Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Little bit of Time

Well I shut my Facebook down for now and trying to spend some time on here before we shut it down. I'm calling the local cable company over there to see what kind of internet service we can get. I really need to be online because I do some shopping and genealogy. It may be a month if I do get hooked up. So I won't be gone too long. But I hope they don't charge a arm and a leg. Hubstead likes to be online too.

Once we get going,I'm going to put my tabletop computer in the kitchen for cooking.I managed to get a lot of recipes from some online sites and have tried a few.I don't know yet how big my kitchen will be but so far I may have enough room to fix it up really good. We are not going to have enough room for all my fixer up projects to go in the uhaul so gonna have to do some selling this week and getting rid of a lot of stuff.I don't mind,I talked to my sister-in-law and she is going to take me down to a place with discount furniture. She already has a bead on me another washing machine and livingroom suite lol. Well not much now but I'm going to go ahead and sign off.I hope to write more and post some pictures. Just leave a comment and I'll WILL get back to you soon.Hope to have something for all of you next month.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

On a Rant Here about SALT

A few years back,I switched from regular salt to sea salt.I am not a salt person and less of pepper too.But nothing makes me madder than going to a nice restaurant and can barely eat the food because it taste too salty.We went to a local place here and it served Mexican food.We were saying goodbye to some friends. The food wasn't bad when they brought it out,you couldn't really taste the salt then but we brought home some and heated it up and it tasted like pure salt.Geesh!

When I cook,I have learned how to use herbs and spices instead of using salt. I do slide some pepper in sometimes but I can't eat food with too much of it.Ha ha hubstead just came in and said the same thing,he's eating his portion and he said it tasted like someone just poured it on there.He is one who has to salt everything HA!It breaks my heart to see him salt his food but I don't say nothing for the sake of an argument.

When I switched from regular salt to sea salt,it made a big difference in how the food tasted and how we felt.I learned how much to put in food. So if you're on regular try sea salt for awhile.I know I don't swell up as much or feel squishy.
I'll be paying for this tomorrow.

Sea salt V Regular salt
Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value, despite the fact that sea salt is often marketed as a more natural and healthy alternative. The most notable differences between sea salt and table salt are in their taste, texture and processing.

Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water or water from saltwater lakes, usually with little processing. Depending on the water source, this leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements. The minerals add flavor and color to sea salt, which also comes in a variety of coarseness levels.

Table salt is typically mined from underground salt deposits. Table salt is more heavily processed to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive to prevent clumping. Most table salt also has added iodine, an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid.

By weight, sea salt and table salt contain the same amount of sodium.

Regardless of which type of salt you prefer, limit total sodium to less than 2,300 milligrams a day — or 1,500 milligrams if you:
Are 51 or older
Are black
Have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease

How much is 1500mg of Salt? It is 3/4 of a teaspoon

Yeah I like sea salt a lot better.This may have been not too much of a rant but it still ticks me off when restaurants take perfectly good food and ruin it.Most food served is prepackaged I imagine and the salt is a preservative but dang man ease up.It's probably a good thing we don't eat out that much.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Well It"s a Start

Ok I couldn't wait, I posted the picture on here. I love my porch and have a wonderful wooden bench to put there. I know my house plants will love it. I got my avocado tree started and it's going on the porch too. It's been raining there quite abit, the humidity, will be nice for them not including all the rain water for them. The tree line in the back looks close but we have a nice size back yard to fence in. Hubstead wants to keep the color on the outside the same,he said it looks more like a cabin sort of. Any suggestions on landscaping would be nice.I have some ideas but not until we get there. He's also looked at the fruit trees in the garden books to see what kind he wants lol. I think we may have some muscadine vines around there too. If we do oh boy how about some wine! Someone planted some gladiolus flowers there off to the side by the woods and I got some seeds already. I have some dark red hollyhocks to grow and a lot of daisy type flower seeds. Some marigolds and herbs.Just to give you an idea. I'd like to plant some roses too. We're going to plant blueberries and raspberries and a fig tree.

Whatcha think? I'd love some input.And yes we have to throw some grass seeds out there. I have no green front yard just dirt.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding Your Groove

Last night I think it sank in we were really moving back home.Wow.I have the picture of the house(that's what I call it)as a screen saver.Along with all the google earth pictures I looked at,I could actually see where I want to put stuff.

Now let me explain this groove thing. You know how you get lost in life? When you're younger you have all these dreams of seeing where you want to be(that's me anyway),and as you go thru life you find yourself on the 'roller coaster" and you just want to get off. When you do you don't know what to do or much less how to do. You have a tendency to muddle thru each day and you're still wandering not only in body but in soul too? You've lost your groove in life. You wonder when you will get it back if ever. When I want to get mine going, I put on some music that reminds me of a time I was in that state of mind. Well I have done that and I found my beat ,my music that's deep inside. My dance,my moves.I'm 53 and can still feel the happiness inside. We don't lose ourselves,we just have a bad habit of putting it on the backburner.I decided I'm tired of that. How you find your groove,your music,your inspiration,your moves,listen to your heart sometimes. Tell your head to shut up. Find that one thing that turns you on and turn up the volume! Feel silly expressing yourself?,don't be.If you look around you see people doing so many positive things with their life. I was raised in the 60s that should tell you something. But I wasn't raised in a hippie fashion,my parents were very strick. When I left home I went wandering all over this nation and seen some really strange things but I also saw people who were very charismatic,very open about how they should live their life. I have always wanted my home to express how I live.That's why I have been setting up a certain look that will keep me calm and relaxed. I've earned it.That is the kind of person I want to be who I should be.Someone told me long time ago,they said I was mean.I didn't think so but now looking back I was but didn't realize it.I was stressed out and mentally screwed up.And no matter how much I tried I stayed that way.Yes I tried meditation and yoga and all the other stuff but I still could not get into "that" frame of mind.Now I think I can.

I'm still going to see my shrink when I get home and see a regular doctor. I have to but I feel I can handle things better. I also think I may have been looking in the wrong place here.I thought being out here would ease some of my problems. It hasn't. I need to be in my atmosphere my kind of settings.I'm lost here. I'm a woodsy type of gal. I like the country settings,that's me. We all need to be quiet inside ourselves sometimes.

POINT BEING? Find who you are,do what calms you,don't let someone tell you it's wrong,be charismatic,have good vibrations,see the beauty in this world,love yourself and pamper yourself.

