Friday, January 4, 2013

Something so Easy?and Snow

Have you ever wanted to reach through the phone and just strangle somebody?I did.I called the place that services the septic tanks in the area where we are moving.My way of thinking oops!I ask them if they serviced our address before.Easy right?I even gave them a couple of days to check.With all the computer technology you would think all they had to do was look on their computer or even looked in their files to see if they even had the address there.I guess it was too much to ask cause I just talked to the lady and she said I would have to have someone down there on the property and they would have to have someone from there to come and check.Did I ask for that?I don't think so,I told my cousin and he laughed and said these people were a pain to work with and they serviced his system too.Oh great.Why do places do that,oh yeah I'm moving back to Alabama I forgot,people there are like that.I told my cousin I think it was because they wanted money to do that and he said yeah.Well.... they can kiss it for now,dang!I'm not even there yet and I'm already getting a pain in my butt.

We had some snow early this morning,not much but enough to stick until the temperature started to rise and now it's gone :(.But that's ok it didn't interfer with the roads or stop the school buses from running.I was hoping to at least be able to play in it with Orion cause he likes snow.He's a little sad right now.

Well hubstead goes back to work tomorrow and he don't want to.I know how he feels.It's been nice to have him around and he even cooked one night for me.We had spanish rice.It's an old recipe his mother gave him when we first got married and we still cook it every now and then.I told him to start bringing some boxes home from work so I can pack up some more stuff.

Well that's been about the size of my morning already,hope everyone has a great Friday!