Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Anyone seen my hamster?

I'm sitting here watching the weather and wondering,is that stuff coming down further or is it just me? I think it is.Sooner or later here in Central Texas we are gonna get it.We have only had a couple of dustings from these systems moving through.I see right now when we get home(Alabama) there is not going to be a shortage of water,better get my rain barrels together.

You know how people make these New Year Resolution? Well,I don't make any cause usually I break them anyway.This coming year will be full of hard work.Clearing and cleaning the property,planting a new garden,fixing up the cabin,watching to see what the heck Washington is going to do,and just try to be content.That's not that much to ask is it?

I went thru some of your blogs and wished you a Happy New Year and if I didn't comment well Happy New Year! Let's all try to make 2013 great,irrreguardless of what is going on in this crazy world,I know I am.Sooner or later that dang hamster is gonna have to come home.(some of you know what I mean lol).If not,the wheel is there but the hamster is gone.My screwy mind.

I found a site where there were alot of tiny houses.I spent hours last night looking through it.I thought my brain was gonna explode!I got some really great ideas.Some pictures had them sitting in snow and they were so pretty.I loved it.Others were in the woods.I'm going to take as many pictures as I can and yes I'll include myself in them.I am so excited about this move now even though I wasn't at first cause I do like it out here but after much thought this is what I have always wanted to do.And it will be nice to be close to family cause that's the kind of person I am.

I told hubstead that within two years I wanted to be some what or completely dependant on ourselves,I don't know if it will happen but I'd like to see it happen.I know it may take that long to get the compost bin going good,get the chicken coop and chickens clucking.He still ask me do we have to have chickens?They stink he says.I tell him yes we do, you like eggs and I cook with them.Besides it more convient having eggs available here than spend it in gas and going to the grocery store.I'm hoping to turn him,maybe have to use the force on him more!

Well this is gonna be the last post for 2012 so I hope you stay safe and have a Happy New Year!