Friday, June 29, 2012

This is going to be NICE!

For all who has read my posts,I have been in a frill looking for property.Well week after next we sign the papers,after all gotta pay for it right? My sister-in-law and brother went yesterday and looked at it and when I called they flat out told me that we would be fools not to buy this. It's a little over an acre,fenced all the way around.sits off to itself,has a two car garage with a built on 16x16 unit(hubbys' office space:)and lots of garden room and natural large rocks in the front.I also earth googled it and it is remote in the country,you can hollar all you want and the neighbors won't hear ya! My sister-in-law told me to definitely put a deck out back. We are going to convert the two car garage into a cabin.The only thing we have a major thing to do is put in a septic system.The perc test is already done.Oh and it has a gate in the front.So here we go I got lots of planning to do. We can't move onto the property til next spring but that's a good thing.We have to stay here til then and I figured we would get some things here we can't get there.

I have so many emotions running thru me right now because if you dream it and strive towards your goal you'll succeed. We are by no means rich ,we are like anyone else.Sometimes you have to keep looking. I have been searching for YEARS so yeah its something.I hope that anyone else out there who is looking will find it I really do. It can be done you just have to rethink and prioritize your life.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes its a GO!!!!

Ok coming up we are going to get the property.First tho got to get some septic installation quotes. But we are going for it.

I'm Excited!

Well found a perfect piece of property.One acre and trees and a garage to convert into a cabin. My brother and sister-in-law are going to go look at it for us. I have already talked to the guy who owns it and it's a good deal. It's also out in the county so I'll be able to buy my laying hens for eggs,and hopefully some goats. definitely a garden but will have to wait til next spring to get moving.I am hoping to do the deal(long distant) but I'm sure it 'll be ok.

I will keep an update so I can let everyone know how it's going. This is what I really wanted to do with this blog.Show from start to finish(well never finish)on doing this.

Keep yer fingers crossed and whatever else crossed LOL!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We were Farmers

I spent 15 years doing my family history.Most of my family members were from Ireland and Scotland. When they came here to America they became farmers. Migrate farmers to be exact. They traveled all over til they settled in Alabama and raised their families.Here is my great Grandfather and Grandmother with their brood. Some how some where I always liked growing things.Now I know why.My Grandfather used to have an old mule that us kids were not allowed to get near. He was hornery and old.And they were afraid we would step in the doo.

They lived in an old wooden house with a coal burning pot belly stove.I can remember the smell.Grandma used to make biscuits and she always made the small ones,Grandpa would get mad because he said that's not a biscuit.He ended up making his own biscuits and they were huge! Grandpa used to do wood work and he used alot of cedar.The smell was so great,you could smell cedar all thru their house.We weren't allowed in the workshop because they didn't want us to get cut with all the sharp saws he used.

Grandma had a plum tree in her yard and we would sneak and get the plums off the tree. She would just hollar at us and threatened to whoop us if we did it again.Those were good times at my Grandparents and I just wanted to share it with everyone.Oh and they had the best water from the well and it was so cold!That was before all the construction messed up the underground springs.:(

Now since they are gone but not forgotten the place where the house stood is nothing but a field.But I would love to go there and buy it and put my own place there. Alabama has some expensive land prices and unfortunately that area is too much.I love the area,northwest corner and it has some very beautiful scenery and lots of trees and sloping land. The soil would be excellent for growing a garden. Well I can dream!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My first little Tomato

It might not be much but coming from someone who usually doesn't grow things,they are finally starting to turn!I have more on the vine tuning a yellow then red. This one I picked and I'm going to put this little baby right in the middle of my salad tonight LOL!

My peppers however are not doing too good.I will have to wait on that.

Not bad photography either,I love taking pictures of things.I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I go out.Anyway Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Messed up MMMM

You know I ordered some of the quinoa and ate it and it was pretty good with the blueberries. So I have been drinking smoothies with almond milk and plain yogurt. Which that was good too. Dumb butt me decided to eat some fast food and guess what? I got sick as a dog. Now I know why I don't like eating out.Food don't mix when you decide to eat off the menu food.

