Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Anyone seen my hamster?

I'm sitting here watching the weather and wondering,is that stuff coming down further or is it just me? I think it is.Sooner or later here in Central Texas we are gonna get it.We have only had a couple of dustings from these systems moving through.I see right now when we get home(Alabama) there is not going to be a shortage of water,better get my rain barrels together.

You know how people make these New Year Resolution? Well,I don't make any cause usually I break them anyway.This coming year will be full of hard work.Clearing and cleaning the property,planting a new garden,fixing up the cabin,watching to see what the heck Washington is going to do,and just try to be content.That's not that much to ask is it?

I went thru some of your blogs and wished you a Happy New Year and if I didn't comment well Happy New Year! Let's all try to make 2013 great,irrreguardless of what is going on in this crazy world,I know I am.Sooner or later that dang hamster is gonna have to come home.(some of you know what I mean lol).If not,the wheel is there but the hamster is gone.My screwy mind.

I found a site where there were alot of tiny houses.I spent hours last night looking through it.I thought my brain was gonna explode!I got some really great ideas.Some pictures had them sitting in snow and they were so pretty.I loved it.Others were in the woods.I'm going to take as many pictures as I can and yes I'll include myself in them.I am so excited about this move now even though I wasn't at first cause I do like it out here but after much thought this is what I have always wanted to do.And it will be nice to be close to family cause that's the kind of person I am.

I told hubstead that within two years I wanted to be some what or completely dependant on ourselves,I don't know if it will happen but I'd like to see it happen.I know it may take that long to get the compost bin going good,get the chicken coop and chickens clucking.He still ask me do we have to have chickens?They stink he says.I tell him yes we do, you like eggs and I cook with them.Besides it more convient having eggs available here than spend it in gas and going to the grocery store.I'm hoping to turn him,maybe have to use the force on him more!

Well this is gonna be the last post for 2012 so I hope you stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

What to Do?

I've been getting my seed catalogs in this month and trying to decide what to plant.Not even there yet and making plans!But that's just me.I have packed up more boxes and need so many more.I decided not to get rid of too much because you know when you get rid of something you are going to either be looking for it later,forgetting you got rid of it,or you going to need it.Who knows right? The sad part is my clothes,I've gained so much weight here that I can't wear what's in my closet.Do I get rid of those clothes or keep them?Oh the agony HA!.

Back to the seed catalogs. I still am looking for more flowers to plant.I got all the veggie stuff going on but I don't have enough flowers.I can't make up my mind if I want to plant roses,which we like,and iris and lilies.I know we may have a deer or two passing thru and that has me concerned.North Alabama has a large deer population.I like the trailing vines like morning glories.

We are in the market for a wood burning stove.We've looked at a few but hadn't made a decision on what to get.I want the small one because it's a small cabin and we don't need something that is going to sweat you out,hubstead has his eye on a bigger one.

I'm still having a thought problem about our septic system that's gonna need to be installed and soon.I don't know exactly how long we can be without it before something is said.There it's going to cost $1500.00(my cousin is gonna help with the install) and that's something we aren't going to have right off the bat.Any suggestions? The ground will be hard right now and we can get away without it for awhile but if they know we are there they will want it installed.This is the only thing that will keep us from being bothered.Everything else will be at this point bliss!So if anyone can give me some advise I'd love it.They are laxed there but not too laxed ya know.

It's still icy cold here and will be for awhile.I won't let Orion stay out too long even during the day.Yes,I worry like a human mom.I am very particular about him.I can't wait to get him in a bigger yard,he's getting fat but I am one to talk lol.I need to get rid of this mess too.The closer it comes to moving the more nervous I am getting.I just want it to be over with.I talked to my brother and he's is anxious for us to get there too.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Woke up this morning to a red dawn.This usually means bad weather coming this way.North of here,we're suppose to snow and maybe some of it may get this way.We got a 20% going on.I've seen this so called 20% here for rain and we got 100,so we will see.
No doubt the cold is coming though.It's going to really cold this week and we are ready.

I've been reading blogs and seeing all the pretty trees and ornaments.I hope our tree for next year will be just as pretty.There really wasn't any use in putting one up this year because of the move and besides we have to find out how much room we have in the cabin to put one up for next year.I know it's gonna be small lol.

I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone,Myself being from the south that's how I was raised.Knowing that America has different cultures and not knowing what the traditions are then however you celebrate this season.

