Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Watch what you wish for-u might just get it

Yep I did and yep I got it.You know on my blogs here how I kept saying I didn't really want to go back east because I really liked it out here? And mostly how I have always wanted to go to New Mexico and live? Well because of the presidents tax laws now if we touch hubsteads money we are going to get sliced and diced on it.We would have just enough to pay off the property but no cabin.Soooo we aren't moving.Then our truck decided it don't want to run anymore and we have to have another vehicle.Yes I bawled like a baby last night because I had gotten my hopes up.Well after looking at the damage it had already done,I called my favorite realty lady in New Mexico and guess what? She has some cheap property for sale and later this year we are going there instead.I can do the same thing there and have my property paid for and have a septic system put in AND a cabin for less than what we were going to do back east.MMMM I'm not so sad about it now and even though hubstead is really hestitate about that I told him hey we are going to be ok.We have been thru alot worse.We will figure it out when things come around.We will be outside of Albuquerque and maybe I'll finally get to go to the intertribal powwow they have every year and see the balloon festival too.

The only catch about all this is the cabin will be smaller because they have a length limit on the interstate so we are looking at a 12x32 foot lofted cabin instead of a 14x40.I think I would like the smaller one for now til we get use to being there and build on later.I don't know if we will have chickens either,we'll have to wait and see.But it will be 2 acres.

I'm not mad I may be a little disappointed but you know sometimes things don't work out and you got another route you have to take.I told hubstead I think it was because of my resistence to going home.I don't think it was meant to be this way and I kept having knots in my stomache about it.It was like something telling me NO don't do it. What do you think honestly?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kicking the habit

I have been off those smelly cigarettes for awhile now and have been smoking these Blu e-cigs.Yeah they work good.Worth the effort on our part.You don't go thru those awful withdrawals.I have washed alot of stuff in the house and I can finally taste food!Alot to be said about the weight gain but I'm going to burn that off when I get home.I wanted to quit so I would have energy to get me going.I can take a deep breath now and not feel like I am drowning.Happy dance time!

Smells are very important to me.I like the smell of good food,clean clothes and a nice smelling house.I've missed it.These things will give your lungs a jolt at first but after three days you can really tell the difference.I am a fanatic about going to the grocery store to the produce isle and picking stuff up and smelling it.LOL.People probably think I'm nuts but that's ok.I figure in another month or so I won't even have to worry about it.Once I start to lower the levels,they have high,med,low and zero,I'll be off of them.My headaches are gone,my sinus have cleared up and I can sleep fairly well.Oh and the legs cramps are gone.Gosh was I that bad? yep I was.So if you got the habit try these.If you have a loved one trying to quit,these are a good present to give them.They have become so popular that the company is backed up.Most of the stores (convenience store,drugstores) are selling them.Online they are alittle more.

Well that's my take.LOL.I have been trying for years to quit and it seems this has done more for me than any thing I've tried.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alittle of this and that going on

I know it's been a little bit since I've wrote anything.Hubstead had time off and he wanted to go here and there,do this and that.I was glad when he went back to work.We(both him and I) are trying to quit smoking,yes it's nasty I know.We decided to try the Blu e-cigarettes and really they are good.I am a little harder on my will power but am working on it.

I have a friend over on Facebook who is related down the road and over the hill to me,yes Wanda I'm talking about you lol,but she talked to my auntie and I had asked her to ask auntie about my grandmother.We have always heard stories about grandmother being Indian. So she ask for me(thankyou again) and auntie said we were Cherokee.When you get alot of family members telling the same story of your heritage ,it gets you to thinking.I had an older brother who said when grandma got mad she would fuss in "the language" so they couldn't understand what she was saying and she had a temper,I can believe this.Grandma used to go down to the courthouse and talk to the local indians there and speak the language with them,mmmm.My other uncle said we were Cherokee too.I have done research and everything I have turned up was this,with all these stories,most of my family refused to register with the Nation.Why? In the time frame of our history most of them married a white man to keep from being taken to Oklahoma to the reservation.This is why I can not find any family on the rolls,I've looked really hard.But I am not disappointed.

This is a favorite picture of my grandmother and grandfather when they were very young.Even with the black and white,her eyes were very dark.I have three sets of pictures of her and grandfather.This set,another when they were in their middle years and then when they were older.On grandfathers' side,I have a brick wall on someone who we think she was Cherokee too.Alot of times in genealogy when some has a name change or given a christain name,that usually means they were indian.So I have it on both sides.I still have alot left to do even though I have most of the information done.I go back on some of the genealogy sites to see if anyone has added anything from time to time.

