Sunday, December 9, 2012

Squeaky toys and Cold

Hubstead and I went to the store last night and they have all the Christmas stuff out.Since it's just him and I and Orion,we don't "buy" Christmas,not this year anyway.As we were walking around they store looking at this and that,we ended up on the dog isle.Wrong place for us to be,we always get Orion something and bring it home to him.While looking thru the toys,now Orion has never really played with store bought toys not that we haven't bought him any it's just he annilates them in a very short time so we quit buying him any and just made him some out of old socks and material well I decided to get him one of those cheapy plastic filled stocking thing with toys on the inside.It came with a ball,football,and some squeaky stuffed looking toys.And I brought it home.Orion knows what a ball is and a football,he has a big football he gets in the mood to play with.Well he has never really like the squeaky toys much,he likes to tear out the squeaky plastic thing.Well he got one tore out and I told him not to tear anymore toys up.And-he-listened!Now all he does is walks around with the squeaky toy in his mouth and makes it squeak.Driving me insane.I guess he figured since he couldn't tear it up,he'd aggravate me.Yeah he knows how to get to me too.But I was happy to see him playing with them and he was having a really good time.He picked his favorite two and leaves the others for just a quick play minute(attention span of about 1 minute),a squeak and a toss that's about it.

Dang still didn't get any yarn to do my dishcloths with!!!

We ended doing some grocery shopping,looking thru the Christmas stuff they had and you know it didn't even faze me.I personally thought that some of the stuff they have come out with is gaunty looking,this is my opinion and I can't help it lol.I like the old colors of Christmas and it's just to me has gotten out of hand.I've seen specialty stores have better stuff.I am definitely gonna let my imagination go wild when I get home and able to do Christmas next year YAH!

I got some mushrooms to fix with some chicken and chili stuff.Tonight I put on a roast in the slow cooker.I cook alot when hubstead is home,he uses alot of energy at his job and he needs the calories.He worked one job in a concrete plant and he lost so much weight I started getting worried about him.He ended up getting so sick he had to quit.
He thinks he uses energy here just wait til he gets on the homestead ha!But at least when he gets tired there he can rest when he wants to.He'll love it.I have been blessed with a hard working man.

It's getting cold here.We are getting a really cold front pushing down from the north today and it's going to be in the twenties tonight.I had to hunt down the plastic sheets I put on our windows.Makes a huge difference.They said we might have a light dusting of snow,last time it came down in buckets,hence the store run,I
always like to be prepared! I'm a plan ahead thinker on these things and always expect the unexpected,oh yeah.Well learned lessons.If it does I have fresh batteries for the camera so I can take some pictures.

I love going thru the blogs and checking out all the snow pictures.I know for some of you the snow can be a pain in the butt.Well,I'm probably gonna be thinking the same thing back home if northern Alabama get snow.But wow it's so pretty there when it does.Here if it snows,you can't even see where the road and the side of the road is,it's scary to drive like that.First time I got a dose of it was coming home and all of sudden we had whiteout conditions and I barely made it home.I slid sideways into the drive lol.Boy was I glad to be home.Back home I'll have to manuever the hills,but I really don't plan on being out in that mess if I can help it.I have been in the Colorado Rocky Mountains before in snow and it was awesome,if you have never been there,no words can explain it but only one-BEAUTIUL and dangerous too.I said at one time if I could choose where I wanted to live,that would of been the place.But now it's too expensive to live up there.Land is outrageous.Cost of living is worse.The New Mexico idea changed this past summer for me.After much looking for property there and talking to people,to me there is too many HOAs and I don't like living some where that other people can tell us what we can have and not have on our property.When I talked to the realty lady I was dealing with,she acted like she knew nothing about the HOAs rules when I think she did but just didn't want to scare away potential buyers.So that was shot to you know where,that's why we bought property back home.There,where we are going to be,one guy pretty much owns everything around us and it's alot.

Well not much ado for now but some thoughts here.So have a great Sunday and keep warm!