I can see if any of this does or doesn't make sense I'm just in a different frame of mind tonight and wanted to get it out.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Closer

Well our loan went thru and even the loan officer said he didn't know how we did it but we got what we requested on payments and I didn't bother to tell him that I prayed hard for this. This coming week will be a flurry of us trying to pack up and go thru the rest of this trailer. It's amazing how much junk we collected. Went to Sams and got our stainless steel mixing bowls we had been wanting. I have learned so much about cooking here and I want a nice kitchen setup when we get there. We got a really nice size kitchen to work with. The doublewide is a 28x56. 3 bedrooms,2 full baths, a gas fireplace, livingroom, and you see the porch. I also have a utility room. That's going to be a lot of painting and yes it needs it bad. We got more boxes and I finally ordered my southwest bedspread. I told my sister-in-law I got them a blanket for her and my brother from the same place and she said I didn't have to do that. I told yeah I did for all the running around they have done for me. I thought it was only fair. I wanted to showed how much I loved them and appreciated what they had done. I thought she was going start crying.Mostly we are going to be near a lake that my brother fishes at a lot. He is tickled we are coming home and can't wait. mmmm.

I don't know how long we will have to do without internet service.That's up in the air.Things are going to be tight for abit. Once we get there and get settled in we'll figure out what we have and if it's feesable.I would like to be back online so I can post pictures. I plan on taking pictures when we leave and on our trip. Mostly before and after pictures of the house while we fix it up. So I'll make sure I have extra batteries for the camera!
Orion has a lot of backyard to roam. It's going to be tough on him because all he knows is being here. I'll have to deal with fleas and ticks more often now.I know he'll be happier though.He knows something is going on because mommy and daddy are bringing in these boxes and they don't belong to him to play with. We got him a load of dogbones so he'll have a supply. Sometimes that helps being in a new place.I would like to see him just stay in the yard but I got one of those that you let him off the leash,you'll never see him.I guess its in his nature to do that. We're looking at doing some training on that front.He'll settled in.I know he'll enjoy not having to be scared of all the noises he gets here.

Ok will write more soon.Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good News Coming

Ok I have tried to keep my mouth quiet BUT WE BOUGHT A PLACE! Now I have mentioned before I didn't want to go back home ,well,so happens for some reason I let my fingers do some surfing and all of a sudden something guided me to a website.I was looking for some property and land in Alabama,I don't know what happened but I went to a site in the area where we were going to buy that other piece of property.5 miles up the road there it was!

A dang doublewide on 3/4 acres. Need some TLC and a lot of paint inside but......
Got the paperwork being mailed and should get it this week. Hubby quit his job and we are ready to go except for more packing. It has 3 bedrooms,2 FULL baths, a livingroom,kitchen and a gas fireplace. It was a foreclosure and the bank wants to get rid of it.
Now my brother has already been there and gave us the scoup on it and even he said "Sis don't turn this one down!" I was shocked, still am. The only thing it doesn't have a fenced in yard and we'll have to put one up. We are a quarter of a mile from the lake so if I want to go fishing I can. I will keep everyone updated on what's going on.I'm excited.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Change of Pace is in Order

Well hubstead quit his job at the plastic plant. He couldn't take the heat anymore. He has applied for any position at the state school here. Assisted Living thing. So we hope he'll get it. They have a lot of people come and go there but they liked the fact he had done security before.

If this doesn't work out, we will be moving back home. My brother is going to talk to a guy who sells used trailer(again)and see what he can get going for us. I told them as long as I can keep Orion I don't care, it's a roof over the head.We actually buy it so it will be home.

If this happens we got to decide what stays and what goes. We have collected so much stuff. The heat has been just unbearable here and have noticed a lot of people are moving out. It's 5:20 in the morning and it's 84 degrees. Yeah gotta get out of this mess! I'm sitting here, the air is on and I still have a fan blowing on me. That's warm.

I'm giving us until August to see what happens.I'll be posting up til then.Have a happy Saturday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Putting the Kabash on Alaska

Wow I read up on moving to Alaska and told hubstead "NO".He asked why and so I laid it all out to him.It is so expensive to move there not including going thru Canada.A person could take a ferry but that was expensive too.You either have to crate your dog or keep it in the truck and they have "pet call" three times a day so you can feed your hound.Orion wouldn't stand for that. Uhaul is the only moving van that goes that way and boy that would cost.
Long story short now ,he saw the light.I really like the mountains but geesh not that much.So I have throwed some ads out there and hope we'll get a bite.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I think WE have LOST our MINDS

I'm sitting here still stunned by the conversation I had with hubstead yesterday. I was sitting here thinking about the prices of this and that and hubstead walks in,sits, down looks over at me and says"I was thinking about what you said". UH? And he said "let's move to Alaska". What? Yeah.He told me no he wasn't kidding,he said I am tired of being hot and I want to go some place cooler.Yeah? He has been there before and he said as long as he can stay warm he didn't care. What did I think? Let me backtrack here,everyone knows we have had an up and down on finding property and Alaska has some nice property for sale there.I have looked there before but it was always 'NO".3905 miles to there from here. mmmm oh mercy.I'd have to check about passports Orion needs his shots,what are we gonna take?Thousands of things are running amok thru my brain right now. I'm thinking about calling my shrink for some pills.

I would love to see the Aurora Borealis and Mount McKinley.It was on my bucket list ya know.So what if I see it now.I am so surprised at this new concept.I really don't want to stay here where the heat is so oppressive and with all the other crap going on now I'm thinking it may be a good idea to do something different.There is no property to be has back east and it's getting hotter here in the west.I will let you know what is happening within a few days and see what comes about,it won't be however anytime this year so we are looking at March again.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My new/old Project

Ok my newest project which I started sanding on this weekend.I have always wanted a wooden headboard and footboard.So it may not look like much but its mine.I am a fanatic about old furniture and redoing it .

The Way its Goes

What a strong storm we had come through here tonight. It has quieted down now but that wind was something else. Which has me thinking about our cabin plans. I still want it,no matter what the outcome of what all else is going on. Hubstead is looking for another job,he has had it with the company he is working for now.The heat gets unbearable during the summer in the warehouse and you add machines going on makes it even worse. We still have been looking for land in New Mexico. We have come to realize that there are no jobs back east much less places to buy or rent since the tornado went thru. I won't go back to Birmingham,no not this gal. Land prices are outrageous too in Alabama.

So, our best bet is to either find land west of here or some really cheap land in here in Texas.I don't think I have sold hubstead on the idea of off grid yet.He has a lot of questions and I try to answer them the best way I know how. You know you can really do a lot of research of the subject but until you get out there and "do it" you're pretty much in the dark.I tried to explain to him that we won't have electricity to begin with and will have to wait on getting solar panels.Heating is nothing and as long as I can cook and heat water for a bath I'm all good. And I told him about getting a garden started. Yep a lot of work but we'll see some progress in the first two years.And besides we get a generator it will help.Ok by this time I'm thinking "have I done lost my mind?" I pointed out about having more money after everything settles down.I have four more things to get for the cabin and I'm done.

