Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Chilling Today

I've been sitting here just chilling and waiting to call the water place back home to see if we have a meter or not.I had a bowl of cream of chicken and some crackers for lunch.I am trying to lose some weight before we get there so my energy level will be up.Yeah I'm going to need it.Been checking out chicken coops and fencing and tools and tillers and saws oh my!Gotta love Lowes.

I'm hoping everyone in the path of that hurricane is alright.I've been thru a few of those myself.It's not pleasant.First time I did,I freaked,I was scared to death.I had never seen wind blow that hard or so much rain.After a while you know what needs to be done and deal with it.So prayers go out to those there.

Next month we 're going to start putting things in boxes that we don't use for now.It's not gonna be too bad.I have my handy dandy list of stuff we are going to need and numbers to call so we got it going.I'm wondering if we should get totes or boxes for packing.Totes would keep anything clean but boxes I could use and recycle in the garden.The work inside the cabin is gonna be slow going and the totes would be in the way as I wouldn't have room to put anything until we got the interior done.And so would the boxes.Guess we'll have to see.I've been keeping an eye out for shelves and bookcases and anything I can set stuff on.I don't like the idea of putting things on the floor if I can help it.

Orion knows something is up.Hubbys' mood has changed and so has mine and I think he can feel it.
We are going to have to keep an eye on him,mainly because he doesn't know what a yellow jacket is or a fox or a coyote or a deer for that matter.We got all sorts of stinging things there.Putting up a fence for him will be first priority. Dang dog.He'll love it.

No news about the meter yet,she thinks we have one but won't find out til later today.
Have a Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This too funny!