Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Chilling Today

I've been sitting here just chilling and waiting to call the water place back home to see if we have a meter or not.I had a bowl of cream of chicken and some crackers for lunch.I am trying to lose some weight before we get there so my energy level will be up.Yeah I'm going to need it.Been checking out chicken coops and fencing and tools and tillers and saws oh my!Gotta love Lowes.

I'm hoping everyone in the path of that hurricane is alright.I've been thru a few of those myself.It's not pleasant.First time I did,I freaked,I was scared to death.I had never seen wind blow that hard or so much rain.After a while you know what needs to be done and deal with it.So prayers go out to those there.

Next month we 're going to start putting things in boxes that we don't use for now.It's not gonna be too bad.I have my handy dandy list of stuff we are going to need and numbers to call so we got it going.I'm wondering if we should get totes or boxes for packing.Totes would keep anything clean but boxes I could use and recycle in the garden.The work inside the cabin is gonna be slow going and the totes would be in the way as I wouldn't have room to put anything until we got the interior done.And so would the boxes.Guess we'll have to see.I've been keeping an eye out for shelves and bookcases and anything I can set stuff on.I don't like the idea of putting things on the floor if I can help it.

Orion knows something is up.Hubbys' mood has changed and so has mine and I think he can feel it.
We are going to have to keep an eye on him,mainly because he doesn't know what a yellow jacket is or a fox or a coyote or a deer for that matter.We got all sorts of stinging things there.Putting up a fence for him will be first priority. Dang dog.He'll love it.

No news about the meter yet,she thinks we have one but won't find out til later today.
Have a Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This too funny!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Proud Owners Now!

Well the deed is done,we are the proud owners of 3.5 acres of property! Come March(hopefully before then) we will be sitting on our undeveloped homestead.We are set and ready to go now but gotta wait.Just as well time to get "the list " out and get to getting the things we are going to have to have.I'm so blown away right now.I decided to start packing stuff around here that is out and collecting dust that we don't use.Simply cause it will make it feel more real.I called my brother and sister-in-law and my cousin who is going to help with the progress.They are both excited we are coming home.The garden will have to be put in right off the bat and so since I haven't seen where to put one,cousin is going to do the setup for the cabin and garden.He wants to see what the barn looks like,yes it's a barn and not a shed.It also has a concrete floor already in it.We got lucky.They both have been great.

I know it will be rough at first,especially not hearing all the noises.I'll be glad,I am so aggravated with the loud planes and boom boxes and cars screeching.I am looking forward to peace and quiet and maybe my nerves will settle down.One thing I have always wanted to do,I want to sit on my porch and listen to the quiet and have a cup of coffee.This has been a dream for years and years and hubby told me last night that I had a good idea us doing this. I told him long time ago this was what I have always wanted.He is so much more at ease with the idea now.

I really want to thank everyone for the support and ideas and compliments.This blog was the best thing I could have done at a time when I needed it.We have til December maybe January to get things going so I will blog our progress.The move will depend on the weather and how soon we leave here.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Lot of Work Ahead

I am so happy,I called one of my cousins back home(my uncles' son)and he wants to help with the setup too.He is an electrician and is looking forward to hooking me up.And he can do carpentry work. So now my hubby and brother and him,hey I got it lol.Anyone else wants to help?Plus he knows how to put in a septic system.So the only thing I got left is getting someone to get the concrete blocks to the property.The cabin has to setup on them and the people who deliver levels it.Hubby was worried that we would not have enough people to help and now he is very happy.

We got until the last part of December to get some more items for the cabin. I really wanted a new bed but I guess that will have to wait til we get there.I'm trying to find a good deal on 4 wooden chairs for my table.I may have to settle on benches.I found this big wooden table someone was throwing out.I can't stand it when someone throws out anything made of wood as long as it isn't damaged.It can be recycled and fixed.Well my table is very wide,would make a great Thanksgiving setup.I've worked on the top and got it clean and the wood takes the lemon oil good.

Next week hubby is taking some time off,much needed time off.He works in a place where he has to work around heaters that heat plastic and mold them.They were working in this 100 degree weather,inside the building it was 120 degrees. Yeah he has had enough of this.He is not getting any younger and this heat here will take it out of you.When we first got here it wasn't as bad but now it feels like you have no fluid left in your body and that is no matter how much you drink.

I am looking forward to opening up my windows and doors again.Letting in light instead of having to close the curtains and blinds.Our little cabin should keep us nice and cool during the summer and nice and toasty during the winter.