He's old school where the man works a job 40 hours a week and brings home the bacon.Well the bacon is getting a little bit too lean and the price isn't worth it anymore. I think he sees that now.I don't think he will mind as long as he can stay warm during the winter.He's cold natured.I on the other hand don't like the heat too well.I got our plans put down on paper,buying food to last us til we get things going.All the stuff we are going to need and the things I have already gotten.Now it's a waiting game to see what comes up. I was kind of hoping he would wait til March of next year to quit his job but I think he maybe doing it sooner.First thing is to get this truck paid for.But we'll see.

In the mean time,everything is going good.I have been looking at everyones posts and your gardens.I can't wait to get mine going.When that storm came thru I piled up in the bed and didn't want to get out of it.Orion is getting his rabie shot this Thursday and unfortunately the vet has to come to him.I can not see taking him to get his shot with other dogs and cats and such because he isn't crowd friendly.So we got to pay a big extra for this vet but I heard he was good with ill tempered dogs like mine.I can't figure it,we have been so careful with him and very loving and kind and he still doesn't like people at all.Dang dog.

So here we are waiting and hoping something will open up. It really makes me aggravated that a lot of the large companies are coming in and buying all the available land.Pretty soon there won't be any.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Flower Friday

Sometimes you just got to stop and take a picture of the flowers. This flower is very little so I had to get a close up of it. I have no idea what it is but I thought it was pretty.

Found a head board and foot board online. This thing is heavy and it feels like oak. But the wood is very dry and will have to be sanded and conditioned. Saturday is going to be busy for sure. I have a lot of sanding to do on it. All it needs is the rails. Smart deal for 35.00 I think. I have been looking for a bed for awhile now. I have been in remodeling mode for now hope it last!

Have a Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recycling watching,An unexpected visit

I got some stuff from a local swap meet thing on line this morning and we meet in public places which is a good idea to do, you never know, but they wanted to meet by a recycling center in the parking lot of my favorite grocery store. So I took off a little early and while I was sitting there waiting for them to show up I watched people pull up to the bins and drop stuff off. I was there about 30 minutes and I took notice of the ones who were there. Out of the six cars ,five were older people my age or more and one middle aged man. It got me to thinking about the generations who were taught to recycle and hoping the next coming up will do the same. I wish in a way that Texas had bins that you could put next to your home like some states do and you could recycle that way. We don't have any bins on the street where I live but back home in Alabama they would bring them out for you to use. Of course some people use the side of the road for theirs and I hate that. Texas is pretty clean with their roads and highways here. The only problem I have seen is those pesky plastic grocery bags flying high in trees and bushes.But they are trying to clean them up. Which makes me wonder if all the states had recycling laws, wouldn't it be better? Of course too there is more than one way to recycle your junk.

I'm sitting here and it's almost 3 in the morning. I have my front door open letting in some breeze. I love mornings like this.Orion is curled up on his bed and sleeping. Hubstead had to work for the last three days and yes he had to work on Memorial Day which he was not pleased about it, neither was I.

Well my sister decided to finally come around. I said I would tell a little about what happened with her so here it is. When we were in California, we kind of got stuck and I called her and asked her if we could come to Abilene and stay with her until we got a place, she said sure. Her son worked in the oil fields and was going to see if he could get hubstead a job which he did. So here we went and we stayed with her daughter at first. Now as much as I love my family they are the give me give me type of people. We left there and stayed with her son, he lives a few trailer up from us and my sister called one day wanting us to give her daughter some money. I asked her what for and she said so that they could pay the bills and I told her wait a minute we don't live there anymore and I had already gave her daughter all I was going to give her. We were paying her son rent at the time too and trying to get all the deposit for this place paid. Yep she got mad and said some things and I hung up on her. Now jumping to 5 years later, we got this new truck and new stuff for the house which some of you know why, now she is coming around again and acting like nothing happened. O.K. forgive and forget but I know why she is doing it. Not this time. I'm waiting though for her to come around asking for money like she always does. The grandkids have been back here asking for stuff already. The reason why we left her daughters house? Her daughter was having her doped up friends, yes smoking pot come in and eat food we bought for us. At the time things were going down hill pretty quick and we figured to break off that situation.

So opinion time here OK? What would you do if you were in a situation like this where you haven't seen somebody in 5 years and you get something and all of a sudden they show up? What would you think? I'm pretty aggravated about this whole thing.

Ok enough about that. I hope all of you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and hope the rest of the week gets better and better!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I made this tonight,it's home made rice a roni with chicken.Ok not as perky as the box stuff but wow it was really good.I will make this again! So far since I've lived in Texas,I've learned how to make several things.I can finally make decent bisquits that hubstead will eat.I make different kinds of breads and pies,salsa and later tonight I'm making homemade ginger ale.Yeah I'm stuffed right now!Think I'll take a nap.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Next Project

My hatband I've been beading,got about 4 more inches and that will be done!

I had a chance yesterday to pickup a dresser for 10.00 and I knew the bottom drawer was missing but I got it anyway.This dresser is made of pine so after I looked at it I thought it would be good for the next project I got in mind.I'm going to dump the other bottom drawer and put a pine board all the way across the bottom and make it where it flips down and put a bottom underneath.I'm going to put hinges and latches on it.Use as a storage place.When we get our cabin I'll use this as either a counter to eat on or put a sink in the top.The back needs a new panel too and if we put a little wider top that over hangs,that would be a great table with storage,which I will need bad.Just have to add chairs.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Didn't know that could Happen

As everyone knows I have been trying to take better care of myself.So when hubstead said he wanted to go get some chicken yesterday from the local chicken place,you know who it is,I said sure I love their chicken.So we got coleslaw,corn,green beans,mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy.We ate when we got home and ate on it on and off.Soooo...I went to bed later and when I got up my GOSH what a headache I had.I can not describe the pain .I said ok I won't do that again.This morning I am having to take advils and eat something better.WOW.We went to the store last night and I picked up my organic cereal and some almond milk.I'm so mad at myself but I didn't know that could happen.When you get use to eating one thing and try to eat another it does make a difference in your system.

A long time ago I talked to a guy who was working up in Yellowstone Park and he decided to go see a relative in Kansas.He had been use to eating the deer and elk and other wildlife there and he didn't think nothing of it so he stopped at a burger place and ate a hamburger.He said he got so sick cause his system was use to the rich wildlife food.This reminded me of how I felt this morning.I should of known better.But I'm back on the wagon today and I'm flushing myself out.It's so strange but not considering people talking about all the chemicals they put in food.I just thought I would write about this little experience and forward ya that it can hurt you if you fall off the wagon LOL!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This was GOOD!

