Friday, February 1, 2013

Still Much to Do

Boy did I not pay too much attention to my lists.This incident has made me pull out all my lists I made here while back and there are still too many things to get together before we do this thing.One good thing coming out of it we have 59 weeks still here now cause we had to break down and get another vehicle which is great.We are looking at a big truck,we have a small one now and it just won't work.After much thought we are going to have to have a bigger ride because of hauling things here and there.And hubstead wants to get a trailer(the kind you put stuff on) and that is gonna eliminate the use of a rental truck(an extra few hundred dollars saved).We aren't going to be going that far anyway.After we get the truck we are going to take a small trip up there.New Mexico isn't that far from us so this will give us an opportunity to go check out some acres.:)I'm ok about this.