Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recycling watching,An unexpected visit

I got some stuff from a local swap meet thing on line this morning and we meet in public places which is a good idea to do, you never know, but they wanted to meet by a recycling center in the parking lot of my favorite grocery store. So I took off a little early and while I was sitting there waiting for them to show up I watched people pull up to the bins and drop stuff off. I was there about 30 minutes and I took notice of the ones who were there. Out of the six cars ,five were older people my age or more and one middle aged man. It got me to thinking about the generations who were taught to recycle and hoping the next coming up will do the same. I wish in a way that Texas had bins that you could put next to your home like some states do and you could recycle that way. We don't have any bins on the street where I live but back home in Alabama they would bring them out for you to use. Of course some people use the side of the road for theirs and I hate that. Texas is pretty clean with their roads and highways here. The only problem I have seen is those pesky plastic grocery bags flying high in trees and bushes.But they are trying to clean them up. Which makes me wonder if all the states had recycling laws, wouldn't it be better? Of course too there is more than one way to recycle your junk.

I'm sitting here and it's almost 3 in the morning. I have my front door open letting in some breeze. I love mornings like this.Orion is curled up on his bed and sleeping. Hubstead had to work for the last three days and yes he had to work on Memorial Day which he was not pleased about it, neither was I.

Well my sister decided to finally come around. I said I would tell a little about what happened with her so here it is. When we were in California, we kind of got stuck and I called her and asked her if we could come to Abilene and stay with her until we got a place, she said sure. Her son worked in the oil fields and was going to see if he could get hubstead a job which he did. So here we went and we stayed with her daughter at first. Now as much as I love my family they are the give me give me type of people. We left there and stayed with her son, he lives a few trailer up from us and my sister called one day wanting us to give her daughter some money. I asked her what for and she said so that they could pay the bills and I told her wait a minute we don't live there anymore and I had already gave her daughter all I was going to give her. We were paying her son rent at the time too and trying to get all the deposit for this place paid. Yep she got mad and said some things and I hung up on her. Now jumping to 5 years later, we got this new truck and new stuff for the house which some of you know why, now she is coming around again and acting like nothing happened. O.K. forgive and forget but I know why she is doing it. Not this time. I'm waiting though for her to come around asking for money like she always does. The grandkids have been back here asking for stuff already. The reason why we left her daughters house? Her daughter was having her doped up friends, yes smoking pot come in and eat food we bought for us. At the time things were going down hill pretty quick and we figured to break off that situation.

So opinion time here OK? What would you do if you were in a situation like this where you haven't seen somebody in 5 years and you get something and all of a sudden they show up? What would you think? I'm pretty aggravated about this whole thing.

Ok enough about that. I hope all of you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and hope the rest of the week gets better and better!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I made this tonight,it's home made rice a roni with chicken.Ok not as perky as the box stuff but wow it was really good.I will make this again! So far since I've lived in Texas,I've learned how to make several things.I can finally make decent bisquits that hubstead will eat.I make different kinds of breads and pies,salsa and later tonight I'm making homemade ginger ale.Yeah I'm stuffed right now!Think I'll take a nap.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Next Project

My hatband I've been beading,got about 4 more inches and that will be done!

I had a chance yesterday to pickup a dresser for 10.00 and I knew the bottom drawer was missing but I got it anyway.This dresser is made of pine so after I looked at it I thought it would be good for the next project I got in mind.I'm going to dump the other bottom drawer and put a pine board all the way across the bottom and make it where it flips down and put a bottom underneath.I'm going to put hinges and latches on it.Use as a storage place.When we get our cabin I'll use this as either a counter to eat on or put a sink in the top.The back needs a new panel too and if we put a little wider top that over hangs,that would be a great table with storage,which I will need bad.Just have to add chairs.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Didn't know that could Happen

As everyone knows I have been trying to take better care of myself.So when hubstead said he wanted to go get some chicken yesterday from the local chicken place,you know who it is,I said sure I love their chicken.So we got coleslaw,corn,green beans,mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy.We ate when we got home and ate on it on and off.Soooo...I went to bed later and when I got up my GOSH what a headache I had.I can not describe the pain .I said ok I won't do that again.This morning I am having to take advils and eat something better.WOW.We went to the store last night and I picked up my organic cereal and some almond milk.I'm so mad at myself but I didn't know that could happen.When you get use to eating one thing and try to eat another it does make a difference in your system.