I made an white egg omelet with spinach and parmesan cheese added cayenne pepper on top for supper tonight.WOW!I used 3 eggs whites,boiled the spinach with nutmeg and lemon(remember the parmesan chicken?)I sprayed my little good skillet with Pam and cooked my egg whites on one side ,flipped it,added the spinach and cheese and folded the one side over.Put it on the plate and added a little spinach on top then sprinkle cayenne and grated cheese.Walla!It keeps me full for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sorry to be slow on Postings

Got over my allergies after two weeks.I have started my beaded strip for my cowboy hat,so I haven't been spending too much time on here,except FB,but I got relatives on there.The beaded strip is going very well and I will post the end results.I did bead a piece for a barette,it has little buebirds on it but I got to get some craft glue to finish it.The mobile home park finally put a new porch on the front.Hubstead almost broke his neck Sunday tripping in the door.He hurt his ankle a little.So Monday I got on the phone and told them what happened and it was about 30 minutes,here they come.I was thinking oh it takes someone almost breaking their foot to get you to fix it?I have been trying since last year to get them to fix the porch so I guess so.Oh I'll be so glad to get our own place.I know sometimes it's nice to have people to fix things and you don't get charged for it but it's another when you have to stay on them about it.So now the trailer looks nice with the porch and we got the grass cut.

I have been reading about the raw milk thing and my two cents here,if you want to drink it fine!We are getting too much and too many people making a fuss about all this.This includes small gardeners and farmers they may one day want to control.I am going to have a garden and I am going to have chickens and if I want to run around my house outside naked MIND your own business and don't look!What Graham Greene said on Maverick,Im going buy some land so God awful then maybe they will leave me alone.I have come to one conclusion,if you buy in the desert or in the swamps then people leave you alone lol!No seriously think about it,when you get too near a neighbor they can complain and the east is full of people.Damn I think I am trying to talk myself into staying here.Someone asked me one time why out west?I told them it's so open here that you can see someone coming from a mile off.This is my opinion and I'm sticking with it.Ok not too much going on but still packing and gathering stuff up we are going to need.We haven't decided where depends on property being available.Also heard about the wood burning stoves too,now they want you to have an EPA certified stove and you have to completely dismantle your old one unusable.What a crock of s#$T.Sorry I have been reading all this and it's like a nightmare to me.Heck by the time I'm ready to do the dew I won't be be able to do nothing.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Saving a few Dollars

This morning I went down to the local cheapy store and I was only gonna get some conditioner for my hair cause I dyed it over the weekend.Well you know how this is gonna go.I got my shampoo and was walking around and saw a tye dye summer dress,yep, it went in the cart,then I got hungry and got 4 cans of tamales for lunch.I got Rion some snacks and hubstead some snacks.I saw my over the counter sink,$5.00 and yep it went in the cart too.Try buying that online and it's gonna cost ya.So I would say I saved some money today on some stuff I needed anyway.My aunt told me one time to NEVER buy retail if you can find it on sale.I have took her advise many and one times and done just that. She was right.Most of the things I have gotten for the cabin has been on sale except a few thigs I really liked.

The cabin is still in the works.We have decided after doing a list of pros and cons of living in New Mexico compared to living back home,we decided to move back home still.I don't really like the idea of being in tornado country but everything I want to do and grow would do better there.We are still looking for land but I think we are going with one maybe two acres this round.Besides I am missing home more now for some reason.I have been thru some odd mood changes here lately.My sister-in-law is begging for us to come home everytime I talk to her.I told her to look out for some property and we'll see.

It has been rather cool here in west Texas and it was 35 this morning.This weather out here has alot of people messed up.At least we aren't having snow which the other day it would have been a welcome relief.It was warm lol.Well those tamales are calling my name so I guess I will go see what they want!Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 22, 2013

What would you Do?

Today I had a man come to the trailer and was asking me about doing some cleaning up around it for 15.00 dollars,said he had to buy food and diapers for his little ones.I told him that it was a short week and I didn't have any money but I could give him some food.He didn't want that.I decided I wasn't going to get in a spot with him and told him sorry I couldn't help.Now the thing of it is this,one I think I have seen him before and two,ever since we got this truck,strange things are going on,like people are paying more attention to us.Geesh we didn't win the friggin lottery.And I didn't see him going to anyone elses house.MMMM

What would you have done?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beading Again and Allergy Attacks and Prayers

This is how I have been feeling!Yep that's how hubstead looks at me lol.

Well so far so good.It has been tough getting back into beading after not picking it back up for awhile.I was going to do a hatband for my cowboy hat but remembered that I had bought beads for my bluebird barette.So this is what I am putting together now.Hubstead and I have been sneezing so bad,we got allergies.This wind here has been blowing and it has been making us miserable.Hubstead even missed a day of work because he couldn't even function.I did make some stuff up with honey and coconut oil and lemon.It helped alittle to combat it but it is still bad.Going down to freezing tonight here in West Texas.
I don't know what to think about the events that has happened in the last couple of days.It's a mind blower.Sometimes I feel well,we get these things over a period of time but then too is it going to be a reacurring thing?Are we going to be like these other countries?Fear is not an option for Americans.We are stronger than that I would like to think.As far as the explosion in West Texas we'll have to wait and see what comes about.I had gotten up last night and was asking hubstead where Orion was and he said he was in the office and ask me why?I told him I felt something and heard something and as always he said he are always doing that.Now we know ,it was around that time it happened.Yes I am like that,I have always been able to sense things.I knew something was wrong and couldn't sleep.So many prayers go out to both Boston and West,Texas.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Allergy Time

Yup it's that time of the year here.Been around ninety today.It probably wouldn't be so bad except for the wind,it blows everything around.Hubstead has it bad and I feel for him having to go to work.I've been uploading myself on the local honey so my allergies aren't as bad.I can remember when we lived in Florida and Alabama the pollen was so bad it would turn everything yellow.

Today I gave away some clothes to a lady who helps homeless people find jobs,plus two phones I had.They needed a way for the employer to get in touch with them.I do this cause wow I know how tough it is to try to get a job with out a phone.I try to help out if I can and this isn't the first time I have done it.I told her give me some more time and I probably would have more for her.