I started this post this morning and now its getting to where the sun is soon going down.We are having Ham for our Christmas dinner.We switch up sometimes from having turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas and the other way around.Depends really on what is on sale or what the grocery store is offering in that way.We do pretty good finding good deals out here.But the Ham is going in tonight.We prepare everything the night before and warm it up the next day,not only does it leave the day open but not alot of mess to clean up.Our motto "get it out of the way".We are all set if the cold weather gets bad and it gets icy or snows for the week.YAH!

Well everyone I'm off here for a couple days and I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chicken Dinner

Yep we did,last night we had Chicken Parmesan and this is what it looked like and boy it was good.I don't always cook with thinner chicken and with this recipe I wouldn't advise it but we did this time.I prefer the thicker chicken breast.I grabbed my camera while hubstead sprinkled the cheese on top and he asked me what I was doing.I told him I thought all of you would like to see what it looked like after it was cooked so I was taking a picture.It's addicting and almost gone lol.One thing about this one,if you put it in the refrigerator and let it set over night,the next day it's even better because the chicken and spinach soaks up some of the sauce.WOW.

We are having a nice sunrise over Texas this morning and cold again.

It's 38 degrees and clear so far.I've been watching the weather channel and see all that snow that is only a couple of states away and it makes me shiver and glad we aren't getting it.I can deal with the cold but that's alot of snow!

Well just a couple of early saturday pictures for you to see.Have a great day!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baskets are in!

This one I've had for awhile and I got it at a market for when they were selling them for a small donation for the needy.

The big basket is actually a basket for potted plants,may have to think of something else to do with this cause it is too nice for that.They are fairly good size I was surprised!The dark small basket is made of metal.Gosh I am so pleased.One word (tilts head)Ebay lol.$20.00 and free shipping.We also got our 9th season for NCIS which finishes off last year season.I am starting to feel better now,you know when you lose something and you finally get it back but better? I want to get some smaller ones but I may go ahead and make some myself.I don't have a bread basket yet.

oh I forgot to mention tonight for dinner,chicken parmesan(earlier post),oh YAH!

Well have a great FRIDAY!May your Christmas be Merry and Happy.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

One of those days

I've had one of those days that I should of just stayed in bed.Got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,can't function.So for the rest of the evening I'm gonna relax and try to breathe!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Nasty Morning

I was sleeping so peacefully this morning.Nice and warm under the covers and in the right spot on the bed,I was dreaming such good dreams.When I went to bed I was thinking wow it would be nice if it was snowing outside and I guess I started dreaming about it.Hubstead had stayed up and washed a load of clothes and I guess I had been in bed about an hour when I got a nasty awakening.We have drainage problems here in the park and it seem that the pipes were smelling again.It woke me up alittle and I covered my nose thinking it will go away in a few minutes like it always had.NOPE,oh my gosh it was getting worse.So I was half asleep and got up and went into the bathroom where the source of the smell was coming from and what did I see? The sewer line had backed up right into the shower,the tub,and the commode.YUCK and I about starting gagging.I made a mad dash for the kitchen and hubstead was asking what was wrong and I ask him "don't you smell that?"it's the sewer.I got the bleach and went back into the bathroom and poured most of the half gallon down the toilet,shower and tub.I don't like bleach at all and I didn't like doing that but I had to do something.I only use bleach when it is neccessary.I deemed it neccessary this morning.
So far the commode is flushing better and all of the water drains out of the pipes.I hope this is the only problem today.

I was watching a show Frontier Alaska and one of the guys on there has never had an indoor toilet.Yeah I see why now.He said he never understood why people had their toilets inside their homes lol.Some of you may have watched this show,I loved it.
If it wasn't for the cold,oh yeah I'd be living like that too.It would be better than what I smelled this morning.

I ordered a hank of beads and some delica beads and got them in.I'm trying to renew some of my stash so I won't have to order for awhile.All I'm waiting on now is my baskets to come in.Well that was my thrill to start the day off with.I did go back to sleep but it took awhile so I slept good too cause now it really smells clean in there lol!

Oh just a quick add-Hubstead has finally got his 5 years in working for this company!Now we'll see how much longer we stay.We need to stay til March I don't know if that is going to happen but he's going to try to.The more money we have the better off we will be.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Off Time

Can you believe this? Hubstead is getting two weeks off from work!They are shutting down the plant here and he gets to get some needed time off.This will help alot because we got to go find some boxes to pack some stuff up with.I really have been needing his help for this.He can pack his office stuff up and label the boxes,that way he knows where it is.I got our closet to clean out of old clothes and shoes.It will be fun I told him and boy the look he gave me LOL.

