Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recycling watching,An unexpected visit

I got some stuff from a local swap meet thing on line this morning and we meet in public places which is a good idea to do, you never know, but they wanted to meet by a recycling center in the parking lot of my favorite grocery store. So I took off a little early and while I was sitting there waiting for them to show up I watched people pull up to the bins and drop stuff off. I was there about 30 minutes and I took notice of the ones who were there. Out of the six cars ,five were older people my age or more and one middle aged man. It got me to thinking about the generations who were taught to recycle and hoping the next coming up will do the same. I wish in a way that Texas had bins that you could put next to your home like some states do and you could recycle that way. We don't have any bins on the street where I live but back home in Alabama they would bring them out for you to use. Of course some people use the side of the road for theirs and I hate that. Texas is pretty clean with their roads and highways here. The only problem I have seen is those pesky plastic grocery bags flying high in trees and bushes.But they are trying to clean them up. Which makes me wonder if all the states had recycling laws, wouldn't it be better? Of course too there is more than one way to recycle your junk.

I'm sitting here and it's almost 3 in the morning. I have my front door open letting in some breeze. I love mornings like this.Orion is curled up on his bed and sleeping. Hubstead had to work for the last three days and yes he had to work on Memorial Day which he was not pleased about it, neither was I.

Well my sister decided to finally come around. I said I would tell a little about what happened with her so here it is. When we were in California, we kind of got stuck and I called her and asked her if we could come to Abilene and stay with her until we got a place, she said sure. Her son worked in the oil fields and was going to see if he could get hubstead a job which he did. So here we went and we stayed with her daughter at first. Now as much as I love my family they are the give me give me type of people. We left there and stayed with her son, he lives a few trailer up from us and my sister called one day wanting us to give her daughter some money. I asked her what for and she said so that they could pay the bills and I told her wait a minute we don't live there anymore and I had already gave her daughter all I was going to give her. We were paying her son rent at the time too and trying to get all the deposit for this place paid. Yep she got mad and said some things and I hung up on her. Now jumping to 5 years later, we got this new truck and new stuff for the house which some of you know why, now she is coming around again and acting like nothing happened. O.K. forgive and forget but I know why she is doing it. Not this time. I'm waiting though for her to come around asking for money like she always does. The grandkids have been back here asking for stuff already. The reason why we left her daughters house? Her daughter was having her doped up friends, yes smoking pot come in and eat food we bought for us. At the time things were going down hill pretty quick and we figured to break off that situation.

So opinion time here OK? What would you do if you were in a situation like this where you haven't seen somebody in 5 years and you get something and all of a sudden they show up? What would you think? I'm pretty aggravated about this whole thing.

Ok enough about that. I hope all of you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and hope the rest of the week gets better and better!