Well it's very short today but have a good evening!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Little Hail Fell

This is what we got in west central Texas yesterday.It was pinging off this roof like crazy.I thought they would be bigger but wasn't thank goodness.Orion had to go out and he did,quick like.He was covered in it.He also likes the cold,yep,he's a mommas boy!
Went thru my beads and clean it all up.Decided to start another project and now I have something to do this week.I haven't beaded in awhile so it's always hard to get back into it.I hope everyone is ok in the path of these storms.Be careful and keep safe!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Little Update

The Tea Tree oil is working on the place I have had on my nose.It has been slow going but I am very pleased with the results.
The vitamin combinations I take seem to be doing me some good.I have had more energy and sleeping better.Early this morning I got started doing some stuff and got alot done.
I got more of my family history done.
Been researching til I'm blue in the face but since when we move we won't have internet I want to get as much done as possible.
I don't know now what is going to go on with all the changes our dear President is going to do.Some of it will effect me with my disability.I am not happy at this point because it could really mess us up with getting the cabin(as in not being able to afford it)I am praying it won't.Texas is so messed up right now about this stuff.I have no doctor here to see me and no one is taking medicaid.I don't know how long this will last.
On the upside as long as we can get the property and if I have enough to pay the on the cabin hubstead will have to get a job when we get to New Mexico,which he wants to stay home with me but...he is having second thoughts and I don't blame him,it's gonna get scary I think.
Been cleaning house and it is amazing what I have kept.I have been looking in the paper and online for shelvs and bookcases.I think it will help in the long run.
Well I'm off to explore what I have in my bead collection and go thru it tonight.I will definitely be busy for awhile.Thinking about putting a movie on.Next on our list of stuff to get-Generator.But hubstead is getting his rifle first before that.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Springtime Rains

We are finally getting some rain here tonight.Thunder rumbling and some lightning.I love the rain and the thunder,not much on lightning.Hubstead has another week off from work because of Easter and some vacation time.Gosh it feels like he just took some.Tonight I'm throwing together some chicken and potatoes and onions in the oven and just let it cook.The applesauce Pumpkin bread was a big hit with my friends and neighbors.I think I may make some more later.Our little dwarf pear tree is sprouting leaves YAH! Well tonight it's gonna be short so have a great weekend!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Applesauce Pumpkin Bread

I decided to try this recipe and WOW is this ever good and it contains no oil.

1 1/2 cups applesauce
2 cups pumpkin puree
4eggs, beaten
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground mace
1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips (optional)
3 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease two 9x5-inch loaf pans.
Mix white sugar and applesauce together in a large bowl; stir pumpkin puree and eggs into sugar mixture until smooth. Mix baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, ginger, cloves, and mace into pumpkin mixture; fold in walnuts and chocolate chips. Stir flour into pumpkin mixture until fully incorporated. Pour batter into the prepared loaf pans.
Bake in the preheated oven until a toothpick inserted in the center of each loaf comes out clean, 1 hour. Cool in the pans for 10 minutes before removing to cool completely on a wire rack. Sprinkle each loaf with confectioners' sugar.

I didn't put the confectioners sugar on top instead I will be putting cream cheese frosting.This full loaf goes to a friend tomorrow.I was really surprised at how easy this was.If you cook some let me know how it turns out.This was an online recipe.A lady named Virginia Ann from Maryland makes it.You can find it on under pumpkin bread.This stuff is good!I put the chocolate chips in this one and pecans for my friend.Ours was just with the chocolate chips.I got less than a half loaf left,I gave my neighbor some for her and her teenagers.I need to stay out of it LOL.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

5-in-1 Pear Dwarf Tree

This book has some really nice ideas for a southwest garden.

I hope they turn out as pretty as these but pears lol.

Hubstead always has wanted one of these.So we ordered one and now we got tiny little red looking buds showing up.Well it's worth a try.This what you get when you order a tree.This is a 5-in-1 dwarf pear tree.

Today I had bad news.My ex-husband had a stroke while my son and him were on the road.They are both truck drivers. Fortunately my ex wasn't driving at the time. He is up in Denver Colorado in the hospital from a blood clot in his head. So for my son and him I am praying for a speedy recovery.This of course may be the end of his truck driving days.

I have been reading everyones blogs and wow ya'll sure are excited about spring.I am too.We have been sitting here with the doors and windows open to let some fresh air in.Here we still have that aggravating pollen fron the mesa blowing down this way in this valley.I have been sneezing up a storm.It seems it isn't as bad as it has been in the past spring.Probably getting use to it.Since we are going to be here alittle longer ,I have been looking at these boxes we packed up and trying to decide if I should unpack them and put everything back OR leave them in the boxes and keep adding to them like I have been.It's going to be next March before we get things going.

Well I better get off my duff and get some housework done,I like doing this stuff at night cause it's so much cooler and he's not home lol.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lookie what I got!

Trying to go smaller here.A friend of hubsteads called this weekend and asked if we wanted these.I didn't know it but hubstead had already talked to him about the rocker for my birthday.How cool was that? I have waited and waited for a rocking chair and finally got one!It's dang near brand new.($5.00 for both) The bench seat was included.Now some suggestions for cushions would be most welcome for the bench seat.Orion didn't like the idea of us taking his couch out and he can't jump up on the bench seat cause it rocks back and forth.The first thing he wanted to do was pull the pillows off and we got on to him about it.So he's been sulking some about it.We saved two cushions from the couch for him to lay on but he has been laying on the bed so I guess he figures we took his,he's gonna take ours!Rotten hound.Now we got to get started on the bedroom.I got all my kitchen stuff in and where we live there is a swap meet page on Facebook.I have already picked up a shelf from there.

Recently I went down to one of our grocery stores and picked up some sweet potatoes.I can't remember the last time I had some,besides the pies,but I was amazed at how small they were.I was thinking gosh is the produce getting smaller too.I also got some avacadoes and yuck they were too ripe.So now I have to look around for better produce.What is going on here? I can see why people are growing their own.I got two tomatoes too and for some reason,maybe mind wise?,I could taste the pesticide in it.So in the garbage it went too along with the avacadoes.I think the only things I have found here that was good is the local honey,tomatoes grown from the local farmers.That's pretty skimpy uh?

Orion is starting to shed which is our sign that spring is here.It's gonna be bad too.I constantly have to vaccum when he does because he has that soft under fur and I have gray and black tuffs all over the place.I can make another dog out of what he sheds.We have been keeping him outside more which he prefers any way but living here I have to watch for kids aggravating him.We don't let him out before eight in the morning and we bring him in before three in the afternoon.Got two kids that will tease him if we don't.And people wonder why he don't like children.That also goes for the utility guys too that check the meters in the alley.He has never been social with people.And living here I didn't want him to be with hubstead working nights.He is a great watch dog but he barks at everything.

I went ahead and planted some cactus seeds,well they are coming up but I don't think they will live.I have no idea what they are either,it was a mixed pack of seeds.So today I guess I will try to replant what I have and wait and see.Yeah Texas needs more cactus uh?Oh well that's what has been going on here.Everyone have a great hump day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking Pictures,Cold back home.

I'm trying to not use up too much space on here by taking alot of pictures.I want to save some for when we move.Yes we are still moving but around this time next year.I have been eyeing the weather in New Mexico to get a general idea of what we may be facing in March.

Something must of said don't move because when I talked to my sister-in-law,she told me it had been sleeting and snowing there in that part of Alabama.I am glad we didn't go,it would of been sooo cold!This is going to give us a year to get what we need anyway.I have been checking out the barrels for the rainwater and the water tanks online.I may just get them here depends on the price.Here's another,if we move up in the mountains on the southwest of Albuquerque,HA it's snowing there recently.But hubstead wants to move where there are trees.He's not too fond of the flat desert I had looked at.So I guess we will go with the mountain home.Water will be plenty and shade and it shouldn't be too hot.He's still doesn't like the idea of having to do all the work himself but I told him how satisfying it will be him knowing he did it.