I have been trying to find something to take home for my brother and sister-in-law from here.He likes to fish and hunt and she is into pretty much the things I like which is a whole range of stuff.It's hard to find something for someone when you don't know.I thought of a Southwest blanket,some pottery and some spices but I want to give them something they both can use.I'll know it when I see it.LOL

I bought a bunch of baskets from a guy off Ebay.I love baskets and they come in handy around our house.

As small as my kitchen is I'm going to find a piece of a 4" tree trunk and put dowels in different places and hang my baskets on it.I am going to get some more if I find them.The kitchen in the cabin is going to be very small and I have to figure out "how" to use the space I'll have.I'm not really thinking so much of cabinets right now but other alternative means of storing stuff.I know this table we have will take up alot of room so I might end up getting rid of it and put in a eat-in bar.

I went and made a small order for more beads,yep,me and my beads.I also picked up some yarn to do my kitchen towels with.I'm going to crochet the tops and hang them.Yeah the ones with the chickens.I told hubstead when we get settled down from this move and all the other stuff that has to come first,I'm setting down and doing some beadwork and crocheting.I would really like to get my store opened back up on Ebay but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.Up in Russellville they have a small flea market people can sit and sell their "stuff" but I'm not a sitting person.I don't like the crowds and you sometimes see people who you really don't want to run into.Yeah I got people like that.I may find an alternate route for selling.I don't know when we will have internet service yet or eletricity so it's up in the air about that.This is just something I thought of.

We're hoping the winter isn't going to be too cold in Alabama this year,it seems to be shaping up as being fairly mild.Our major problem that we see right now is trying to get the cabin paperwork signed before we get there.They won't let us do it,yet.Because it's one of those rent to own things.If not that means we will have to find something to stay in for almost two weeks or rent a motel room which is 30 miles away,or stay in a tent.There is no law there that says you can't camp out on your own property.We decided to put our things in the shed and I really don't like the idea of leaving it there without some kind of security.So this has been heavy on my mind.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Does this sounds Familiar?

I usually don't write two blogs in one day.But for some reason this day it was different.I had mentioned to hubstead about people doing their own homeschooling of their children because of these shootings.I thought that maybe we are going backwards instead of forwards.After all we are growing our own food,canning,making our own clothes,staying around the farm,raising animals for meat and milk and eggs,oh and cheese.Why go to the grocery store anymore.This keeps a person so busy there is no time for T.V. or even being on the internet unless you want to look something up.Back then it was talking to more experienced farmers to learn what was wrong with your garden or livestock.Some still do this too.If you wanted to go to "town" you just got into your horse and buggy and go.Getting close to that because of the gas prices if they go up again.During the winter if you were fit,you used snowshoes to walk on.If not there was always a sleigh or horseback or wagon.Back then it was to survive and feed your family.So much has changed in our world now.The movement of getting back to our basics are growing stronger in alot of people and I think that is where we are headed.I hope so.I feel like people are are just dead dogged tired of living the way they are,we aren't made to live in this world as slaves to money.It's nice to have, comes in handy to buy those special things every now and then but not like what it has done to the human race.

In most religions we are told to be in Harmony with the earth,God put us here to take "care"of the earth not destroy it.We are to keep it clean and bountiful and green and to teach our children what each living thing is.To show compassion and restraint.To help when we can.To not be selfish and give what we can.I don't know about you but I would rather have this than what I have now.To say wait a minute this isn't working.If this is what it takes then so be it.I would rather have my peace and quiet and a compassionate attitude than the all the money in the world.Someone told me if you aren't happy with the way you live then change it.Looks like that is around the corner.Do what you love to do.Live the way you were meant to live.You have one life and only one.And FYI I am not afraid of anything in this world except one thing and that's if I do something wrong I get the wrath of God on me. Yes I do believe this ,it has been proven to me over and over.Since we have committed to this adventure we are starting,everything has fallen into place like it's meant to be.God gives you only as much as you can handle.He puts you where you are suppose to be.This is what I believe.

Ok now I'm done I just wanted to share something that was on my mind ever since I woke up this afternoon.I wonder what it's going to be like to live like my ancestors did.But with a few changes?