I put on a crock pot of butter beans this morning with a ham bone.I haven't had these in ages and have been wanting some for a while.I'll get ragged about it from hubstead,he hates beans like these lol! I tried again to eat some steamed brussel sprouts the other night,I guess it just wasn't meant to be.I hurt so bad later.I can eat brocolli and cabbage,why not brussel sprouts? I making a big pan of cornbread later to go with my beans,it's a southern thing.

I just wanted to add a few lines about what's up and that has been about it.I've been doing some puzzles online to keep my mind going.Doing some reading. Thats about it.So have a great day today!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comfort zones and home

I just read a post by Kanelstrand about our "comfort zones" and I found it interesting in the fact that we are afraid to step out of our zone to try something new.I find myself having that little fear with my hubstead.He is a very comfort zone person and not really into changes.Just like when I introduced him to this idea of us getting our own property and living like we want without any kind of "you can't do this and you can't do that" type of situation.He started to think more and more of it.By the way,the park sent out their Rent must be paid by the first and you have 5 grace period days letter to everyone,which means someone isn't paying their rent but they have to send it out to everybody lol.Anyway I thought about this comfort zone of mine and I don't really have one per se.I'm always looking for different things to do or places to go.

When I was younger,I really like to travel.Not as much now because of having to sit for a long period of time.After awhile a person gets tired of this and just wants to have a decent roof over their heads.I know we will have a little discomfort at first but I can get thru that.Lord knows I've been thru worse!And I am looking forward to doing something different.Back to the comfort zone point.Is this what is wrong with this world now?Are we so afraid to let loose of our mobile phones and turn off our everyday lives to really see the beauty this world has to offer?Well I'm ready.I told someone one time I could do without alot of things and I have and you can't miss what you really didn't have to start with.I've tried to keep it simple for so long and I think that once people did some changes it would do them a world of good.

One more question here.Have you ever felt that you didn't belong some wheres?That you were meant to do or be some place else?And you really haven't settled down in your heart or mind?Yeah that's what I feel.I'm out of harmony somehow and I need to find my way back home.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday morning Sunrise here in Texas

This was what I saw this morning,it went from magenta to orange in a short period of time.It was beautiful. Happy Friday!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Good Day!

Yes!The cabin people are going to send me the paperwork and work with us on the cabin.I am so thrilled.I told the lady that it took a ton of worries off me.

To catch up,we didn't know if we had to wait to get there to do the paperwork.We wouldn't of had no place to stay with Orion if that happened.Camping out would of been the only option.So now we can get the paperwork early and fill it out and put the down payment on it and it will be waiting for us when we get there.YAH!Something is telling me that I am meant to go back home.

So happy is what happy does.I am going to have a good Monday,hope your Monday is great!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Something so Easy?and Snow

Have you ever wanted to reach through the phone and just strangle somebody?I did.I called the place that services the septic tanks in the area where we are moving.My way of thinking oops!I ask them if they serviced our address before.Easy right?I even gave them a couple of days to check.With all the computer technology you would think all they had to do was look on their computer or even looked in their files to see if they even had the address there.I guess it was too much to ask cause I just talked to the lady and she said I would have to have someone down there on the property and they would have to have someone from there to come and check.Did I ask for that?I don't think so,I told my cousin and he laughed and said these people were a pain to work with and they serviced his system too.Oh great.Why do places do that,oh yeah I'm moving back to Alabama I forgot,people there are like that.I told my cousin I think it was because they wanted money to do that and he said yeah.Well.... they can kiss it for now,dang!I'm not even there yet and I'm already getting a pain in my butt.

We had some snow early this morning,not much but enough to stick until the temperature started to rise and now it's gone :(.But that's ok it didn't interfer with the roads or stop the school buses from running.I was hoping to at least be able to play in it with Orion cause he likes snow.He's a little sad right now.

Well hubstead goes back to work tomorrow and he don't want to.I know how he feels.It's been nice to have him around and he even cooked one night for me.We had spanish rice.It's an old recipe his mother gave him when we first got married and we still cook it every now and then.I told him to start bringing some boxes home from work so I can pack up some more stuff.

Well that's been about the size of my morning already,hope everyone has a great Friday!