I'm happy to report over my eating habits I am getting stretch marks ugh!but heck who's gonna see them anyways? It's amazing ,you change some things around and it works.I have been eating more of the fat burning stuff and even now I quit getting indigestion.I sleep better too.My back doesn't hurt much either unless I am standing up too long.I love to go shopping but can only do very little time in a store.We went and got the last Twilight breaking Dawn 2 and wow what a line,but once they started selling it the line moved fast.They had four check outs going on.We are avid DVD collectors.I have quite a few Native American movies I watch.

Been collecting Cds too for historical records.My ancestors are from Ireland and Scotland so I have been trying to finish on the computer the rest of my family history.Now I have people coming to me for records and stuff and I gladly give it for free because alot of people don't know where or how to start.I don't have a genealogist license but try to help when I can.I have always done really good with history.I know how frustrating it can be when you hit a brick wall on your family.I just tore one down on mine after twenty+ years of looking.

Well I'm gonna sit here and my yogurt and later we got to run to the big store and get some more veggies.Hope you have had a good day!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tea Tree Oil

It's a fantastic oil!I have two bottles of this stuff and I burnt my hand here while back and have been using it on the burn spot.I also have a place on my nose that didn't seem to want to clear up and so I put some on it too.Tea Tree Oil dries the sores up.But warning the smell is something else.It has a smell of eucalyptus and pine sol.Best way I can decribe it.If you use it in a room it will smell that room up.Tea Tree oil come from Australia and they know their stuff too.You're not suppose to use around eyes,nose or mouth but it hasn't bothered me with my nose.This stuff I have is pharmaceutical grade,I got it on amazon.I haven't use it on anything else considering it has a lot of ways to use it.It definitely keeps the dog away from me for awhile lol! If you get some keep it away from children.

If you use this let me know how you use it.There is alot of info online about it.

We had a good day today,went and paid bills Blah! and took a ride to the local hobby place.Hubstead wants to fix up his cowboy hat.Got a truck need a hat.I told him I wanted a sticker that said"Trucks are for Girls,you silly Boys".But he won't let me lol.

I wanted to tell you about that change of eating habit I'm doing.I am trying out coconut oil for cooking.People you got to get some of this stuff.It goes a long way.I usually cook with olive oil but I cooked some snow peas in a skillet with coconut oil and WOW!I have been feeling better and my glucose hasn't been acting up.I switched back over to almond milk with vanilla,drinking ginger root tea,green tea with berries,eating a mix of tomatoes,jalapenos,onions and parsley.
I cut out any kind of condiments,flour,fried foods,I'm weaning myself off sodas(yes I'm an addict)lol.Within a week I can feel the difference.I'm not too active because of my back pain but I have been taking the vitamins everyday and it has helped some.I think the krill oil has done more good than anything.It's not dieting just changing some food groups around.I'm using more fat burning stuff ,I'm heavy in the front part,and I noticed stretch marks.Yeah it wouldn't hurt the guys either.If you are like me,I have a spouse who don't really like change on the food but what he don't know won't hurt him.Not unless he has an excellent sense of taste.The other night we had steaks.I wanted some mushrooms and onions and I cooked those in olive oil.I decided that it needed it own food group title.It was awesome.I told hubstead I like to cook now.Which he was pleased lol.We put those on the steak,he had A1 sauce I just had the mushrooms and onions.You know how some people have a bag of onions?Well I buy two purple(red) onions a week and I use that same onion alot for different things.I started that a long time ago.I'm using more spices now and we have one shaker with garlic powder,onion powder,parsley,paprika,salt and pepper.It gets used on all of our meat.The reason why I had to do this change was because the older I get the more food allergies I am getting.Like today we went to a chinese place we like to eat at,I got the sesame chicken and I had something that resembled a crab salad and noodles,bad combo,I had a sneezing fit and I told hubstead I was not feeling good.I only had one bite of the salad.So what ever was in the salad was a no-no.It's crazy right? We don't eat out alot just sometimes and I have noticed I get that way but at home I don't have a problem because I guess I know what is going in my food.

Ok I have rambled on enough, time for some coffee.Now if I could just cut that sugar out I'd be doing good,Oh well can't win them all,just yet(WINK).Orion says "HI" and no he won't eat mommys health food.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Windy Day in Texas,healthy eating and a Hedgehog toy

That wind is howling outside and the temperature is dropping.Tonight 32 wow glad we're staying home!We went got somewhat stocked up on groceries and drinks and coffee,can't do without that coffee!

Hubstead got up early this morning and put on some beef stew.The stew meat looked more like hamburger meat than chunks like we usually buy.This could be interesting.I have already tasted it and it taste fine.I asked him what kind of meat it was and he said I don't know it had a sticker over it.I'm sure it will be alright but mmm.LOL.He does some of the grocery shopping when he gets off from work,saves time and gas.So I pretty much let him have the run of it because he picks stuff out that I would.He's also good about finding bargains too.

I'm more on a health kick now and I have been rearranging my eating habits.Since I can't have whole milk I end up with almond milk with vanilla,I eat whole grain cereals,more fruits and vegetables.I eat my baked chicken and fish and mix my own extras to go with it.Last night I had baked chicken breast and I can't have bbq sauce so I threw together a tomatoe,avacado,onion, jalapeno pepper together and chopped it up.After the chicken was done I put all these ingredients together and topped my chicken breast with it.Oh it was good too.I added parsley ,cilantro is alittle strong to me so I put parsley this round in it.I ate half the chicken breast and I was done,I couldn't believe how full I was.This might be a little trick for some one.It makes you feel full and I have not been too hungry since then.I wasn't too keen on the avacado but I could get use to it.We picked up some plums at the supermarket and remember how plums use to taste right off the tree?These were good.They had that kind of taste and you had to have a napkin when you ate them.It has been a long time since I had one like that and they weren't the purple ones either.These are a yellow looking thing.I have been taking Kreel Oil and Vitamin D and B12,I drink a couple of cups of ginger root tea with local honey at night and it has seem to help with my aching bones.But this morning I sure felt bad and I know it was because of this weather.I said to heck with it and went back to bed.I feel better now but it's still cold outside.They are calling this winterstorm Rocky.

Orion got him a new towel to sleep on.We still have our old couch and he has took it over so we got this really pretty beach towel for him to lay on.He also got a new toy,it looks like a hedgehog,well, it made a really cute sound like a pig and Orion decided he wasn't gonna put up with that so he tore it up and got the sound maker out of it along with the stuffings.I had to sew it back up and now he don't want it cause we got on to him for tearing it up.How spoiled is that?Dang dog.