I'm going to do better today.My beads came in so my mind will be alittle more occupied.Yes I know I don't know how spell lol.It has been very nice here,a little hot but nice.My cherry tomatoes aren't turning yet,I don't know what is wrong with them.My pepper plants has one bloom finally and I hope it doesn't fall off.I need to plant some garlic cause I'm getting low on it.

Orion and I must have dry skin,we keep itching and I know my scalp is dry. He likes it outside and this hot wind don't help matters.

I still haven't heard anything from my ad I placed back home. I doubt very seriously I will get any inquiries cause land is so expensive there. I bet they are waiting for those high price corporations to buy some land. It's sad that I can't even get a piece of property in a place where my ancestors lived.There are many places there that they farmed and raised their children.Oh well I guess you can't have everything.

I am looking into trying to get things ready ,I have been buying stuff that I think we may need. The bigger items will have to wait like a generator and solar panels.I haven't figured that one out yet. But most of the small stuff I can do right now.I want to be fairly comfortable when the time comes and hubby does too. As always there is a list and personally i don't know anyone who doesn't make one for things.We all do it lol.I want to be organized.

Not alot of people around here knows what we are doing. I found out that when you talk to people about moving off grid they give you a funny look.Like why? I feel like I don't have to explain unless they seem interested. Is that a bad thing? My family back east has no idea what's up and I'll tell you why-once all my family and friends found out I had Bipolar disorder and a few other things,they avoided me like the plague.That's why I'm here in Texas,I couldn't handle their attitude towards me and even if I tried to explain it they wouldn't listen. They had already made up their minds I was nuts. I'm on medications and I feel alot better but it doesn't make a difference with them. So when the idea of going off grid came about it made me feel relaxed to not be under alot of everyday pressure.There are millions of Americans with Bipolar, what's the big deal?

I'm going to try to down this cup coffee and do some beadwork. Today seems like a good day to do it.Got some patterns I want to work. I might even start the checkbook cover I cut out yesterday and see how that goes. Have a good day everyone and I'll post some pictures when I get done!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trying new things

My orders of flax seed and quinoa came today and I finally got to taste what quinoa was, I like it. I think I'm going to prefer it as a breakfast thing.I have some left over and I'm going to add blueberries with it in the morning.They sent a pack of chia seeds as a bonus and those should be interesting. I'm really trying to eat healthier and it has been one step at a time.It's really hard to break old habits when you are older.

I still like my coffee and I haven't been drinking soft drinks that much.I drink my green tea and been drinking water more. So yeah it's hard.But I can already feel the difference.

I also ordered some more beads.I found some lovely blue size 8.I usually use those to embellize my beadwork with. I work alot with size 11s and delicas.I have no idea right now what I'm going to be working on but something will come to mind.

Now if I can get some of this weight off I'll be back to normal.It's hard to do when you've got a bad back and a bad knee. But I'm going to give it my best shot.Cutting out certain food habits I know will help. I don't just sit round all day.I get up do little things around the house when it needs doing. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to help me. Hubby works so hard and he's tired by the time he comes in.So whatever I can get done is my motto lol

Ok I went ahead and fixed the quinoa with blueberries,I added a pack of stevia in and wow I like it! I don't think this stuff makes you feel full like rice does.However, I think fresh berries not frozen would be so much better.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Decided to post some pictures of the dog. This one was when I first brought him home.

He was so

pitiful and ate up with mange .He was born with it. After a vet bill of 160.00 he got so much better.

Now he thinks he's something and spoilt rotten. But I do have to keep an eye on him. The kids here have aggravated him so much now he doesn't like children.