A long time ago I talked to a guy who was working up in Yellowstone Park and he decided to go see a relative in Kansas.He had been use to eating the deer and elk and other wildlife there and he didn't think nothing of it so he stopped at a burger place and ate a hamburger.He said he got so sick cause his system was use to the rich wildlife food.This reminded me of how I felt this morning.I should of known better.But I'm back on the wagon today and I'm flushing myself out.It's so strange but not considering people talking about all the chemicals they put in food.I just thought I would write about this little experience and forward ya that it can hurt you if you fall off the wagon LOL!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This was GOOD!

I made an white egg omelet with spinach and parmesan cheese added cayenne pepper on top for supper tonight.WOW!I used 3 eggs whites,boiled the spinach with nutmeg and lemon(remember the parmesan chicken?)I sprayed my little good skillet with Pam and cooked my egg whites on one side ,flipped it,added the spinach and cheese and folded the one side over.Put it on the plate and added a little spinach on top then sprinkle cayenne and grated cheese.Walla!It keeps me full for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sorry to be slow on Postings

Got over my allergies after two weeks.I have started my beaded strip for my cowboy hat,so I haven't been spending too much time on here,except FB,but I got relatives on there.The beaded strip is going very well and I will post the end results.I did bead a piece for a barette,it has little buebirds on it but I got to get some craft glue to finish it.The mobile home park finally put a new porch on the front.Hubstead almost broke his neck Sunday tripping in the door.He hurt his ankle a little.So Monday I got on the phone and told them what happened and it was about 30 minutes,here they come.I was thinking oh it takes someone almost breaking their foot to get you to fix it?I have been trying since last year to get them to fix the porch so I guess so.Oh I'll be so glad to get our own place.I know sometimes it's nice to have people to fix things and you don't get charged for it but it's another when you have to stay on them about it.So now the trailer looks nice with the porch and we got the grass cut.

I have been reading about the raw milk thing and my two cents here,if you want to drink it fine!We are getting too much and too many people making a fuss about all this.This includes small gardeners and farmers they may one day want to control.I am going to have a garden and I am going to have chickens and if I want to run around my house outside naked MIND your own business and don't look!What Graham Greene said on Maverick,Im going buy some land so God awful then maybe they will leave me alone.I have come to one conclusion,if you buy in the desert or in the swamps then people leave you alone lol!No seriously think about it,when you get too near a neighbor they can complain and the east is full of people.Damn I think I am trying to talk myself into staying here.Someone asked me one time why out west?I told them it's so open here that you can see someone coming from a mile off.This is my opinion and I'm sticking with it.Ok not too much going on but still packing and gathering stuff up we are going to need.We haven't decided where depends on property being available.Also heard about the wood burning stoves too,now they want you to have an EPA certified stove and you have to completely dismantle your old one unusable.What a crock of s#$T.Sorry I have been reading all this and it's like a nightmare to me.Heck by the time I'm ready to do the dew I won't be be able to do nothing.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Saving a few Dollars

This morning I went down to the local cheapy store and I was only gonna get some conditioner for my hair cause I dyed it over the weekend.Well you know how this is gonna go.I got my shampoo and was walking around and saw a tye dye summer dress,yep, it went in the cart,then I got hungry and got 4 cans of tamales for lunch.I got Rion some snacks and hubstead some snacks.I saw my over the counter sink,$5.00 and yep it went in the cart too.Try buying that online and it's gonna cost ya.So I would say I saved some money today on some stuff I needed anyway.My aunt told me one time to NEVER buy retail if you can find it on sale.I have took her advise many and one times and done just that. She was right.Most of the things I have gotten for the cabin has been on sale except a few thigs I really liked.

The cabin is still in the works.We have decided after doing a list of pros and cons of living in New Mexico compared to living back home,we decided to move back home still.I don't really like the idea of being in tornado country but everything I want to do and grow would do better there.We are still looking for land but I think we are going with one maybe two acres this round.Besides I am missing home more now for some reason.I have been thru some odd mood changes here lately.My sister-in-law is begging for us to come home everytime I talk to her.I told her to look out for some property and we'll see.

It has been rather cool here in west Texas and it was 35 this morning.This weather out here has alot of people messed up.At least we aren't having snow which the other day it would have been a welcome relief.It was warm lol.Well those tamales are calling my name so I guess I will go see what they want!Have a great weekend everyone!