Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good News Coming

Ok I have tried to keep my mouth quiet BUT WE BOUGHT A PLACE! Now I have mentioned before I didn't want to go back home ,well,so happens for some reason I let my fingers do some surfing and all of a sudden something guided me to a website.I was looking for some property and land in Alabama,I don't know what happened but I went to a site in the area where we were going to buy that other piece of property.5 miles up the road there it was!

A dang doublewide on 3/4 acres. Need some TLC and a lot of paint inside but......
Got the paperwork being mailed and should get it this week. Hubby quit his job and we are ready to go except for more packing. It has 3 bedrooms,2 FULL baths, a livingroom,kitchen and a gas fireplace. It was a foreclosure and the bank wants to get rid of it.
Now my brother has already been there and gave us the scoup on it and even he said "Sis don't turn this one down!" I was shocked, still am. The only thing it doesn't have a fenced in yard and we'll have to put one up. We are a quarter of a mile from the lake so if I want to go fishing I can. I will keep everyone updated on what's going on.I'm excited.