstate so we are looking at a 12x32 foot lofted cabin instead of a 14x40.I think I would like the smaller one for now til we get use to being there and build on later.I don't know if we will have chickens either,we'll have to wait and see.But it will be 2 acres.

I'm not mad I may be a little disappointed but you know sometimes things don't work out and you got another route you have to take.I told hubstead I think it was because of my resistence to going home.I don't think it was meant to be this way and I kept having knots in my stomache about it.It was like something telling me NO don't do it. What do you think honestly?