Monday, December 3, 2012

Just One of "those" Days

I'm always talking about the bloggers on here to hubstead and telling him about how much I have learn over the past months.We were discussing the property last night and about all the clearing we had to do(over time yeah) and I told him about goats and sheep.I said I didn't know about getting any but it would be helpful to keep things cleared out.And then I said well I don't think so that chickens would be enough.Wow is he ever thinking,he said don't ever say never because if it came down to it we probably will.That kinda floored me.Of course he knows how much I like animals.I'm thinking right about now,mmm milk cow!

He wants a small farm tractor for the acres.He's looking forward to getting one and has his eye on one already.Who is this man? At first he was hestitant now he's talking farm tractors?Oh well I think it's great and funny.He wants to do some clearing on the trees we have and will have to have one so....

We did some running around today and by the time we got home I was already tired.So I stayed up for about an hour and finally had to lay down.That was around two I think,I got up before 10 tonight.I think I was tired.We took a trip to Lowes to look at wood burning stoves and found a possible one and took a ride over to Walmart,when we got there ,there seem to not be a lot of people but when we left,I swear some were trying to run over me with their carts.I can't stand to be around fast moving people anymore,they make me nervous.Bipolar stuff going on there.When I started sweating and my hip froze up I said lets go home lol.Really didn't get half of what I went there for in the first place.

My pestle and mortar came in today and I love it.The round crushing stick thing(ok don't laugh)its one of those words,you can just about knock somebody out with it,it's heavy as all get out! I couldn't believe the huge box it came in either.I laughed about that.I had one before made of wood(that was a long time ago),I upgraded.Now if I could only win the stainless steel kitchen I'm gonna be all set lol.Oh well.My next thing coming in is two cutting boards,one for veggies and one for meat.

Well that's how my day went,not much on the homefront going on.The day started out crappy because of a dogfight outside in the alley next to the trailer(not my dog) but a neighbors and a pitbull.I had to call the police and they called animal control for me because it was so early.I have never seen this pitbull but he may have been a "drop off" here in the park.We have alot of them here.After animal control was here I didn't see the dog anymore so I hope they got him.Any other time I wouldn't of done that but it was looking pretty bad for the other dog.We have to go outside our fenced in area to go to our cars and one fear I have is going to mine and one come around the trailer at me.It's been done before.Scary uh?

Ok so much for my rambling today have a great tomorrow!