Tuesday, October 30, 2012

As much as we can Handle

A lady friend of mine when I was going through a rough time told me "God gives you as much as you can handle Ann".It didn't sink in till much years later that what she said was true.I watched as important and unimportant things slipped away and new things appeared.Human as we are, we experience joy and sorrow and pain and we cry and ask God why.He opens one door and shuts another.He gives and he takes away.This is life.So here is what I'm thinking,maybe he is telling people we have forgotten what is truely important in this life.We need to depend on him more and less on all the material things we have excess to.Simplicity is not a bad way to live,simplicity does not mean you have less,it means you have more.More peace of mind.Less stress and more time for family,friends and people who you care about.Things that you need to do that you enjoy.This is the way I see it.

When we get ready to move,we don't have much,really, we don't, and, I do not mind it at all.Everything we lost before has been replaced with very little but better things.Sometimes that happens we lose what we have only to be able to replace it with something better.But I have learned to not get stuff in excess.This where my simplicity comes in.I also now depend on talents that I have accumulated over the years.Like making a quilt or crocheting or sewing.Learning how to cook different stuff.I don't go with what in style,whats hot for today.We pick up only useful items ,like a phone,something we need.There is a difference between a want and a need.This has proven to be painful at times lol.But I got over it.

I guess what I am trying to say is for the people who have gone thru a rough time or are going thru a rough time,don't give up.One door may have closed but another one will open and it will be better than before.It could also completely change your life.It has mine.

I am a grain of sand on the beach that rode the waves of time to get here.