My cousin is going to tell his mom and dad I called and to let them know I'm coming home.See I was adopted, my adopted dad and my uncle are brothers,my aunt said the only reason she didn't get me was because they got to me first lol.It was a crazy situation.Well we are having pizza tonight,I'm not cooking.Hubby lets me have a day off (or 2)to not have to cook.I got a feeling I'm going to be cooking alot when we get back home cause he will be home more.He's taking some time off from the work force for a bit.He wants to concentrate on working on the cabin and just relaxing and exploring the property.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Stop Me I buy too Much!

I can't seem to stay away from the auctions and the seed sites.I went this morning and got 500 Kale seeds cause I didn't have them.Wednesday I found a cute sugar and creamer on one of my auction sites and won it.

I thought these were so cute.In the south we were always told when you have a cream and sugar bowl(mostly sugar) your house would have good luck as long as it was full,don't think that came from the Chinese.It has these pretty little roses on them and a gold tone looking stuff around the rims and handles.

I am a turquoise person so I went and won this for myself-

The lady said she went to New Mexico(go figure) and the Navajo lady made it for her right there.She didn't wear and decided to auction it.I got lucky.If you can't see it too good it has a turtle in the middle set on black looking onyx.I had to make an extension for the neck part,about an inch. I had some liquid silver here so it would match. I have not pulled it off since I got it.Until now but I put it right back on after I took this picture.

So I figured while I was on a roll I would make some earrings to match.

The only thing I want before we leave here is my Queen size Indian Blanket,I have three twin size.These are so warm ,mine is purple with black and white stripes,hubbys has turquoise with black and white stripes.It was suppose to be my birthday present but after a while it migrated to his side.It's thicker than mine.Share share alike. I really favor the geckos and the kokopelli.I have both hanging on my wall as wall plaques.Yeah now you see why it is breaking my heart to leave out here.But....

Look up that's where I get my stuff.Also they have antiques on there.You bid with credits,when you sign up you automatically get 500 credits.This is where I got the sugar and creamer and necklace.

It's a small site but you can get some interesting stuff.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five Years Of Junk

It's amazing how much a person can accumulate in 5 years.Problem is we need pretty much all we have and then some.What's so funny is going thru something and going"oh that's where that went to,I was looking for that last year" So far we got something to sit on,some little tables,a bed,a big desk(which he hasn't figured out how to get it out of the trailer yet),a nice wood table with no chairs and a bookcase and entertainment unit.Well I think that will be enough to fit in our cabin.I have been going online looking for shelves. I'm a shelf person,I like sitting my "stuff" out for everyone to see! I told hubby I want counter space in the kitchen,if not the shelves go up. I do a lot of auctions on different sites and get good deals too.MMMM good way to get rid of junk.

I have more things (see I didn't say junk)for my kitchen because I like to cook. I am getting rid of all plastic refrigerator containers cause I am switching over to glass.Good idea I thought and easier to clean.I do break stuff,like I knew Corelle dishes did break but not as fast as I have gone thru them. I've broken a plate,a bowl and a cup.Yeah well it happens and don't get me started on the glasses.I drink out of a large turquoise plastic tumbler.

My most used item in the kitchen is my stainless steel colander.I use it for everything.I have a specific coffee cup I drink out of and one particular knife I use.Funny how we have habits.I am saving all my egg cartons for the eggs I'm going to get from the chickens I haven't bought yet.Yeah I laughed at that one too.Hubby keeps buying electrical appliances and I'm thinking well we're not going to have electric for awhile(so much for counter space)what is he thinking? Considering we are going solar after a while. My kitchen in the cabin is rather small but my brother figured out we are going to have about a 14'x15' space for each room.That's pretty good size but most of it will be living space and bedroom.Oh I know ,shelves for the living room!

I can't wait to get home and get my doctors setup,I do love them.I've thought alot of things in the last few days and I do miss the change of seasons and the cool night air.The hills and the mist that forms over them.The spring time with all the blooms of the Dogwoods.Alabama is a pretty state as long as you stay away from the cities.It's a good state to grow things in.I don't know if you feel this way but when you stay gone from a place for a long time and then go back,it seems strange and so does the people.

I've lost most of my southern accent since I've been here and it's so funny to talk to my relatives on the phone.They have that southern twang and I think Oh no I'm going to sound like that again soon!I adapt to my surroundings and Texas has a twang too,I really haven't picked it up as a matter of fact I don't sound like anything at all.Hubby says that sometimes my accent comes out( when I'm mad) but not as much as it used to.

