Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sundays' Whatsup?

You know if I never talk on the phone again,I'd be happy.For the past few weeks I've made so many phone calls getting information about getting set up for our move.I talked to the electric company ,the water company,the tax office,the cabin people,the U-haul people,and the block people and we finally got an rural address!.All has been written down and put away.It's finally cooled off here and we had a little rain.Orion is some what sick at his tummy and I don't know if it was something he ate or the weather.He does have some allergies poor thing.But Mommy Human does her best to look after him. I gave him a face washing (yeah with a wash cloth)when he came him from throwing up and now he is laying down.I think we may have a rattlesnake under the trailer and I'm so hoping he don't find it.He has already chased one back under there.

I have been looking at our property pictures and it dawned on me that we have a lot of pine trees,so I went looking for some sites that has pine needle baskets.Yup I am.I already know how to make coiled baskets so I figured why not? I could sell these too. See I have always been the type of person,usually,that can catch on to stuff pretty quick,all I have to be is shown how to do it.

This one is from Mother Earth News

I am a basket collector and if I can't find what I want ,I try to make it.Besides they're good to use for the garden.When we get our fruit trees in,they will be a big help.Hubby is already looking at tractors.I was a bit surprised but he said he wanted one and has already picked one out.I told him a weed eater and the lawn mower would have to do for now LOL.He is getting excited about the move too.We were talking about the local wildlife last night and how we are going to have to have something for critters and protection.And we talked about the chicken coops and the chickens.So maybe this is gonna be a good thing for both of us.He's not a farmer but we were both raised some what in the country life so I think we will do good.We don't know how long we will be without internet service,that's one of those wait and see things.But I promise to take pictures and post as soon as we get there and you can see our progress.

I've got all my seeds in and most of the garden supply things for now.We have been watching the weather because if we can we may leave sooner than march.My brother has a wood burning stove he said he would let us have and we're thinking as long as we got heat we could muddle thru the winter til spring.Also he's going to let us use his generator too.So I think we will do fine!