Monday, February 25, 2013

Windy Day in Texas,healthy eating and a Hedgehog toy

That wind is howling outside and the temperature is dropping.Tonight 32 wow glad we're staying home!We went got somewhat stocked up on groceries and drinks and coffee,can't do without that coffee!

Hubstead got up early this morning and put on some beef stew.The stew meat looked more like hamburger meat than chunks like we usually buy.This could be interesting.I have already tasted it and it taste fine.I asked him what kind of meat it was and he said I don't know it had a sticker over it.I'm sure it will be alright but mmm.LOL.He does some of the grocery shopping when he gets off from work,saves time and gas.So I pretty much let him have the run of it because he picks stuff out that I would.He's also good about finding bargains too.

I'm more on a health kick now and I have been rearranging my eating habits.Since I can't have whole milk I end up with almond milk with vanilla,I eat whole grain cereals,more fruits and vegetables.I eat my baked chicken and fish and mix my own extras to go with it.Last night I had baked chicken breast and I can't have bbq sauce so I threw together a tomatoe,avacado,onion, jalapeno pepper together and chopped it up.After the chicken was done I put all these ingredients together and topped my chicken breast with it.Oh it was good too.I added parsley ,cilantro is alittle strong to me so I put parsley this round in it.I ate half the chicken breast and I was done,I couldn't believe how full I was.This might be a little trick for some one.It makes you feel full and I have not been too hungry since then.I wasn't too keen on the avacado but I could get use to it.We picked up some plums at the supermarket and remember how plums use to taste right off the tree?These were good.They had that kind of taste and you had to have a napkin when you ate them.It has been a long time since I had one like that and they weren't the purple ones either.These are a yellow looking thing.I have been taking Kreel Oil and Vitamin D and B12,I drink a couple of cups of ginger root tea with local honey at night and it has seem to help with my aching bones.But this morning I sure felt bad and I know it was because of this weather.I said to heck with it and went back to bed.I feel better now but it's still cold outside.They are calling this winterstorm Rocky.

Orion got him a new towel to sleep on.We still have our old couch and he has took it over so we got this really pretty beach towel for him to lay on.He also got a new toy,it looks like a hedgehog,well, it made a really cute sound like a pig and Orion decided he wasn't gonna put up with that so he tore it up and got the sound maker out of it along with the stuffings.I had to sew it back up and now he don't want it cause we got on to him for tearing it up.How spoiled is that?Dang dog.

This is so silly -80 something channels and nothing on!I have just about decided to quit watching T.V.!Hope you have a good Monday and stay warm.