What I know about Mental Illness

Ok this is going to be really hard to explain but hang in there with me.I am using myself as an example of this real story because I DO understand the state of mind the shooter was in.

As a child I was traumatized from age 5 to 14 and by the time I got into my teens I was totally out of control.Back then they called it schizophrenia but I could not talk to the doctors about what was really going on for fear of reprisal from the person who was abusing me.Later I was on Valiums to keep myself calmed down which lead to a attempted suicide.I was in a marriage I didn't want to be in and he also abused me.

Then came the drugs and alcohol including LSD,cocaine. Until I met my husband I am now married to.He told me it was either him or them.I chose him.Which I am happy about the choosing him too.Later a doctor that I gave my family history to told me I had a chemical imbalance and that is where the Bipolar came into the picture.You can look it up on Yahoo Health.Please look this up and get an understanding of the disorder.

Now let me explain the basics of trying to find a doctor to treat you.Remember the insurance companies come in the picture too.

If you have a doctor to treat you,great,you are in like flint.But these doctors charge alot of money to treat you for mental illness.Mine?for 15 minutes $90.00 bucks.Think if I wanted an hour? I only get maybe 10 to 15 minutes with my docotor to tell him what is going on,why?,I'm on medicaid and this is all I have right now.I get my meds but even these aren't working.So I have to keep going back and going back and be a guinea pig to find something that works.In the last two years since being treated I have gained 60 pounds off these meds.

It is expensive to take a person whether it's a child or teenager or an adult to see these doctors and then the insurance companies tell the doctors what they can do and not do.What they can prescribe to the patients.I have a book on these meds.I feel for parents when something is wrong with their children and can't get them help,it's a hard and cruel world out there.

Now here is another factor in this equation,parents who both work and even then they can't make ends meet because of bills being so high.What do you choose,food ,car payment,medicine,utilities to be paid?Little is left over by the time it's all said and done.If you have regular insurance you still have to pay the 20% that is left over.Which at times these people don't have.

Single parents with children are hit hardest,what does this have to do with mental illness? I tell you,it's called the stress factor.Parents get under stress which spirals down to the point that depression sets in and then a don't care attitude comes about.It happens it's a fact.Now we have a depressed parent and the child feeds off this and looks for other routes to feel wanted.This is what is wrong with our world now.We can't cure everyone but if you know someone having a problem you can help just by being there for them.Being supportive.

This chemical imbalance works like this-from my view-you live in a euphoric state of mind.Somethings are real some isn't.You can also hallucinate with an imbalance,thinking someone is out to get you or you think you are invinceable.You get the feeling you can get away with things and no one will notice.Anger is off the charts and you take it out on others.You also will mutilate yourself as in cutting yourself cause you want to "feel" something(which I have never done).And that comes down to not being able to "feel" because you shut down inside or numb yourself to the outside world therefore becoming antisocialable.It's a hellish state of mind and it's a place anyone would not want to be.But I've been there and back.

This is what is happening to people.This is the new generation of people here and it's here to stay if we don't change the system.This is reality people.We see it we hear it we try to hide from it but it won't go away.Unless Congress and the States come up with something different,we are in for a hard ride.I am still having to work out my state of mind,but it will get better when I get home because the doctors there are better than here.

I'm not going to get into the gun control issue or what I think should or should not be done.Only to say this,my husband is trying to get his FFL and on the paperwork,you have to have a background check and not be mentally ill.Beside most of these shootings have occurred with the person taking the guns from someone else.That enough said.

Have a great Saturday and we need to pray for the children and teachers and the parents of these children who lost their lives to this brutal shooting.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Kitty and Orion Never MOM!

Hubstead found this kitty at work and brought it home.It was a sweet kitten and very lovable.It must have had a run in with dogs because he did not like Orion.I brought this kitten in and when it seen Orion well I got the worse end of it.I now have scratches on my face and head(yes head) and back where it decided that was the safest place to go.I took it into hubsteads office and shut the door.Meanwhile Orion is having a fit.So he gets mad and decides to leave kitty alone and stay right up under my feet.When hubstead gets home I hope his office isn't a mess lol.Anyway he found someone from work to take kitty home because we see right now Orion won't put up having a cat in the house.I know Orion is a good mouse catcher so I guess we won't get one for the farm.He can sniff out a mouse like crazy,I've seen him do it.