The people I got him from found him in a den north of here,There had been some wolves I was told and the vet who checked him out there said he had wolf in him. His mother was killed I believe by hunters or could of been other wolves but they rescued 11 and some died and the lady sold some. His sister and him were the only two left and I didn't want a female so I got him. The lady was even nice enough to bring him to Abilene for me. He was so pitiful when she brought him out of the carrier. He was free because I had told the lady about having to put my other two dogs down.I was devastated about it. So Orion has been therapy for me so much and I've calmed down alot.When I got him home I never told my husband about what I was doing and he didn't like it at first and kept saying"he's gonna look better isn't he?" Yep after some vet visits well he looks beautiful and no more mange.And he's a Daddys boy,he loves my husband half to death and sulks when he goes to work.Yeah thats gratitude for ya lol.Needless to say hubby has spoilt him worse than I have.But he is one great watchdog!

Just some things I do

Last night we ate roast from the slow cooker.The thing had been cooking all day so it was very good.Now I'm not a big salt fan ,I have slacked off it alot so I won't swell up but I added some salt to this. I got us off regular table salt to sea salt and I like it much better.Here what I put in the roast-

Pearl Onions
2 Cloves of garlic

That's it and although it sounds plain its good for people who can't have alot of spices.

I couldn't make biscuits to save my life if I had to til we moved here to Texas.And one morning I wanted some biscuits and sausage so I attempted to make some from the back of the flour bag that had a recipe on it. I have concluded that I should of figured this out a long time ago. They turned out perfect and my husband who says you aren't going to make hockey pucks are you ate most of them.Now I fix them when the urge strikes and they turn out good every time.

I'm on a bread kick and out of the two I made I put one in the freezer.The other is almost ate. What next do I want to learn to cook-banana bread is up next.I have a recipe for a Pueblo Pumpkin Pinion Nut Sweetbread,I tried to make it once and it was good but I didn't put the nuts in it.MMM maybe that was what was wrong.I love pumpkin and I love cooking with pine nuts but gosh they are expensive here.

here it is if anyone wants to try it.

Pueblo Pumpkin Pinion Nut Sweetbread

1-1/2 cups of flour

1 cup of pumpkin(referred to Libbys" 100% pure pumpkin-can)

3/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup butter

2 eggs

1 tsp.baking powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. grated nutmeg(I guess ground would work too)

1/2 tsp. salt

3/4 cup of pine nuts

Directions-1.In the recipe you can use either cooking type pumpkin(these have necks and thick meaty bodies,not like the jack-o-lantern pumpkins)or a sweet bright orange squash,like the butternut or canned pumpkin.

Preheat oven to 350. In a mixing bowl,combine flour,salt,baking powder,brown sugar,spices. Stir in pumpkin,eggs,butter.Stir pine nuts into thick batter.Scrape into a greased 6x9 loaf pan.Bake for 1 hour or until knife comes out clean.

2.This sweetish spicy bread goes well with soups,stews,and can also be a dessert,especially if you cut it apart and put yogurt or applesauce over it.

3.Yields one loaf.

If you of you tries this let me know how it turns out!

Now during Thanksgiving and Christmas I make Pumpkin Pies a lot(another thing I did not know how to make)I guess Texas just puts the cooking spirit into you.My husband is the cake baker so between the two of us we do good lol.I am the type of person to try new things.After all if you don't like it,you don't have to eat it Right?But most things I try are pretty good. Since I have gotten older I stay away from spicy foods but I still like a good bowl of chili on a cold day.When you're young your body can tolerate stuff when you get older I think it backfires on you lol.

Well I want to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day!Hope you are with your families and having a great time.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gimme a break

I talked to a couple of realtors yesterday here in Texas. I was told about you can't get just one acre anymore it all comes in either 5 or 10. Well looks like I look someplace else cause I didn't want that much. The only way I'm gonna get an acre is if someone wants to sell off one. MMMMM I'm thinking.LOL

Maybe my ad back home will produce something but I doubt it. Most of those people there are greedy and want to sell to the big corporations coming down from up north.I guess i keep looking and see what is out there,may have to put some more ads in somewheres. I really like the west coast around Oregon but dang it's cold there too, up north it's too cold. not like I'd want to move to Minot LOL.BBBRRRRR.........

