Friday, August 10, 2012

Some Items are In!

I have been going down my list of things that we may need for our cabin(let's hope this comes about LOL)and my garden tools came in( I say mine because he won't use them hahaha)and the water filter came in which I hooked up last night.Finally it is so good to have a decent cup of coffee around here.I am weaning myself off certain drinks and the filter will help.The water here is horrible.My seeds haven't come in yet they are still in transit.Like I said in an earlier post,I wanted to go from the start and go step by step even if it's baby steps. I got a book called The Back to Basics Handbook by Abigail R. Gehring and it gives quite alot of useful info.I sit and read it constantly.Everyone has told me to read everything I could before I made the leap. Ok I am.

My tomatoes and peppers have called it quits.Today I am going out there and pulling them out of the pots and try something else.Orion found a rattlesnake near the edge of the trailer and fortunately he didn't get bit. It sure made him mad tho.This has been a worry of mine around here. When it is dry they come in from the fields looking for food(mice) and since I am really close to these fields they congregate here.So far so lucky.Dang dog! He should of been a cat cause he sure is curious and he will stick his nose into any crack.

Been in a really good mood,some of this heat is slacking off alittle.Been just keeping cool and hanging out in the house.

This is a really nice one and the water taste good too.

Ok ready to do some gardening,well almost.I picked the girly kind with soft handles.

I keep asking myself if I really want to mess these up,they are so pretty and I love the pattern and color.

Next month I think I'm going to get a propane wall mounted hot water heater.So it looks like we may just have to have some property with a water line.I'm not too worried about electric.We are bouncing between solar and a wind generator.And I can still use a water catchment system for outdoors.By the way I looked up in Tennessee for property,a big no go! I have been looking in the south because it rains more,good for storing water.Poor old Texas still dry.I told hubby before we leave here I want a cowboy hat and a southwest bedspread from a place I have gotten a lot of stuff from.

I am forever hooked on almond milk now.I can't drink whole milk anymore. I used this stuff in cereal and my coffee and what ever else I find.I have been toning down on certain foods and eating more veggies and fruits and wow what a difference.It works.You'll feel better and have more energy.The "Duke" is on all day and I love that man.

I wanted to add these. When we first came to Texas I went to a yard sale and these hang in my kitchen.An omen maybe?

Dark Frame

Green frame-

Sometimes we need reminders of what we really want.Have a great FRIDAY!