Friday, March 1, 2013

Tea Tree Oil

It's a fantastic oil!I have two bottles of this stuff and I burnt my hand here while back and have been using it on the burn spot.I also have a place on my nose that didn't seem to want to clear up and so I put some on it too.Tea Tree Oil dries the sores up.But warning the smell is something else.It has a smell of eucalyptus and pine sol.Best way I can decribe it.If you use it in a room it will smell that room up.Tea Tree oil come from Australia and they know their stuff too.You're not suppose to use around eyes,nose or mouth but it hasn't bothered me with my nose.This stuff I have is pharmaceutical grade,I got it on amazon.I haven't use it on anything else considering it has a lot of ways to use it.It definitely keeps the dog away from me for awhile lol! If you get some keep it away from children.

If you use this let me know how you use it.There is alot of info online about it.

We had a good day today,went and paid bills Blah! and took a ride to the local hobby place.Hubstead wants to fix up his cowboy hat.Got a truck need a hat.I told him I wanted a sticker that said"Trucks are for Girls,you silly Boys".But he won't let me lol.

I wanted to tell you about that change of eating habit I'm doing.I am trying out coconut oil for cooking.People you got to get some of this stuff.It goes a long way.I usually cook with olive oil but I cooked some snow peas in a skillet with coconut oil and WOW!I have been feeling better and my glucose hasn't been acting up.I switched back over to almond milk with vanilla,drinking ginger root tea,green tea with berries,eating a mix of tomatoes,jalapenos,onions and parsley.
I cut out any kind of condiments,flour,fried foods,I'm weaning myself off sodas(yes I'm an addict)lol.Within a week I can feel the difference.I'm not too active because of my back pain but I have been taking the vitamins everyday and it has helped some.I think the krill oil has done more good than anything.It's not dieting just changing some food groups around.I'm using more fat burning stuff ,I'm heavy in the front part,and I noticed stretch marks.Yeah it wouldn't hurt the guys either.If you are like me,I have a spouse who don't really like change on the food but what he don't know won't hurt him.Not unless he has an excellent sense of taste.The other night we had steaks.I wanted some mushrooms and onions and I cooked those in olive oil.I decided that it needed it own food group title.It was awesome.I told hubstead I like to cook now.Which he was pleased lol.We put those on the steak,he had A1 sauce I just had the mushrooms and onions.You know how some people have a bag of onions?Well I buy two purple(red) onions a week and I use that same onion alot for different things.I started that a long time ago.I'm using more spices now and we have one shaker with garlic powder,onion powder,parsley,paprika,salt and pepper.It gets used on all of our meat.The reason why I had to do this change was because the older I get the more food allergies I am getting.Like today we went to a chinese place we like to eat at,I got the sesame chicken and I had something that resembled a crab salad and noodles,bad combo,I had a sneezing fit and I told hubstead I was not feeling good.I only had one bite of the salad.So what ever was in the salad was a no-no.It's crazy right? We don't eat out alot just sometimes and I have noticed I get that way but at home I don't have a problem because I guess I know what is going in my food.

Ok I have rambled on enough, time for some coffee.Now if I could just cut that sugar out I'd be doing good,Oh well can't win them all,just yet(WINK).Orion says "HI" and no he won't eat mommys health food.