Saturday, June 29, 2013

Change of Pace is in Order

Well hubstead quit his job at the plastic plant. He couldn't take the heat anymore. He has applied for any position at the state school here. Assisted Living thing. So we hope he'll get it. They have a lot of people come and go there but they liked the fact he had done security before.

If this doesn't work out, we will be moving back home. My brother is going to talk to a guy who sells used trailer(again)and see what he can get going for us. I told them as long as I can keep Orion I don't care, it's a roof over the head.We actually buy it so it will be home.

If this happens we got to decide what stays and what goes. We have collected so much stuff. The heat has been just unbearable here and have noticed a lot of people are moving out. It's 5:20 in the morning and it's 84 degrees. Yeah gotta get out of this mess! I'm sitting here, the air is on and I still have a fan blowing on me. That's warm.

I'm giving us until August to see what happens.I'll be posting up til then.Have a happy Saturday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Putting the Kabash on Alaska

Wow I read up on moving to Alaska and told hubstead "NO".He asked why and so I laid it all out to him.It is so expensive to move there not including going thru Canada.A person could take a ferry but that was expensive too.You either have to crate your dog or keep it in the truck and they have "pet call" three times a day so you can feed your hound.Orion wouldn't stand for that. Uhaul is the only moving van that goes that way and boy that would cost.
Long story short now ,he saw the light.I really like the mountains but geesh not that much.So I have throwed some ads out there and hope we'll get a bite.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I think WE have LOST our MINDS

I'm sitting here still stunned by the conversation I had with hubstead yesterday. I was sitting here thinking about the prices of this and that and hubstead walks in,sits, down looks over at me and says"I was thinking about what you said". UH? And he said "let's move to Alaska". What? Yeah.He told me no he wasn't kidding,he said I am tired of being hot and I want to go some place cooler.Yeah? He has been there before and he said as long as he can stay warm he didn't care. What did I think? Let me backtrack here,everyone knows we have had an up and down on finding property and Alaska has some nice property for sale there.I have looked there before but it was always 'NO".3905 miles to there from here. mmmm oh mercy.I'd have to check about passports Orion needs his shots,what are we gonna take?Thousands of things are running amok thru my brain right now. I'm thinking about calling my shrink for some pills.

I would love to see the Aurora Borealis and Mount McKinley.It was on my bucket list ya know.So what if I see it now.I am so surprised at this new concept.I really don't want to stay here where the heat is so oppressive and with all the other crap going on now I'm thinking it may be a good idea to do something different.There is no property to be has back east and it's getting hotter here in the west.I will let you know what is happening within a few days and see what comes about,it won't be however anytime this year so we are looking at March again.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My new/old Project

Ok my newest project which I started sanding on this weekend.I have always wanted a wooden headboard and footboard.So it may not look like much but its mine.I am a fanatic about old furniture and redoing it .

The Way its Goes

What a strong storm we had come through here tonight. It has quieted down now but that wind was something else. Which has me thinking about our cabin plans. I still want it,no matter what the outcome of what all else is going on. Hubstead is looking for another job,he has had it with the company he is working for now.The heat gets unbearable during the summer in the warehouse and you add machines going on makes it even worse. We still have been looking for land in New Mexico. We have come to realize that there are no jobs back east much less places to buy or rent since the tornado went thru. I won't go back to Birmingham,no not this gal. Land prices are outrageous too in Alabama.

So, our best bet is to either find land west of here or some really cheap land in here in Texas.I don't think I have sold hubstead on the idea of off grid yet.He has a lot of questions and I try to answer them the best way I know how. You know you can really do a lot of research of the subject but until you get out there and "do it" you're pretty much in the dark.I tried to explain to him that we won't have electricity to begin with and will have to wait on getting solar panels.Heating is nothing and as long as I can cook and heat water for a bath I'm all good. And I told him about getting a garden started. Yep a lot of work but we'll see some progress in the first two years.And besides we get a generator it will help.Ok by this time I'm thinking "have I done lost my mind?" I pointed out about having more money after everything settles down.I have four more things to get for the cabin and I'm done.

He's old school where the man works a job 40 hours a week and brings home the bacon.Well the bacon is getting a little bit too lean and the price isn't worth it anymore. I think he sees that now.I don't think he will mind as long as he can stay warm during the winter.He's cold natured.I on the other hand don't like the heat too well.I got our plans put down on paper,buying food to last us til we get things going.All the stuff we are going to need and the things I have already gotten.Now it's a waiting game to see what comes up. I was kind of hoping he would wait til March of next year to quit his job but I think he maybe doing it sooner.First thing is to get this truck paid for.But we'll see.

In the mean time,everything is going good.I have been looking at everyones posts and your gardens.I can't wait to get mine going.When that storm came thru I piled up in the bed and didn't want to get out of it.Orion is getting his rabie shot this Thursday and unfortunately the vet has to come to him.I can not see taking him to get his shot with other dogs and cats and such because he isn't crowd friendly.So we got to pay a big extra for this vet but I heard he was good with ill tempered dogs like mine.I can't figure it,we have been so careful with him and very loving and kind and he still doesn't like people at all.Dang dog.

So here we are waiting and hoping something will open up. It really makes me aggravated that a lot of the large companies are coming in and buying all the available land.Pretty soon there won't be any.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Flower Friday

Sometimes you just got to stop and take a picture of the flowers. This flower is very little so I had to get a close up of it. I have no idea what it is but I thought it was pretty.

Found a head board and foot board online. This thing is heavy and it feels like oak. But the wood is very dry and will have to be sanded and conditioned. Saturday is going to be busy for sure. I have a lot of sanding to do on it. All it needs is the rails. Smart deal for 35.00 I think. I have been looking for a bed for awhile now. I have been in remodeling mode for now hope it last!

Have a Happy Friday everyone!!!!