This is so silly -80 something channels and nothing on!I have just about decided to quit watching T.V.!Hope you have a good Monday and stay warm.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cactus planted

I decided to try my hand at planting cactus from seeds this year.How they will come out is a wait and see.These that I have will grow into the big ones like the Saguaro and some Christmas and Barrel.Yeah like the southwest needs more uh? I figured I can baby them til we moved.Oh and I got my book in,gardening in the Southwest by Sunset.Gosh they have some of the prettiest gardening ideas and alot of the flower seeds that I have will grow there.Hubstead told me last night he wanted to move where we had lots of trees and I found a couple of good places. But both may have a POA and I'm not really fond of that.They have some good qualities about what they want and not want but still.They mainly want it kept as natural as it can be maintained and that's agreeable to me.Like no junk cars(I hate that) and no trashy yard(Ok),the water tank has to be kept out of sight(that's fine right?).All buildings have to be in code and that's fine as long as we can have the cabin.I haven't talked to the realty lady yet about this but she had mentioned this place before.It sits near a reservation and the scenery is beautiful.The only problem I see is it's in the mountains and a long way from the closet city which would be Gallup or Grants.It would be one of those once a month trips to the grocery stores and stuff.The other place we looked at was east of Albuquerque and man did it snow and it being flat no wind breaks.MM kinda like Texas.So it's up in the air,I've heard good things and bad things about both places but that's anywheres now you go.I know this place is getting bad and it may be a good idea for us to get out here soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something for me

Yes it's all about me LOL! The lady over at Garden Fairy Herbal was sweet enough to make me an apron that fits me because I'm a little heavy.It's so pretty.It has a chicken on the front for pockets and has yellow flowers for the material and lace at the bottom.I can actually tie it too!.Then I ordered some krill oil because I don't feel I'm getting enough omega-3 in my diet.And finally I ordered some homemade goats milk soap from the lovely farm of Olivers Acres and it smells so good.I was looking for some and I'm still scouting out for some honey and oatmeal and anything that will soften my skin.I feel like a lizard here.I'm turning into something but haven't figured it out yet lol!.If ya interested go check em out.Sometimes you just got to pamper yourself and this is my weekend to do it.

I also figured since we may be living in the southwest,I looked up different flowers that you can grow.The one thing that caught my eye was the Zinnias.They come in different colors so I ordered some of them too.I also picked up some packs of Zinnias when we went out the other night.Heres the others,African Daisys,Shasta Daisys,multicolored Zinnias,Columbines,Nasturtiums and some chili cayennes.Why not uh?I like cayenne and I probably will use it in the garden for bugs and such.I think I'll have a pretty flower garden.That doesn't include the cactus,like yeah the southwest needs more cactus I know but these are edible too.It's going to be so much fun too bad we got to play that waiting game again.But we will get it.

Orion finally slept his trip off and still loves to ride in the big white bird.We put him in the back seat so now he knows that is where his place is.I got a cowboy hat now and I love it.I put it on every where I go.Now I have to make a beaded hatband for it.I'll design my own for that.Well that's about it.Hubstead just has been working and I'm here lol.It's been cold here it was 26 last night but it's gonna be 40 tonight.No snow in sight.Yah!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A trip to Brownwood lake and A Mad dog

We got our truck! It's a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup.I would post a picture of it but hubstead said not to cause it's too dirty.We're gonna run it thru the carwash tomorrow.Today we took off and took a ride down to Brownwood Lake.

I was very surprised how big it was and it was a very pretty day to do it.See the sky?
Then I took a few pictures here and there and caught this.

I have no idea what the building was made of but hubstead thought it was kinda neat.
Texas has these kinds of hills where we are.

These hills are south of Abilene.I snapped a few but these were the best.I see some of them sometimes in my trips around town here on the south side.We took off this morning kind of late and the whole trip didn't take long.We wanted to see how the truck would run and as soon as we get it cleaned up I'll post some pictures of it.I'm excited.Anyway we haven't been out of Abilene since we got here so this was an tension breaker.We didn't get to the part of the lake we wanted to cause we didn't know really which way to go,we just followed some signs.We also took orion to see how he would do on a long trip and he came thru it like this.

He was one happy puppy when we got him home.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Still Much to Do

Boy did I not pay too much attention to my lists.This incident has made me pull out all my lists I made here while back and there are still too many things to get together before we do this thing.One good thing coming out of it we have 59 weeks still here now cause we had to break down and get another vehicle which is great.We are looking at a big truck,we have a small one now and it just won't work.After much thought we are going to have to have a bigger ride because of hauling things here and there.And hubstead wants to get a trailer(the kind you put stuff on) and that is gonna eliminate the use of a rental truck(an extra few hundred dollars saved).We aren't going to be going that far anyway.After we get the truck we are going to take a small trip up there.New Mexico isn't that far from us so this will give us an opportunity to go check out some acres.:)I'm ok about this.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Watch what you wish for-u might just get it

Yep I did and yep I got it.You know on my blogs here how I kept saying I didn't really want to go back east because I really liked it out here? And mostly how I have always wanted to go to New Mexico and live? Well because of the presidents tax laws now if we touch hubsteads money we are going to get sliced and diced on it.We would have just enough to pay off the property but no cabin.Soooo we aren't moving.Then our truck decided it don't want to run anymore and we have to have another vehicle.Yes I bawled like a baby last night because I had gotten my hopes up.Well after looking at the damage it had already done,I called my favorite realty lady in New Mexico and guess what? She has some cheap property for sale and later this year we are going there instead.I can do the same thing there and have my property paid for and have a septic system put in AND a cabin for less than what we were going to do back east.MMMM I'm not so sad about it now and even though hubstead is really hestitate about that I told him hey we are going to be ok.We have been thru alot worse.We will figure it out when things come around.We will be outside of Albuquerque and maybe I'll finally get to go to the intertribal powwow they have every year and see the balloon festival too.

The only catch about all this is the cabin will be smaller because they have a length limit on the interstate so we are looking at a 12x32 foot lofted cabin instead of a 14x40.I think I would like the smaller one for now til we get use to being there and build on later.I don't know if we will have chickens either,we'll have to wait and see.But it will be 2 acres.

I'm not mad I may be a little disappointed but you know sometimes things don't work out and you got another route you have to take.I told hubstead I think it was because of my resistence to going home.I don't think it was meant to be this way and I kept having knots in my stomache about it.It was like something telling me NO don't do it. What do you think honestly?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kicking the habit

I have been off those smelly cigarettes for awhile now and have been smoking these Blu e-cigs.Yeah they work good.Worth the effort on our part.You don't go thru those awful withdrawals.I have washed alot of stuff in the house and I can finally taste food!Alot to be said about the weight gain but I'm going to burn that off when I get home.I wanted to quit so I would have energy to get me going.I can take a deep breath now and not feel like I am drowning.Happy dance time!