Well the next few months will be having to sift thru stuff here and there and trying to figure out what stays and what goes.Pinch me is this real? I still can't believe we found such a good deal on land.And we found out we may have a well on the property already.Depends on which side the well is with the tree markers.I'm praying it is.

Here is my tin I keep my teabags in I love this

I adore this little tin with the pictures .

Friday, August 17, 2012

Preparing so much to DO

This morning hubby ordered his tree catalogs and seem to be in a good mood about the move. I have already gotten all my vegetable seeds and herb seeds ordered.Most have come in.My house is already starting to pile up with all the stuff I ordered.I'm boxing it up and just going down the list to see what else we need.Come to find out before we leave here,we have to have a generator and a chainsaw and a way to heat the cabin since it will still be cool.See the pictures.It's kinda grown up around there.I got my septic man and perc man on standby.Funny thing about hometowns,everyone is related LOL.

The property has electric and water available which means a meter and a pole has to be put in. We are going to wait til March to move and hopefully the weather won't be bad.After much thought about the electric we will have to have it.Got to have my freezer.The water may have to be caught in rain barrels for awhile. I think we may have a spring running thru the property.My sister-in-law said my brother wants to do a "walk about" the property when they can and when it isn't raining there.They have been great about going and looking at the property that I find and it gets them out of the house and moving around.I love them so much and miss them.They are excited about us coming home.
We at least have a shed to build on and some kind of start with a building.So most likely we will use it for all the farm stuff.

I want to thank all of you for the encouragement.Someone said that because I was disabled I won't be able to handle this,well you know there are ways around everything. If I have to I'll get a golf cart to roam around in LOL but- this is going to happen.All I've done since I've been here is sit like a house plant but for the last few months I have been doing more and more. I have osteoporosis in my back.Well,after doing some reading I know how to handle this now.Oh by the way the doctors here are, how can I say, don't like patients but like the money end.Yeah not worth a flip. My doctors back home were great and I can't wait to get there.Pain medication AH you ask here your file gets red flagged and most of you know what that is.Yep mine is.

Ok back to the property-we got Pine trees all over the place and Oak trees.One spot I believe is an open spot-cabin goes there, garden spot-will have to see.3.5 acres yeah I think it will be taxes YES! Hubby and I have talked about what we want to do,he's not a farmer but he was raised on a farm.He knows enough to get us started and this is going to be,interesting.

We are going from this-

To this-

Orion is going to have a blast.He has been cooped up in this tiny yard too long.I see fleas and ticks but will keep this under control I hope.Got some fence waiting but I want to walk him around the property so he can get a feel for it.He loves to explore.

Yah! Fortunately my brother is going to help hubby do some work around the place.My brother knows just about everyone in the county.He use to work on their cars. He also done some additions to his house so he can show hubby some carpentry skills.I'm blessed having him.Plus when the garden goes in,they will get some of it.My brother is a hunter and fisherman,that's it,he loves them both. Hubby likes to hunt,I like to fish so you see where this is going.They have deer and wild turkeys and all sorts of stuff to get into there.And we are not too far from the lake.

With the courthouse nearby I will be able to do more research work on my family history.I still have blank spots I need to fill in.I haven't been able to because I wasn't there.Unfortunately that courthouse had been burned down several times and a lot of records were lost.I've traced my ancestors all the way back to the late 1500's.We are from Ireland,Scotland and Wales.

It will be a relief to be able to put up my surfboard people, I think I've rode these waves long enough.Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Can I do With These?

We have lived here for 5 years and these have been in a little pile by the front of the trailer. I, in all my wisdom love to recycle especially since I have become older. I decided today to see what was there and came across at least 5 that are in good shape. The problem with these is the caulking is still on the back of each one. I need to figure out how to get the caulking off. I want to make trivets out of them. One says they are made in Italy.The color is a mixed sage to grass green and they are very pretty.Any suggestions are welcome.Once I get the caulk off I'll put something on the back so it won't scratch my table.I measured them and they are 5 3/4",an odd square? There are more out there so I may see what else I can salvage.