I want to thank everyone who reads my blogs it's nice to get information and give information. I love to read everyones blogs and get ideas!

I'm having a bipolar day so I don't want to write too much today.I have a tendancy to ramble.

Kudzu soap

New Jersey Company Booms with Alabama Kudzu
New Jersey—It’s hard to mentally reconcile the voice answering the phone at Topical Solutions with the fact that the company uses kudzu in a variety of skin care products. Kudzu is the South to many, and Rose Bianco, vice president of Topical Solutions, speaks with a pronounced northern accent. When asked the obvious question of why kudzu, she replies, “Because there’s so much of it,” in a voice that would fit right in a “Seinfeld” episode.
Adding to the weirdness quotient, Topical Solutions is located in, of all places, Bloomfield, N.J. Bloomfield is 15 miles from New York City, about the distance an average kudzu plant can sprint in a day. Or so it would seem to those of us who have spent most of our lives fighting the tenacious, voracious plant. (About a foot a day is the actual growth rate.)
But while Bianco is located in the Northeast, she has Southern roots. Her family hails from Fayette, in Walker County, and that’s where the concept of kudzu-based products began. “It’s a family recipe that is 75 years old or older,” Bianco says. “My grandfather used to make a cream from it, and my mother was telling me that she used it on me when I was a baby. About five years ago, we were talking, and she said, ‘You know, we used to make a cream out of kudzu.’ I asked her if she remembered any parts of it, and she said it was just kudzu and some other ingredients. So I called my cousin, and he sent me up 10 pounds of kudzu. It took us all summer long, but we finally perfected this cream.”
Granted, as long as Southern summers are hot there will be an inexhaustible supply of kudzu, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good product base. Nobody uses fire ants for manufacturing fodder, after all. So what’s the magic ingredient in kudzu that makes it suitable for skin care? Nobody really knows. It just works. “I don’t know why it works, but I’m sure there are some chemicals in it that help the skin heal itself. My grandmother said they used it for acne, for everything,” says Bianco. Since the South gave America grits and chitlings, there’s a certain amount of “use what you have” Southern logic to her statement.
Bianco’s cousins and uncles, mostly Pruitts and Hughes from Fayette, serve as kudzu-pullers. After the vines are harvested, they’re sent overnight to New Jersey. “It’s wrapped in wet paper, so all we have to do is clean it, chop it, cook it, beat it up and then turn it into a cream,” Bianco says.
So far, the company has come up with a kudzu skin cream, lotion, eye gel and soap. Future plans call for a shampoo, body butter, body mist (made using kudzu flowers), lip balm and, next year, kudzu candles.
After production, the products are shipped to some rather unlikely places. It seems the Northeast likes kudzu. “We sell most of our products in-state here,” Bianco explains. “Philadelphia is also a big market, and the Bronx is a huge market for us. You should hear the names they call it. ‘I want some of that, what is it? Ka-zee? Ka-zoo?’”
Topical Solutions can be reached by phone at 973-429-0005, by fax at 973-429-0177, or by e-mail. The company’s website is

Dunn, Jim. "New Jersey Company Booms with Alabama Kudzu." Business Alabama 05. 2004. Benchmarks. [].

I had heard about this and thought who would of thought a solution for that aggravating vine?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Land prices

Well I'm not surprised about this. I have been looking for land in Texas and Alabama and wouldn't you know it,land is going up cause people want to live off grid and these real estate people know it.