Smells are very important to me.I like the smell of good food,clean clothes and a nice smelling house.I've missed it.These things will give your lungs a jolt at first but after three days you can really tell the difference.I am a fanatic about going to the grocery store to the produce isle and picking stuff up and smelling it.LOL.People probably think I'm nuts but that's ok.I figure in another month or so I won't even have to worry about it.Once I start to lower the levels,they have high,med,low and zero,I'll be off of them.My headaches are gone,my sinus have cleared up and I can sleep fairly well.Oh and the legs cramps are gone.Gosh was I that bad? yep I was.So if you got the habit try these.If you have a loved one trying to quit,these are a good present to give them.They have become so popular that the company is backed up.Most of the stores (convenience store,drugstores) are selling them.Online they are alittle more.

Well that's my take.LOL.I have been trying for years to quit and it seems this has done more for me than any thing I've tried.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alittle of this and that going on

I know it's been a little bit since I've wrote anything.Hubstead had time off and he wanted to go here and there,do this and that.I was glad when he went back to work.We(both him and I) are trying to quit smoking,yes it's nasty I know.We decided to try the Blu e-cigarettes and really they are good.I am a little harder on my will power but am working on it.

I have a friend over on Facebook who is related down the road and over the hill to me,yes Wanda I'm talking about you lol,but she talked to my auntie and I had asked her to ask auntie about my grandmother.We have always heard stories about grandmother being Indian. So she ask for me(thankyou again) and auntie said we were Cherokee.When you get alot of family members telling the same story of your heritage ,it gets you to thinking.I had an older brother who said when grandma got mad she would fuss in "the language" so they couldn't understand what she was saying and she had a temper,I can believe this.Grandma used to go down to the courthouse and talk to the local indians there and speak the language with them,mmmm.My other uncle said we were Cherokee too.I have done research and everything I have turned up was this,with all these stories,most of my family refused to register with the Nation.Why? In the time frame of our history most of them married a white man to keep from being taken to Oklahoma to the reservation.This is why I can not find any family on the rolls,I've looked really hard.But I am not disappointed.

This is a favorite picture of my grandmother and grandfather when they were very young.Even with the black and white,her eyes were very dark.I have three sets of pictures of her and grandfather.This set,another when they were in their middle years and then when they were older.On grandfathers' side,I have a brick wall on someone who we think she was Cherokee too.Alot of times in genealogy when some has a name change or given a christain name,that usually means they were indian.So I have it on both sides.I still have alot left to do even though I have most of the information done.I go back on some of the genealogy sites to see if anyone has added anything from time to time.

I put on a crock pot of butter beans this morning with a ham bone.I haven't had these in ages and have been wanting some for a while.I'll get ragged about it from hubstead,he hates beans like these lol! I tried again to eat some steamed brussel sprouts the other night,I guess it just wasn't meant to be.I hurt so bad later.I can eat brocolli and cabbage,why not brussel sprouts? I making a big pan of cornbread later to go with my beans,it's a southern thing.

I just wanted to add a few lines about what's up and that has been about it.I've been doing some puzzles online to keep my mind going.Doing some reading. Thats about it.So have a great day today!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comfort zones and home

I just read a post by Kanelstrand about our "comfort zones" and I found it interesting in the fact that we are afraid to step out of our zone to try something new.I find myself having that little fear with my hubstead.He is a very comfort zone person and not really into changes.Just like when I introduced him to this idea of us getting our own property and living like we want without any kind of "you can't do this and you can't do that" type of situation.He started to think more and more of it.By the way,the park sent out their Rent must be paid by the first and you have 5 grace period days letter to everyone,which means someone isn't paying their rent but they have to send it out to everybody lol.Anyway I thought about this comfort zone of mine and I don't really have one per se.I'm always looking for different things to do or places to go.

When I was younger,I really like to travel.Not as much now because of having to sit for a long period of time.After awhile a person gets tired of this and just wants to have a decent roof over their heads.I know we will have a little discomfort at first but I can get thru that.Lord knows I've been thru worse!And I am looking forward to doing something different.Back to the comfort zone point.Is this what is wrong with this world now?Are we so afraid to let loose of our mobile phones and turn off our everyday lives to really see the beauty this world has to offer?Well I'm ready.I told someone one time I could do without alot of things and I have and you can't miss what you really didn't have to start with.I've tried to keep it simple for so long and I think that once people did some changes it would do them a world of good.

One more question here.Have you ever felt that you didn't belong some wheres?That you were meant to do or be some place else?And you really haven't settled down in your heart or mind?Yeah that's what I feel.I'm out of harmony somehow and I need to find my way back home.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday morning Sunrise here in Texas

This was what I saw this morning,it went from magenta to orange in a short period of time.It was beautiful. Happy Friday!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Good Day!

Yes!The cabin people are going to send me the paperwork and work with us on the cabin.I am so thrilled.I told the lady that it took a ton of worries off me.

To catch up,we didn't know if we had to wait to get there to do the paperwork.We wouldn't of had no place to stay with Orion if that happened.Camping out would of been the only option.So now we can get the paperwork early and fill it out and put the down payment on it and it will be waiting for us when we get there.YAH!Something is telling me that I am meant to go back home.

So happy is what happy does.I am going to have a good Monday,hope your Monday is great!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Something so Easy?and Snow

Have you ever wanted to reach through the phone and just strangle somebody?I did.I called the place that services the septic tanks in the area where we are moving.My way of thinking oops!I ask them if they serviced our address before.Easy right?I even gave them a couple of days to check.With all the computer technology you would think all they had to do was look on their computer or even looked in their files to see if they even had the address there.I guess it was too much to ask cause I just talked to the lady and she said I would have to have someone down there on the property and they would have to have someone from there to come and check.Did I ask for that?I don't think so,I told my cousin and he laughed and said these people were a pain to work with and they serviced his system too.Oh great.Why do places do that,oh yeah I'm moving back to Alabama I forgot,people there are like that.I told my cousin I think it was because they wanted money to do that and he said yeah.Well.... they can kiss it for now,dang!I'm not even there yet and I'm already getting a pain in my butt.

We had some snow early this morning,not much but enough to stick until the temperature started to rise and now it's gone :(.But that's ok it didn't interfer with the roads or stop the school buses from running.I was hoping to at least be able to play in it with Orion cause he likes snow.He's a little sad right now.

Well hubstead goes back to work tomorrow and he don't want to.I know how he feels.It's been nice to have him around and he even cooked one night for me.We had spanish rice.It's an old recipe his mother gave him when we first got married and we still cook it every now and then.I told him to start bringing some boxes home from work so I can pack up some more stuff.

Well that's been about the size of my morning already,hope everyone has a great Friday!