Today we are going to our local movie place and pickup another series of NCIS(we love that show) and going to get some fish and chips or shrimp or something in that line.I've been watching the weather channel and I feel for the people in Arizona and New Mexico and Colorado,they are getting snow right now pretty hard.Hope they stay safe!

Have a great Friday today everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chili and Anniversary

I made chili today.Something about the cold and chili always goes together.So I made a crock pot full.I can't eat chili to often,another one of those allergy things and I have to be careful.It's 26 degrees here and so cold.Even with the heat on the trailer is cool but not enough to freeze your patootie off lol.

Today is mine and hubsteads anniversary of 27 years.Been a long time uh? Well we've had our ups and downs but after awhile the road smooths out.So today we will relax and do whatever comes along and just enjoy it.It's been awhile since he has been home for it and he got lucky this year to have it off.

Monday, December 10, 2012

This was really good

Ok this was so good,I fixed it today and had to put it up and not eat all of it LOL

1 can cream of chicken
2 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 1/2 cups of FRESH mushrooms-sliced
olive oil

make enough season flour(I use onion powder,garlic powder,salt,pepper,marjoram)
I floured the chicken and cooked it in the olive oil over med/low heat until done,I added a little water into the bottom of the pan and added the mushrooms to the chicken,covered until the mushrooms were soft.Drain the excess liquid and then I added the cream of chicken and cooked until hot.I ate this with mashed potatoes and green beans.I try not to shrink my mushrooms when I cook them.These were really fat and I sliced them thick.I'm a sucker for this stuff!I've put this over rice,noodles and mash potatoes.

Thought i'd share lol!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Squeaky toys and Cold

Hubstead and I went to the store last night and they have all the Christmas stuff out.Since it's just him and I and Orion,we don't "buy" Christmas,not this year anyway.As we were walking around they store looking at this and that,we ended up on the dog isle.Wrong place for us to be,we always get Orion something and bring it home to him.While looking thru the toys,now Orion has never really played with store bought toys not that we haven't bought him any it's just he annilates them in a very short time so we quit buying him any and just made him some out of old socks and material well I decided to get him one of those cheapy plastic filled stocking thing with toys on the inside.It came with a ball,football,and some squeaky stuffed looking toys.And I brought it home.Orion knows what a ball is and a football,he has a big football he gets in the mood to play with.Well he has never really like the squeaky toys much,he likes to tear out the squeaky plastic thing.Well he got one tore out and I told him not to tear anymore toys up.And-he-listened!Now all he does is walks around with the squeaky toy in his mouth and makes it squeak.Driving me insane.I guess he figured since he couldn't tear it up,he'd aggravate me.Yeah he knows how to get to me too.But I was happy to see him playing with them and he was having a really good time.He picked his favorite two and leaves the others for just a quick play minute(attention span of about 1 minute),a squeak and a toss that's about it.

Dang still didn't get any yarn to do my dishcloths with!!!

We ended doing some grocery shopping,looking thru the Christmas stuff they had and you know it didn't even faze me.I personally thought that some of the stuff they have come out with is gaunty looking,this is my opinion and I can't help it lol.I like the old colors of Christmas and it's just to me has gotten out of hand.I've seen specialty stores have better stuff.I am definitely gonna let my imagination go wild when I get home and able to do Christmas next year YAH!

I got some mushrooms to fix with some chicken and chili stuff.Tonight I put on a roast in the slow cooker.I cook alot when hubstead is home,he uses alot of energy at his job and he needs the calories.He worked one job in a concrete plant and he lost so much weight I started getting worried about him.He ended up getting so sick he had to quit.
He thinks he uses energy here just wait til he gets on the homestead ha!But at least when he gets tired there he can rest when he wants to.He'll love it.I have been blessed with a hard working man.

It's getting cold here.We are getting a really cold front pushing down from the north today and it's going to be in the twenties tonight.I had to hunt down the plastic sheets I put on our windows.Makes a huge difference.They said we might have a light dusting of snow,last time it came down in buckets,hence the store run,I
always like to be prepared! I'm a plan ahead thinker on these things and always expect the unexpected,oh yeah.Well learned lessons.If it does I have fresh batteries for the camera so I can take some pictures.