Everything so far is coming along. I have been in a great mood since the property thing is going.I really am going to miss Texas but the heat has become unbearable.The town we are moving to(outside of town about 4 miles)is where I was born.I was an at home birth,so my mother tells me.I have an uncle who lives there too.So I won't be alone and will have kin close by.I think it is going to be interesting.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally HOME

Ours! My brother went to it and he said it was overgrown but we will be moving in march of next year.It's in Alabama and weird thing?My ancestors used to live very near this property.
It's 3.5 acres a little more than what I wanted but that's ok it has lots of trees on it and this shed thing.
I'm showing you these pictures for now because once we get there we won't have internet service for awhile but I'll post what I can and take lots of regular pictures.We are going to put a 14x40 foot cabin on there somewheres LOL

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes morning!

Good Morning,yesterday was biscuits,today Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes. I forgot where I got the recipe but gosh it was easy except I had to end up cooking them in my electric skillet.I tried my stainless steel skillet but didn't have any non stick spray and boy did they stick.Trusty electric skillet I've had for years! So now I know if I can make these then I can do Banana Bread which is on the menu.i hope I don't as big as the side of the house with all this good food lol.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's a shame I had to come to Texas and FINALLY I can make biscuits! For some reason I couldn't make them back east. So maybe when we move I can still do this.Aren't they pretty?

Nothing like a hot biscuit and sausage to get a Saturday started.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Some Items are In!

I have been going down my list of things that we may need for our cabin(let's hope this comes about LOL)and my garden tools came in( I say mine because he won't use them hahaha)and the water filter came in which I hooked up last night.Finally it is so good to have a decent cup of coffee around here.I am weaning myself off certain drinks and the filter will help.The water here is horrible.My seeds haven't come in yet they are still in transit.Like I said in an earlier post,I wanted to go from the start and go step by step even if it's baby steps. I got a book called The Back to Basics Handbook by Abigail R. Gehring and it gives quite alot of useful info.I sit and read it constantly.Everyone has told me to read everything I could before I made the leap. Ok I am.

My tomatoes and peppers have called it quits.Today I am going out there and pulling them out of the pots and try something else.Orion found a rattlesnake near the edge of the trailer and fortunately he didn't get bit. It sure made him mad tho.This has been a worry of mine around here. When it is dry they come in from the fields looking for food(mice) and since I am really close to these fields they congregate here.So far so lucky.Dang dog! He should of been a cat cause he sure is curious and he will stick his nose into any crack.

Been in a really good mood,some of this heat is slacking off alittle.Been just keeping cool and hanging out in the house.

This is a really nice one and the water taste good too.

Ok ready to do some gardening,well almost.I picked the girly kind with soft handles.

I keep asking myself if I really want to mess these up,they are so pretty and I love the pattern and color.

Next month I think I'm going to get a propane wall mounted hot water heater.So it looks like we may just have to have some property with a water line.I'm not too worried about electric.We are bouncing between solar and a wind generator.And I can still use a water catchment system for outdoors.By the way I looked up in Tennessee for property,a big no go! I have been looking in the south because it rains more,good for storing water.Poor old Texas still dry.I told hubby before we leave here I want a cowboy hat and a southwest bedspread from a place I have gotten a lot of stuff from.

I am forever hooked on almond milk now.I can't drink whole milk anymore. I used this stuff in cereal and my coffee and what ever else I find.I have been toning down on certain foods and eating more veggies and fruits and wow what a difference.It works.You'll feel better and have more energy.The "Duke" is on all day and I love that man.

I wanted to add these. When we first came to Texas I went to a yard sale and these hang in my kitchen.An omen maybe?

Dark Frame

Green frame-

Sometimes we need reminders of what we really want.Have a great FRIDAY!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Texas size Wasps

They were nice enough to stay still while I snapped a picture of them! These guys are huge.

My Moonflowers under the porch.

Mom I want to go in,it's starting to get hot pleaseeee! And the most comfortable shoes on earth.

Things that make you say"Oh no they didn't just do that"

Something hit me this morning and just decided to post this. After spending some time in the local grocery store this weekend I wanted to post some things that go on that probably others don't notice and I wished I didn't.In the 50 something years I have been on this planet here are somethings that make you go "Oh they didn't just do that"!

1.People giving their kids fruit to play with and they "mouth it" and then putting the fruit back.

2.Sneezing and then handling the produce.

3.Sneezing on the shelf items and walking away laughing about it.

4.Coughing and not covering their mouth.

5.Kids running around and handling stuff and dropping them on the floor and leaving it there.

6.People who scratch their selves and then handle stuff YUCK!

