Friday, December 28, 2012

What to Do?

I've been getting my seed catalogs in this month and trying to decide what to plant.Not even there yet and making plans!But that's just me.I have packed up more boxes and need so many more.I decided not to get rid of too much because you know when you get rid of something you are going to either be looking for it later,forgetting you got rid of it,or you going to need it.Who knows right? The sad part is my clothes,I've gained so much weight here that I can't wear what's in my closet.Do I get rid of those clothes or keep them?Oh the agony HA!.

Back to the seed catalogs. I still am looking for more flowers to plant.I got all the veggie stuff going on but I don't have enough flowers.I can't make up my mind if I want to plant roses,which we like,and iris and lilies.I know we may have a deer or two passing thru and that has me concerned.North Alabama has a large deer population.I like the trailing vines like morning glories.

We are in the market for a wood burning stove.We've looked at a few but hadn't made a decision on what to get.I want the small one because it's a small cabin and we don't need something that is going to sweat you out,hubstead has his eye on a bigger one.

I'm still having a thought problem about our septic system that's gonna need to be installed and soon.I don't know exactly how long we can be without it before something is said.There it's going to cost $1500.00(my cousin is gonna help with the install) and that's something we aren't going to have right off the bat.Any suggestions? The ground will be hard right now and we can get away without it for awhile but if they know we are there they will want it installed.This is the only thing that will keep us from being bothered.Everything else will be at this point bliss!So if anyone can give me some advise I'd love it.They are laxed there but not too laxed ya know.

It's still icy cold here and will be for awhile.I won't let Orion stay out too long even during the day.Yes,I worry like a human mom.I am very particular about him.I can't wait to get him in a bigger yard,he's getting fat but I am one to talk lol.I need to get rid of this mess too.The closer it comes to moving the more nervous I am getting.I just want it to be over with.I talked to my brother and he's is anxious for us to get there too.