I love going thru the blogs and checking out all the snow pictures.I know for some of you the snow can be a pain in the butt.Well,I'm probably gonna be thinking the same thing back home if northern Alabama get snow.But wow it's so pretty there when it does.Here if it snows,you can't even see where the road and the side of the road is,it's scary to drive like that.First time I got a dose of it was coming home and all of sudden we had whiteout conditions and I barely made it home.I slid sideways into the drive lol.Boy was I glad to be home.Back home I'll have to manuever the hills,but I really don't plan on being out in that mess if I can help it.I have been in the Colorado Rocky Mountains before in snow and it was awesome,if you have never been there,no words can explain it but only one-BEAUTIUL and dangerous too.I said at one time if I could choose where I wanted to live,that would of been the place.But now it's too expensive to live up there.Land is outrageous.Cost of living is worse.The New Mexico idea changed this past summer for me.After much looking for property there and talking to people,to me there is too many HOAs and I don't like living some where that other people can tell us what we can have and not have on our property.When I talked to the realty lady I was dealing with,she acted like she knew nothing about the HOAs rules when I think she did but just didn't want to scare away potential buyers.So that was shot to you know where,that's why we bought property back home.There,where we are going to be,one guy pretty much owns everything around us and it's alot.

Well not much ado for now but some thoughts here.So have a great Sunday and keep warm!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kitchen stuff

All my kitchen stuff I ordered came in so here a few of them.

and some close ups..

this is the stainless steel pedastle and mortar.

sugar bowl

top of sugar bowl with the veggies.

The rooster towel set,I wasn't going for the roosters but I like the colors in these.It's funny you can find roosters all over the place on things but it's harder to find hens? So this is the new stash I got going.

The cutting boards come in different catagories.They have one for veggies and fruit(green),one for raw meat(red),one for cooked meat(brown)one for dairy and cheese(white)one for raw seafood(blue/purple)one for for raw poultry&chicken(yellow).

you can find these here

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornaments ,beads,leatherwork

We haven't celebrated Christmas in years.Why? Well when you have only two people and a dog for the most part you have a tendency to just want to be together during that time.There has been times hubstead has had to work or just money was tight.We didn't mind it and still don't.We don't get out during these holidays,people get crazy and like to rush theirselves too much.So this year with all the packing and plans we are going to skip it again but next year is going to be totally different.Next year we'll have relatives being curious about our cabin and see what we are up to and that will feel strange cause we haven't had relatives close by in a long time.Here I have a sister who don't like me very well and won't have anything to do with me.A nephew who lives a block over who hasn't been in our house since we moved in 5 years ago.So you see how my family is.The ones in Alabama are more family oriented and will be curious about us til the new wears off lol.So once we get use to each other it will smooth out.They already know about my bipolar and it's nothing to them,they still want to see me.Most run the other way and I'm not kidding on that.

Now for the good part,I have ordered some brass rings to make my own little dreamcatcher ornaments for next year.I have these stray beads I have been saving for this project.When I get one made I'll post it. Every year I find one ornament for a tree and save them.I have one that is a wooden carved bear that I transformed into a Zuni fetish.The bear is suppose to lighten emotional burden. I'm making some little dolls and animals to hang up.It's gonna be so cute.I haven't really found anything here in Texas to get yet.I've been looking.I'd like to find something to represent us being here for these 5 years.I don't think a rattlesnake around the tree will help lol!

It has been an adventure being here going from zero,nadda,nothing,walking in the door with only what we had in our truck and then having to rent a truck to haul it back home.It's been a some what of a rough ride but it has been so worth it.

This is my doll I made all by hand.

These things have seen better days.I use to go to the PowWows(Native American gatherings) in them.

I have a great time making traditional stuff.I have a full length cape(not native) I made when hubstead and I first got married and I still have it.The things is 27 years old and I can still wear it.We are into old things like the mountainman/indian era and I try to make it as orignal as I can.Now you see why we are gonna love living off the land and a cabin.I'd love to have a log cabin but this one will do just fine.

This was a joint effort-

Some of hubsteads work-

I thought I would share some of the beadwork and hope you have enjoyed it!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Just One of "those" Days

I'm always talking about the bloggers on here to hubstead and telling him about how much I have learn over the past months.We were discussing the property last night and about all the clearing we had to do(over time yeah) and I told him about goats and sheep.I said I didn't know about getting any but it would be helpful to keep things cleared out.And then I said well I don't think so that chickens would be enough.Wow is he ever thinking,he said don't ever say never because if it came down to it we probably will.That kinda floored me.Of course he knows how much I like animals.I'm thinking right about now,mmm milk cow!