7.People who come out of the bathrooms and you know they didn't wash their hands.You were there.

8.Sticky stuff/goo on milk jugs or cartons or soft drinks,mm wonder what that is?

So when I get home I wash the top of the cans, wash the produce and the jugs and cartons and first and foremost I wash my hands all the way up to the elbows! I'm not a fearful germ person but the older you get the more you have to watch what is going on and take precautions. This is my version and I'm sticking with it.

If you realize how many items in any given store has been touched like this ,you probably wouldn't touch or even go to the stores. But this is true and it's a fact ,people don't care anymore.This is also how a virus is spread.I went to a grocery store one time and I just talked to a girl who had streph throat(yes she was working knowing she had it)and a few days later I came down with it.

Another is working while you are sick.I understand the concept of this I really do but when you do you spread your germs to others who in turn take it home to their family who may go and see someone ..say... in a nursing home who gives it to an elderly person who actually dies from coming down with a virus.This people I have witness myself,I used to work in a nursing home.I am just keeping it real here.Sometimes when flu season hits,they won't let people in to these nursing homes and the patients are confined to their rooms if its bad.

So when flu season comes think about this - take care of yourselves,you only have one body and so does everyone else around you.Increase your intake of garlic or garlic rich foods,has worked very well with me.The only thing I come down with now is allergies and that is whole other subject.

Here is a combo I take-Garlic,honey,vinegar,lemon
I fix something every day that I can put garlic in.

Maybe this is the reason why I don't get out as much. Once or twice a month when I have to get out, but most times I am at home.Which is the reason I want to grow my own stuff.At least I know where it's been.

These are just a thought.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Filling in my List

I had made a list for things that we would have to have when we got our little mini farm thing going.Today I ordered all my seeds,got a homesteading book coming and some hand spades for the garden.

I also done the pricing on some items like a tiller and generators and things that I thought we could use.We want to plant fruit trees and I would love a fig tree.Hopefully if we find the right property it will have blackberry bushes on it already.I'm still dying to get my giant gourds in the ground and get them growing,they will be extra income for us.So Monday I will be doing alot of reading and more planning. I know something will break soon.

We decided on a wood burning stove for heat and looking for some water tanks. I'm not happy about putting anything out here where we live now.So a few things will have to wait.Looks like things are looking up!

It was very hot today and I'm hoping that storm in the Atlantic will get here and give us some relief.We need it bad.Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Fried People!

Oh my my it is hot hot.I feel like something deep fried and smothered in an unknown substance!I have to look back on the snow pictures I posted just to cool off a degree.

We have central heating and cooling but the unit in these rental places are so old.I'm going to hate to see the electric bill this month. I really hope it cools off next month by the end of the month.Earlier I took an ice cube and rubbed it on my arms and it went fast LOL.But it helped. I know Arizona is hot like this and a lot hotter.I don't see how they do it there.

Wished I had some nice pictures for ya folks but everything around here is brown and you know what that looks like.I just tried to get Orion to go outside and he peeked out the door and looked up at me like"you better turn the heat off if you want me to go out there".Dang dog.

I had quite a bit of running around to do this morning but poor old truck refused to get me going where I wanted to go.It started running hot because of the heat. This was about 9:20 this morning.So I said ok lets go home. It had water and all the fluids in it but I don't complain,our little pickup has gone a lot of miles.When we get back home my brother will take a look at it.He's a really good mechanic.

Hubby has been working 6 days a week and he is super tired.He told me he really thought he would like this heat but thinks it's too dry for him now.We both miss the rain showers and storms.Of course I love snow and he don't. 50-60-70 degrees and I'm good. I function like a normal person then.

I took the leftover stuff where I had made the chicken pot pie and added some celery leaves and alittle more salt to it.It turned out great! I cooked some brown rice and heated the pot pie sauce up and poured it over the brown rice and got completely full from it.It was about a cup and half. Now I know what to add to it next time I fix it. My hubby doesn't like homemade stuff too well but he liked that and I like his opinions cause usually he's right.He told me it needed more salt.He is getting used to me making stuff at home.Especially the biscuits.It's pitiful when you have to move to another state then all of a sudden you can cook! I've tried some recipes on here that had been posted by some of you and they are really good.Now I have to teach my sister-in-law some of them,she likes to cook too.

Well just some ramblings for this Wednesday and hope ya'll have a great day,what's left of it.Stay cool if your hot,stay dry if your wet.Pray for us here in Texas to get some rain soon.