Sunday, February 10, 2013

A trip to Brownwood lake and A Mad dog

We got our truck! It's a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup.I would post a picture of it but hubstead said not to cause it's too dirty.We're gonna run it thru the carwash tomorrow.Today we took off and took a ride down to Brownwood Lake.

I was very surprised how big it was and it was a very pretty day to do it.See the sky?
Then I took a few pictures here and there and caught this.

I have no idea what the building was made of but hubstead thought it was kinda neat.
Texas has these kinds of hills where we are.

These hills are south of Abilene.I snapped a few but these were the best.I see some of them sometimes in my trips around town here on the south side.We took off this morning kind of late and the whole trip didn't take long.We wanted to see how the truck would run and as soon as we get it cleaned up I'll post some pictures of it.I'm excited.Anyway we haven't been out of Abilene since we got here so this was an tension breaker.We didn't get to the part of the lake we wanted to cause we didn't know really which way to go,we just followed some signs.We also took orion to see how he would do on a long trip and he came thru it like this.

He was one happy puppy when we got him home.