Anytime there is a movement or trend(which I don't think it is)somebody has to jump on the bandwagon and throw a friggin monkey wrench in the works.Now I haven't found anything yet but the prices seem to be going up .Some sites are ok but with the recent wildfires in New Mexico and Colorado I wonder whats going to happen to those peoples'
property?I hope they all are alright . Are they going to try to rebuild or move? Are they afraid it will happen again? Texas has wildfire,we had one year before last right in back of the park but Abilene got it put out fast.So I don't know what is going to happen but I would really like to get something soon and at least by the end of the year. No I don't believe in the end of the world stuff either its just we'll have alot more to work with.

I got my egg cartons started. I'm saving whatever I can.wheres them chickens?LOL

For Leigh-I mixed lemon and water in a spray bottle and sprayed my dogs hot spots and he stopped chewing on himself back by his tail. it works great, and it took some of his smell out. See my pup is half lab/wolf and boy sometimes he stinks. So in between baths I spray him with the lemon water and he smells alot better and it cools him off.

I made my bread and hubby may eat it if he had a choice but he is more of a store type guy.Thats ok he'll learn lol. Its funny how you get so used to something but over the years I've incorporated different things and broke some habits.That's what it takes. Do something you are not used to for awhile then it will become normal.

I ordered some flax seeds and quinoa and they haven't come in yet but soon. I have always wanted to cook with this stuff .The recipes look so good. I also ordered some more beads so I can get back to doing my beadwork. I stay on the computer too much here lately but I ran out of beads and had to wait.So I got some coming so I can finish some stuff and make more stuff. I used to sell on ebay which was great for 5 years and of course they upped the price of the store and I couldn't keep it. But if it comes down to it I can always fine someone who likes beadwork.

This is a belt buckle I made hubby. I got another one I need to post but I'll do that later.I taught myself how to bead and do leatherwork. I'm not into custom work or stamping but I like just plain stuff. It's a sit down job lol.

Well that's about it for today can't think of anything else. It's nice and sunny and hot outside and my tomatoes haven't given me any yet.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First time wheat bread

Ok I done it first time making wheat bread. Turned out pretty darn good and smells great.I've baked white loaves before but today was my first day doing this,I got to make more!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just the little things

This was a surprise. Meet our Texas scorpion. He got in somehow probably by me leaving the front door open at night. Found the little guy in the bath tub.I captured him and put in the cup and examined him,he seemed not too happy but I waited for hubby to come home from work to show him what I had and then I went and let him go. He eats bugs and stuff and I really liked him.This was my first scorpion to catch. This is what I found on them-Scorpions There are about 18 species of scorpions in Texas with most of them found in the Big Bend area. They have an average size of 2 inches. (He was two inches) The color may vary from dark to light. Although Texas scorpions are not considered deadly, they can inflict a sharp, painful, sting which may produce a local reaction. Individual reactions may vary. The venom is a neurotoxin and anyone stung should be watched closely for adverse or allergic reaction. So he stays outside unless he finds his way back in and then back out he goes.I just wanted to shared my critter with you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More rain

I haven't blogged in a couple days been alittle busy. We got more rain last few days and its a welcome relief here in our great state of Texas. So far I haven't gotten any response to my ad I placed back east for some property.If I do ok if I don't it's ok too. Still looking at ads and just looking to what is out there. If anyone reads this keep an eye open will ya! My tomato plants are doing great,going to get some soon. My peppers are doing better every time it rains they grow a little more. I have blooms but they are not open yet so maybe these won't fall off. today it got 105 degrees outside til that thunderstorm arrived and it cooled down nicely. Now my husband is looking to build a pond and we have been looking at plans. We are partial to a Japanese style garden yard and a pond would be so nice.I like the bamboo and water fountains.A yard done this way is so pretty. Back home I took him to the Japanese gardens in Birmingham and at that time they didn't have water running thru their streams but all in all it was still pretty. We have always talked about the small maple trees and bonsai trees we'd like to have.We are planning on planting fruit trees too.I have been looking for anything that is solar. I'm buying now so when this happens( and yes it will happen), comes around we won't be short on stuff.I'm so excited. I cringed when we have to turn on the air conditioner cause I know that when it's on the bill is going to be high.At 105 you betcha I had it on.I would love to find a place with wind all year round and not so hot.I love the snow but he's not very fond of it.As long as he don't have to get out in it.But he will if he has to. I feel so bad for the people who are in New Mexico and Colorado right now. I hope they haven't lost everything. I've seen it happen with house fires and it's so sad. I would be scared to death if I saw a wall of fire coming knowing i couldn't stop it.So I hope we all pray for their safety. Well that's all for now,it's 4:41 in the morning and i think I will go fix some biscuits and sausage.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lets See What Happens

