Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Rains and Orion

I keep asking myself,where was this rain this summer? I get the same answer ,I don't know.My pots outside are staying wet and I have nothing planted.I didn't want to plant anything right now cause of the move we are making.

Sweet summer(Fall) rain?

Thats ok next year they will be full!

The front yard is nothing but mud.

I had to hollar "cookies?" on this one to get him to stand still.He decided barking at the neighbors was more fun.

He was not happy with me on this one.I told him NO
Mom did you say NO to me? Yeah we'll see about that.

Hes' got some big ears and can hear anything.

Asleep or awake or both? Dang dog!

He misses his Dad!
His fur always looks like that,I've never had a dog with such shiny fur.

On one of my auction sites,the lady told me that these were for medium size dogs.So silly me bidded on these and won.Come to find out they were for a small dog not medium.Anyway both are handmade and too bad cause they are really cute.I don't know what to with them yet.My neighbor has two small dogs and was gonna ask her if she wanted them.

Well that's all I got today,fixed me some coffee and sitting here trying to figure out what to do next.Hubstead(yep that's his new name)can't wait .They made them work today when they were suppose to be off.We had alot to do today and now will have to wait til tomorrow.He was not happy about it.Yesterday was his birthday and yeah he had to work but afterwards he went to the store and picked up some steaks and potatoes and a salad.That's what he wanted and at 11:00 at night I cooked for him.I know it was late ,he's a night person which I still can't get used to after all these years!