Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today I figured out that the purple tomatoes do not do well in hot Texas weather. I had a dozen and now I'm down to four.I did try the epsom salt spray and they seem to like it.It was 104 here today I brought my plants in to give them a rest from the heat and it helped Remember I have them in pots so they are easily movable. The wind is a bad factor here too,it about beats them down in pots.

Today I downloaded a copy of planting times for this area.Got to go and buy more seeds,I just don't know where Im gonna plant them.I have these giant basket gourd seeds and as I was reading up on planting them it seems this area is too hot for them to grow.Usually I'll try a couple plants and see what happens.Don't know until I try right?

I'm got to do some research on how much garden to plant to at least last thru winter months. I have a small freezer I'd love to fill to the top with veggies.That would be nice uh?

Well nothing more is new,I have been still looking  for land though.

Thursday Blahs

Well nothing new today,just been picking some parsley out of the pot so it can dry out.Feeling a little under the weather today so maybe a nap is in order uh?Still trying to post for some land here in Texas but the outlook  is slim. i really like living here but might have to move.