He wants a small farm tractor for the acres.He's looking forward to getting one and has his eye on one already.Who is this man? At first he was hestitant now he's talking farm tractors?Oh well I think it's great and funny.He wants to do some clearing on the trees we have and will have to have one so....

We did some running around today and by the time we got home I was already tired.So I stayed up for about an hour and finally had to lay down.That was around two I think,I got up before 10 tonight.I think I was tired.We took a trip to Lowes to look at wood burning stoves and found a possible one and took a ride over to Walmart,when we got there ,there seem to not be a lot of people but when we left,I swear some were trying to run over me with their carts.I can't stand to be around fast moving people anymore,they make me nervous.Bipolar stuff going on there.When I started sweating and my hip froze up I said lets go home lol.Really didn't get half of what I went there for in the first place.

My pestle and mortar came in today and I love it.The round crushing stick thing(ok don't laugh)its one of those words,you can just about knock somebody out with it,it's heavy as all get out! I couldn't believe the huge box it came in either.I laughed about that.I had one before made of wood(that was a long time ago),I upgraded.Now if I could only win the stainless steel kitchen I'm gonna be all set lol.Oh well.My next thing coming in is two cutting boards,one for veggies and one for meat.

Well that's how my day went,not much on the homefront going on.The day started out crappy because of a dogfight outside in the alley next to the trailer(not my dog) but a neighbors and a pitbull.I had to call the police and they called animal control for me because it was so early.I have never seen this pitbull but he may have been a "drop off" here in the park.We have alot of them here.After animal control was here I didn't see the dog anymore so I hope they got him.Any other time I wouldn't of done that but it was looking pretty bad for the other dog.We have to go outside our fenced in area to go to our cars and one fear I have is going to mine and one come around the trailer at me.It's been done before.Scary uh?

Ok so much for my rambling today have a great tomorrow!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Contest entries,YAH!

I have a FB account and I like entering contests(as some of you know),soooo I entered a bunch this morning LOL.Two were for kitchen appliances and the others were for different things. I got Orion some dog cookies and dogfood(free).He probably won't eat the things cause he's so picky.Dang dog.
But I'm trying any way.I have no idea what I would do if I won a complete kitchen setup or two, probably pass out and break my hip!But wouldn't it be nice?(not the hip part). Then I wouldn't have to worry about getting stuff for my kitchen in the cabin HA!I am ordering mostly stainless steel stuff cause it's so easy to clean.I was looking for one of those pot holders that hang from the ceiling til hubstead said something about it may not hold from the beams.We'll see.By the way the kitchen setup is stainless steel too.
I've never really "won" anything but it's great to dream uh?

Well this has been the highlight of my morning.Hope your day goes great today!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thoughts on some Stuff

I've been on here on and off today and this morning while I was on here,I was also watching a show about 7 things you shouldn't eat.Well what an eye opener considering I already knew some of them.These are the things that make you "fat".Ok.Can you guess them?
Sugar and sugar substitutes(yeah that's right)
Soy-lets admit it that stuff is nasty no matter what way or even how you say it.
Peanuts-eat other nuts instead.
Corn-GMO is really bad for you duh I knew that.
Eggs-So much for the chickens.
Dairy-including cheese AHHHH
gluten-yeah we know about this too.

Now it hit me while I was watching this(by the way I am not promoting anything here)that almost everything we consume in the supermarket has this crap in it.You can't pickup anything in the so called"middle isles" of a grocery store without most products having any or all of these ingredients in them.What's a person to do?I agreed with her on these things because long time ago I had a physical therapist tell me the same thing.We've been told to stay away from the middle isles of a grocery store before BUT when most Americans are trying to feed their families the higher price food isn't feesable to buy.So therefore people shop in the middle isles and we all know that there is alot of goodies in them and the cheap stuff.

I can truly understand the organic prices in these stores and I am wondering what Americans would buy if those prices came down?Wouldn't it make more sense to up the other prices and lower organic?Yeah that's the problem it does make sense but for who?

I would love to go to the store and buy organic veggies and fruits but.....
So that was one of the reasons to buy property and grow our own. I know most people can't grow their own because of space.So I want to tell you I will give anything I have to family,friends,or even strangers anything out of the garden because I know what it's like to live like that and how bad you want to eat right.I know I do right now but as always food here is high and it's gonna get higher.I have always shared with people because I know things will go good for us when we do.That's the way it's suppose to be.Oh she never mentioned honey or non gluten stuff.mmm

Irreguardless we are going organic and al la natural(take it how you want it lol)