I finally put an ad in a local newspaper back home for property in the area. I didn't want to move back home but now its seems like we are going to. I talked to my brother and he was excited about me coming home. He said he would help us get the cabin going and since he likes to fish and hunt and I'll have the garden seems like a smart match. Good trade with things we thinks lol.He's asking around and my ad will run for six weeks ,the paper will run the ad for free. After much thought about living in the desert and living generally in the southwest I have come to the conclusion that its not for me. I like the freshness of the air here but I also like the rain and we don't get enough. What I want to do,I can do better there.My basket gourds would do better because they need moisture and a garden would not be a hassle because of the soil. See Alabama like all southern states has always been farmed. All my ancestors were farmers,it in the blood I guess. But I like to grow stuff so it'll be fun. When my brother and I talked he asked about electric hook up,I told him we were going solar and he asked about water,I said probably either well or tank and I asked him about a septic system and he said it would cost me only 1500.00 to put one in.Well that's a seller cause here its 12,000.00. He is going to help with the cabin,hes a wiz with a hammer and nail.I knew he had put an addition onto his house and it looks great.So what do you think I'm going to do? See my husband can drive a nail but not good at measuring stuff. I bet two heads will be better than one. Besides little does my hubby know what I got in store for him with the garden. My sister-in-law ,we talked about chickens and composting. She is the one person I can just about talk to about anything. When you live in a small town its rough to make friends cause everyone already knows your business.I'm sure some of you can relate. Everyone knows my brother and he knows them.My sister-in-law ,she stays by herself and it's just her and my brother and her kids and grandchildren. She can't wait til I get there so she will have something different to do lol. And someone else besides who she talks to. You know how family is! And she can come to our house to hide from them lol. One thing I know we will have to do right off the bat is put up a fence for our dog. My brother told me that the coyotes are coming right up in the yard and several cats have gone missing,including theirs and next door.Well I don't want my dog to try to fight coyotes so a fence is a must. next will have to figure out how to protect the chickens I'm planning on having against them too. The county and state done alot of construction work there and upset the balance of the local wildlife.Progress will do it. May have some rain coming tonight. My tomato plants will welcome that.Will have to wait and see.I am so ready to move and get this going.I feel better knowing that somewhere there is a little acre waiting on me.I love Alabama with the trees and rivers and wildlife.I do miss it.I hesitate because all of my problems I had with my family was back there and I had to get away from them. Let me explain this.I have bipolar disorder and when I was home I wasn't on my meds and I was constantly fighting with them. Now I have been back on my meds and feel like I can handle life again. I was born with this and will die with it unfortunately. This is one reason to get back to the simple way of living.fresh veggies from the garden,no distractions,keeping balanced. I think it does a person good to find a balance in this world. This would be mine.YEP JUST LIKE RIDING THE WAVES!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flea Season

Good Morning everyone I want to tell you about fleas that we had. My sweet mother-in-law gave me an article from a newspaper about how a lady killed her fleas by using 20 Mule Team Borax.She put it in a shaker and put it over her carpet,left it for two or three days and then she vaccumed. What Borax does is the fleas love this stuff and it acts like little razors so when they eat it,it actually cuts their insides and they swell up and die. Well I tried it since we had fleas(in Florida) so bad and wow it worked. I also shook some under my couch and chair cushions and waited and walla no more fleas.Be sure to also empty your vaccum bag too.