Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family History Finally Done!

I haven't been on here because I have been trying to finish up some extra leads on my family history.I have been trying to find two people that were elusive and yesterday both got dumped in my lap.It's so thrilling to find people(I get that way)I haven't been able to find but if I can get a bead on them either by name or date or county,I do pretty good finding them.Now I am sending information out to others who are related to me.You have to share with others when they share with you.That's basically genealogy good manners.I found some new sites and have been scouring them for more(you really can't have "enough")so I write or type or copy anything I can get my hands on.I really would like to do a book on our family but for now I got to wait.

Packed a few more boxes and doing some cleaning out.Not much going on besides that.