Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kicking the habit

I have been off those smelly cigarettes for awhile now and have been smoking these Blu e-cigs.Yeah they work good.Worth the effort on our part.You don't go thru those awful withdrawals.I have washed alot of stuff in the house and I can finally taste food!Alot to be said about the weight gain but I'm going to burn that off when I get home.I wanted to quit so I would have energy to get me going.I can take a deep breath now and not feel like I am drowning.Happy dance time!

Smells are very important to me.I like the smell of good food,clean clothes and a nice smelling house.I've missed it.These things will give your lungs a jolt at first but after three days you can really tell the difference.I am a fanatic about going to the grocery store to the produce isle and picking stuff up and smelling it.LOL.People probably think I'm nuts but that's ok.I figure in another month or so I won't even have to worry about it.Once I start to lower the levels,they have high,med,low and zero,I'll be off of them.My headaches are gone,my sinus have cleared up and I can sleep fairly well.Oh and the legs cramps are gone.Gosh was I that bad? yep I was.So if you got the habit try these.If you have a loved one trying to quit,these are a good present to give them.They have become so popular that the company is backed up.Most of the stores (convenience store,drugstores) are selling them.Online they are alittle more.

Well that's my take.LOL.I have been trying for years to quit and it seems this has done more for me than any thing I've tried.